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My Final Message- originally posted 10-31-2013

My Disciples,

If you are reading this, I have departed. Let us first just acknowledge the weight of that. Our journey together was not nearly as long as I hoped it would be, but please know that it has been an honor to have met so many wonderful people, furred and non-furred, and to have shared the trials and triumphs of My life with you.

Otis Honored

It has been an honor.

I know that during My long convalescence many of you were hoping and praying for a miracle to happen that would save My life, and it may seem like that miracle didn’t happen. But I need you to understand something. That miracle did happen. It did happen, and it did save My life, but it happened at the beginning, not the end.

Otis in the wilderness

The miracle happened at the beginning, not the end.

The miracle that saved My life happened seven years ago when two humans looked out into their yard and saw a desperate, starving kitten looking back at them.  They didn’t know who I was or where I had come from. They didn’t know what potential lay within Me, or the cat that I could become. They only knew that I needed their help. The miracle happened when they made the choice to rescue Me.

Otis's miracle

This was the miracle.

Had the Guardians not made that one, simple choice, I might have slipped into The Shadows forever. I would not have experienced seven blissful years filled with love and happiness in their care. I would never have met The Brothers, or Thomas, or Mama Cat. You would not know Me, or even know that I ever existed. There would be no Cult of Otis because there would be no Otis. In My darkest hour I needed a miracle and I got it, and the life I lived afterward was better than I could have ever imagined.

Otis living the good life

I loved my life.

As all lives must, My life has come to an end. I know that, due to My young age, My end may seem tragically premature, but a life should be judged by its quality, not its length. I had a rich, full life, and all of you helped make it even more so. For that you have My everlasting gratitude.

Otis thanks

Thank you all for enriching My life.

But now I must finally say it, My Disciples, the hardest word of all.


Although My spirit has departed, a part of Me will remain. When you look out into the world without walls and see a cat in need looking back at you, I will be there by your side. You will feel My soft breath on your cheek and My purrs of encouragement in your ear. Listen closely, and through the purrs you will hear My final commandment come to you in a whisper.

Be the miracle.

So Sayeth Otis

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What Is Taking So Long?

People and fur People who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

As I told you, I made a request of the Brothers a week or two ago, but they still have not fulfilled it. I do not understand what is taking them so long!

Impatient Thomas 1

It has been almost two weeks! What is taking them so long!

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Many Posters, One Cat

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The Guardians have been out and about in the neighborhood again and have discovered three new lost cat posters. At first, when Brother Oliver, Sir Thomas, and I heard this we thought “Oh no! Three more cats have gone missing!” As it turns out though, there were three different posters, but all for the same cat. The first poster simply said “Lost Cat!” and it had a photo of a Bengal kitty and a phone number to call if you have seen him.

Lost Cat Poster-1

The first poster just said “lost cat!” and had a photo and a number.

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I Think I Made A Bad First Impression

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Sooooo… ummmm… I am kind of feeling a little bit embarrassed right now. Yesterday, The Guardians were interviewing a person that will be taking care of The Brothers and me when The Guardians are away for a few days. I uhhhh… well… I am really sorry to say that I sort of lost my stuff while they were here.

Thomas embarrassed

I did… I lost my stuff. How embarrassing.

Now, you are probably wondering, “How bad could it have been?” Well… remember how good I got at doing Mama Cat’s Flying Squirrel move? If not, here is a picture to remind you.


This is me doing the Flying Squirrel move that Mama Cat taught me.

OK, now imagine me panicking, hissing as loudly as I can, running back and forth a few times, and then doing this move about four feet in the air, bouncing off the back of the cat caretaker as she was coming up the stairs toward me, landing at the bottom of the stairs, and then tearing off at full speed and not stopping until I was safely wedged into a pile of pillows in the bedroom closet in the basement. Yeah. That is how bad it could have been. To add insult to injury, as I was hiding in the closet Brother Henry poked his head in and said, “Dude… what happened? Did you see a 100 pound wiener dog or something?” I did not dignify that question with a response.

Thomas out.

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Thomas Is Changing

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

I walked into the living room a few days ago and Brother Henry called me over to him. He motioned to the couch and said, “Brother O! Check this out!” When I looked in the direction Brother Henry had indicated, I saw Thomas sitting on the ottoman at the end of the couch. He was sitting just a few inches away from the smaller Guardian and he was staring at her!

Thomas 1

Sir Thomas was sitting right next to one of the Guardians, and he was staring at her.

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In The Name Of The Queen

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The anniversary of The Leader’s passing is now behind us, but yesterday evening my thoughts turned toward the second member of our Inner Circle who was lost in 2013. I speak, of course, of Mama Cat.

Henry remembers 1

Yesterday evening, I found myself thinking of Mama Cat.

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I Tried Something New… And I Liked It!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

In general, I don’t like change. Sure, sometimes change is good, like when the Guardians swept me up and brought me into The Promised Land, but for the most part even minor changes make me feel like I’m going to lose my stuff. And to be honest, when the Guardians brought me inside, I did lose my stuff! I even bit one of them, which I found out later is a HUGE no-no.

Anyway, despite my dislike for change, today I decided to try something new. Brothers Henry and Oliver are always going on about how comfy the couch is to sleep on. I’ve always preferred to sleep underneath the couch, but I have to admit I have been very curious about what it’s like up there on top. So I decided to go for it. When no one else was around I jumped up on the couch to see whether or not its comfiness had been exaggerated.

Thomas on couch 1

When no one was around, I decided to see if the couch was as comfy as the Brothers claimed.

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