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My Final Message- originally posted 10-31-2013

My Disciples,

If you are reading this, I have departed. Let us first just acknowledge the weight of that. Our journey together was not nearly as long as I hoped it would be, but please know that it has been an honor to have met so many wonderful people, furred and non-furred, and to have shared the trials and triumphs of My life with you.

Otis Honored

It has been an honor.

I know that during My long convalescence many of you were hoping and praying for a miracle to happen that would save My life, and it may seem like that miracle didn’t happen. But I need you to understand something. That miracle did happen. It did happen, and it did save My life, but it happened at the beginning, not the end.

Otis in the wilderness

The miracle happened at the beginning, not the end.

The miracle that saved My life happened seven years ago when two humans looked out into their yard and saw a desperate, starving kitten looking back at them.  They didn’t know who I was or where I had come from. They didn’t know what potential lay within Me, or the cat that I could become. They only knew that I needed their help. The miracle happened when they made the choice to rescue Me.

Otis's miracle

This was the miracle.

Had the Guardians not made that one, simple choice, I might have slipped into The Shadows forever. I would not have experienced seven blissful years filled with love and happiness in their care. I would never have met The Brothers, or Thomas, or Mama Cat. You would not know Me, or even know that I ever existed. There would be no Cult of Otis because there would be no Otis. In My darkest hour I needed a miracle and I got it, and the life I lived afterward was better than I could have ever imagined.

Otis living the good life

I loved my life.

As all lives must, My life has come to an end. I know that, due to My young age, My end may seem tragically premature, but a life should be judged by its quality, not its length. I had a rich, full life, and all of you helped make it even more so. For that you have My everlasting gratitude.

Otis thanks

Thank you all for enriching My life.

But now I must finally say it, My Disciples, the hardest word of all.


Although My spirit has departed, a part of Me will remain. When you look out into the world without walls and see a cat in need looking back at you, I will be there by your side. You will feel My soft breath on your cheek and My purrs of encouragement in your ear. Listen closely, and through the purrs you will hear My final commandment come to you in a whisper.

Be the miracle.

So Sayeth Otis

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The Guardians Must Realize The Wiener Threat

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

This morning I decided to head to our Outdoor Domain to see if I could detect any suspicious wiener dog activity going on in or around our backyard. When I arrived at the Outdoor Domain I could not believe what I saw. The Guardians had added a whole new level to the observation deck! Brother Henry was sitting on this new level surveying his surroundings.

Multi-Level Domain-1

The Guardians had added a new level to our observation deck! Brother Henry was sitting on it!

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Charlie’s Consolation Prize

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry Here. I saw the whole thing! I was sitting on the cat tree in the front window when it happened! The Limbo Cat named Charlie from across the street almost caught a squirrel! I think it might have even been the squirrel that sometimes taunts me from the fence when I look out the window in the office. Anyway, it all started when I looked down at the walkway under the window and noticed Charlie hanging out there. I don’t think I knew I was watching him.

Charlie sitting on sidewalk.

I noticed Charlie sitting on the walkway in front of the house. I don’t think he saw me.

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What The Guardians Didn’t Have To Worry About

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

The Guardians had a lot to worry about as they battled cancer this summer. They had to worry about doctor appointments and test results, surgeries, time off work, and a million other things, but can you guess what they did not have to worry about?

Thomas 1 on steps

Can you guess the one thing the Guardians did not have to worry about?

The Guardians did not have to worry about Brother Henry, Brother Oliver, and Me! They did not have to worry about us because they keep us safely confined. So when the smaller Guardian was on the couch recuperating from her surgery, She knew where Brothers Henry and Oliver were. They were not outside in the world without walls, dodging cars and crazy wiener dogs and risking their lives. They were right there with her, doing their best to help her heal!

The Brothers napping with the Guardian

The Guardian knew where the Brothers were because they were right there helping her heal.

And I was right there too! Well, I was kind of right there. I was near there… ummmm… making sure no wiener dogs were planning an attack from below.

Thomas 2

I was there too… or… just below there.

So you see, of all the stressors the Guardians had to deal with, fear that their kitties were in harms way was not one of them. Even if you do not have cancer you should do yourself and your kitties a favor and keep them safely confined. It will save everyone a whole lot of stress.

Thomas out.

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Cookie Might Have Gone To A New Home!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

We’re not sure, but we think Cookie might have gone to a new home. She has not been coming for meals or using her warm and toasty spot on our front porch. Nor has she been scaring the poop out of us lately by making us think a monster is outside.

Cookie 1

We haven’t seen Cookie in several days, but we think we know where she went.

We aren’t officially worried because we believe we know where Cookie went. Last week we saw the son of Cookie’s guardian loading things from Cookie’s house into a moving truck. Cookie loves her guardian’s son, and we have seen him paying lots of attention to her whenever he is around. She doesn’t even try to scratch him, which is more than I can say for her interactions with the Guardians of The Cult of Otis. Actually… Cookie once attacked Leader Otis Himself!

Cookie 2

Cookie is a beautiful girl, but living in Limbo has given her a hard edge… well… that and being a tortie.

Anyway, Cookie stopped coming around after we saw her guardian’s son, so we believe he may have either moved his father and Cookie to a new home, or he took Cookie to live with him. Whatever the case, please purr with us that Cookie is happy and safe wherever she may be… WHAT THOMAS? NO. WE HAVEN’T STARTED WRITING IT YET. PLEASE PUT ON YOUR PATIENT PANTS YOUNG KNIGHT!

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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What Is Taking So Long?

People and fur People who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

As I told you, I made a request of the Brothers a week or two ago, but they still have not fulfilled it. I do not understand what is taking them so long!

Impatient Thomas 1

It has been almost two weeks! What is taking them so long!

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Homeless Birds Part II: The Guardians Are Geniuses!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off Brother Henry had shown great wisdom in acknowledging my superior intellect and requesting my assistance in figuring out the mystery of the three boxes the Guardians had left in the living room. I immediately put my mind into gear and began studying the clues that were before me.

Homeless Birds 9

Brother Henry knew that if I couldn’t figure this out, no one could.

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