Be Vigilant This Howloween!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Howloween is tomorrow! Leader Otis taught us the following:

Howloween is also known as “Black Cat Day”. Since at least the Middle Ages these unfortunate souls have been vilified in human mythology. They have difficulty getting adopted from shelters and heartless and cruel people often torture them on the human holiday known as Halloween. Otis was appalled by the unfair treatment of his dark-furred brothers and sisters and he officially designated October 31st as a day to celebrate all black cats. It is also a day for all Disciples of Otis to be especially vigilant in watching out for the safety of cats in their neighborhoods. People will be less likely to attempt to harm animals if they know we are all watching out for them.

This Howloween I intend to honor Leader Otis’s wishes and keep a sharp eye out for the poor outdoor kitties in our neighborhood!

Henry Halloween 1

I will make Leader Otis proud this year.

Tomorrow night, I shall sit right here in the front window, keeping an ever-vigilant watch to ensure that no one is mistreating my feline brothers and sisters in the world without walls. This spot is perfect! It is elevated so I get a great view of my surroundings. It is well-decorated with candles and pumpkins that have little black cats popping out of them. It is also very cushy so I will not experience any bum discomfort from long-term, vigilant sitting!

Henry Halloween 2

This is the perfect spot to be vigilant.

This spot is also close to the door, so if any kitties need a safe haven I will be able to… well… I can’t actually open the door… but maybe I’ll be able to yowl at the Guardians and make them open the door! Yes! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll yowl and the Guardians will open the door and let the kitties run in to safety! It’s a perfect plan!

Henry Halloween 3

The door is right over there. I will be able to let kitties in by yowling at the Guardians!

Wait a second though… to humans, Howloween is “Halloween”. They celebrate the day by dressing their children up in silly and/or frightening costumes and unleashing them on the neighborhood to beg for high calorie, low nutrition food stuffs. That means a steady stream of little kids with very sticky hands is going to be coming to the door all night! Kitties can’t come through there! If they tried, they would end up getting pet by all those sticky hands and their fur would be disgusting! And if I’m too close to the door, those sticky hands might be trying to pet me too! Yuck!

Henry Halloween 4

The thought of all those sticky hands petting a kitty, possibly even me… oh man, I feel a little sick to my stomach right now.

Yeah. On second thought this perch just won’t do. I think that side window over there would be much better. It’s got all the advantages of this spot minus the possibility of my fur getting all sticky.

Henry Halloween 5

Hmmm… on second thought, over there looks better.

Plus, if one of those little sticky-fingered nightmares gets past the Guardians, I’ll have enough time to make a break for my safey-safe in the office closet. So I’ll be able to keep an eye on the neighborhood and minimize my chances for my own personal Howloween nightmare. Yep. Sounds good to me… and I’m pretty sure Leader Otis would approve. He would want me to be vigilant, but not foolhardy. Have a safe Howloween everybody, and may your fur remain un-sticky.

So Says Brother Henry

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One Year After Otis

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

I was there when it happened. I witnessed it. But I still can’t wrap my mind around it. And now a full year has passed since that day. The day we lost Him. I still remember when He was a kitten in The Shadows. Afraid. Alone. Hopeless. Hiding in a bush by a birdbath waiting for a meal He had only the slimmest chance of catching.

After Otis-1

I remember when He was in The Shadows.

I remember the change that came over Him, the hope the entered His eyes when He realized those that would become The Guardians of Otis had truly seen Him.

After Otis-2

I remember the change when He realized He had been truly seen.

I remember the overpowering sense of relief He projected as He felt the first, loving touch. His isolation was at last broken, and the light that shined out from within Him forever banished The Shadows from His life.

After Otis-3

A loving touch brought out His inner light, forever banishing The Shadows.

He embraced His new, safe life, and all of the joys it held.

After Otis-4

He embraced the life of a safe, well-loved kitty.

And He embraced us, His two loyal priests. And we embraced Him back.

After Otis-9

He embraced us, and we embraced Him.

But He never lost sight of the fact that other kitties were still stuck in The Shadows from which He had escaped. He reached out to them. He gave them hope.

After Otis-1-2

He reached out to those still in The Shadows and gave them hope.

And when former Shadow Cats were brought into the light, He helped them lose their fear and embrace their new life as He had.

After Otis-11

He helped those who were transitioning from The Shadows to a life in the light.

I’ll admit that none of us has been the same without Him. The stories are harder to tell without His guidance. The Good Word is harder to spread with a heavy heart.

After Otis-6

We have had difficulty finding our way without Him.

I have heard the bigger Guardian refer to Leader Otis as a muse. A being that enters your life and inspires creativity that you didn’t even know existed within you. I think he’s right. There was something very unique about The Leader that I never could explain. He was an overwhelming presence. A force to be reckoned with. He changed us all forever.

After Otis-7

No one could withstand the influence of The Leader.

It may sound crazy to attribute so much power to one cat, but I assure you it is the truth. I lived with Him. I experienced it firsthand, as did Brother Henry, Sir Thomas, Mama Cat, and the Guardians. He really, truly was that special.

Although The Leader is gone, His Teachings are as important as ever.  Millions of cats are still out there in The Shadows. They are all waiting for someone to do as The Leader asked in His final message. They are waiting for someone to Be The Miracle.

Please join us today in honoring Leader Otis by spreading His Final Message. Click on the link and share the message on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites in which you participate. Email it to friends or anyone who you feel might be touched by it. Let His words be heard far and wide, and let us all aspire to make the world a place in which all domestic cats are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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Rough Days

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Thomas and Brother Oliver both asked me to pass along their apologies for the recent silence here on The Blog of Otis. I apologize as well, but I also assure you that there is good reason for the lack of posts. You see, we are only one week away from an extremely difficult anniversary, and we are having a difficult time coping with the weight of that day. Poor Sir Thomas has withdrawn a bit and has been spending his time moping on the steps to Kitty Valhalla. He says he would go all the way up to Valhalla to mope, but he’s still a little freaked out about the place after the events of a few weeks ago.

Thomas withdrawn

Thomas is moping on the steps to Valhalla because he is too freaked out to mope in actual Valhalla.

Brother Henry and I have been doing our best to support Thomas, but we’ve also been supporting one another as we pass through some very rough days. We’ve had our squabbles as Brothers always do, but right now we are finding great comfort in each other’s company knowing that we are both going through the exact same range of emotions.

Henry and Oliver supporting each other

Brother Oliver and I have been supporting one another. We both know the other understands.

So again, sorry for the silence, but perhaps a moment of silence is perfectly appropriate given the circumstances. We will certainly not be silent on October 28th… the day the anniversary arrives. As hard as it will be, on that day we will pick ourselves up and say what needs to be said. I hope you will join us.

So Says Brother Henry

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A Fall Reminder

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here,

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is now officially fall. That means temperatures are dropping and it can get pretty chilly at night. All you kitties out there should keep in mind that, unless you are a Sphinx, your Guardians probably have a lot less fur than you do. They might need a little extra body heat to get them through the next few months. Fortunately, you are in a position to help them. Just take a look at how Brother Henry and I are meeting our smaller Guardian’s need for extra heat.

Henry and Oliver warmers

Guardians need extra warmth on these chilly days and nights. You can give it to them.

Remember, in order to properly warm your Guardian you must keep them still. Note how Brother Henry and I used the blankets to pin the Guardian down. Also note Brother Henry’s added precaution of holding the Guardian in place with one of his front legs. If implemented properly, this immobilization strategy will keep the Guardian from being able to do unnecessary things like rolling over or getting up to use the bathroom.

So follow Brother Henry’s and my lead and keep your Guardians toasty warm. They will greatly appreciate it!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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Posters Have Appeared On Our Street

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

While Brother Henry and I were busy trying to figure out what was going on in Kitty Valhalla, we failed to notice the sad posters that went up less than half a block from our house! Both posters were the same, announcing that a kitty named Buddy was missing. One of them was posted on a telephone pole.

Lost Cat Poster- Buddy 1

Buddy is missing this poster was less than a block away from us.

According to the poster, Buddy may have gotten into a vehicle at his house and traveled to our neighborhood. In reality though, if Buddy was allowed to roam free outside it is impossible to know for sure where he might be. Another poster announcing Buddy’s disappearance was stuck to a board alongside our road. I hope he is OK, wherever he may be.

Lost Cat Poster- Buddy 2

Another poster was sitting on the roadside. I hope Buddy is OK.

Buddy is clearly missed very badly by his guardian, and I truly hope they will be reunited. But if they are, I hope Buddy’s guardian gives him the loving, safe boundaries he deserves so he is never lost again. I also hope you will all continue to work with us to make sure every kitty is happy, healthy, and safely confined.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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Plushy Poo Puzzle Part III: I Rest My Case

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, Brother Oliver was trying to blame the poo on Thomas’s pink, plushy, psycho minion. I pointed out that the minion didn’t smell like poo, so Brother Oliver may have been smelling poo on himself. Brother Oliver seemed to take offense to my suggestion. I said, “Brother Oliver, to recap what you said earlier, you claim you came up here to use the fresh litter box, and after you used the box, you got out and saw the minion sitting on the bench. That’s when you screamed like a lady…” Brother Oliver turned away from the minion muttering, “Yep. It’s just as I said. I used the box, then saw the minion. I have no idea what you are talking about as far as that lady scream goes though. I recall letting out a very cat-manly roar.”


Brother Oliver was sticking to his story.

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Plushy Poo Puzzle Part II: Whose Poo?

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, I had gone up to Valhalla to investigate a lady screaming. The lady turned out to be Brother Oliver. He had been spooked by Thomas’s pink minion who had reappeared in the minion bin. I investigated the minion and noticed he was holding a “Wiener Dog Art” book and had “W” shaped pupils. Then I noticed a big poo on the floor, which was even more disturbing.

As I took a closer look at the poo, a scenario played out in my mind. It looked like someone had walked to the center of the room, looked up and saw the minion, and then pooed out of sheer terror.


It appeared that someone had looked up at the minion and then fear-pooed.

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