Thank You… For Two Reasons!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

I was hanging out in the Outdoor Domain today when I heard Brother Henry say “Wow!” very loudly from the living room. I thought that maybe he had discovered a secret stash of chicken treats or something, so I rushed in to the living room to investigate.

I found Brother Henry sitting on a table looking at some papers the Guardians had been working on earlier. He looked at me and said, “Sir Thomas! Have you seen this!?”. When I told him I had not seen what he was looking at he said, “Ever since the smaller Guardian got sick, people have been sending cards, gifts, food, and other things to help her get better. This is a list of all of those things and the people who gave them. It says ‘Thank Yous’ at the top. I recognize a lot of the names on the list as Disciples of Otis!”

Thankful Henry 1

Brother Henry had discovered the Guardians’ “Thank You” list. A lot of the names on the list were Disciples of Otis!

I noticed that the laptop computer was sitting next to Brother Henry on the table. It was turned on and something was displayed on the screen. I asked Brother Henry If he had looked at the computer and he said he had not. He then looked at the screen, gasped, and passed out.

Thankful Henry 2

Brother Henry looked at the computer screen and promptly passed out.

I was puzzled by Brother Henry’s behavior so I took a look at the computer screen. I nearly passed out myself. On the screen was a list of donations and supportive messages from people who were concerned about the Guardians. I recognized many of the names as Disciples of Otis!

Thank you all for your caring and support during this challenging time. I have been watching the Guardians, mostly from under the couch because people I do not know keep coming over, and I know they have been very touched by all of your supportive words and gifts. Thank you also for making Brother Henry pass out, because after he did I found a secret stash of chicken treats behind one of the couch cushions! Because of all of your kindness and generosity, I got to enjoy the treats without having to share them with Brother Henry. That was the greatest gift of all!

Thomas Out

P.S. if you would like to follow the Guardians progress in their battle against cancer, you can do so at the Welcome to Cancer website and on the Facebook page.

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The Smaller Guardian Is Home

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

I am a dumb head.

Wait! Brother Henry! Erase that right now! No? Awwwwww… forget it.

As I was saying. Brother Oliver here. Brother Henry is dictating for me although he is not doing a very… he is doing a great job.

That’s it. Thomas, please take over for Brother Henry. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

No! Thomas, just write what I say, OK?


Thomas… forget it. Give me the keyboard and watch the Guardian.

Disciples of Otis.

Brother Oliver here.

We are all very excited, and apparently feeling a bit mischievous (I’m looking at you Brother H and Sir T),  because the smaller guardian came home from the hospital yesterday. I have been sitting watch by her side ever since she returned, with occasional help from Brother Henry when I need to eat or use “the box”. Thomas has been sitting watch directly below her underneath the couch. He says he is making sure no wiener dogs attack her ankles while she is in her weakened condition.

Oliver sitting watch 1

I have been sitting watch next to the smaller Guardian since she returned from the hospital.

The Guardians seem to be fairly happy about the news they received after the surgery. They seem to know that additional treatment is likely, but I noticed their relief when they talked about there being no lymph nodes involved. I’ve been too busy sitting watch look up what that means. I haven’t JUST been sitting watch though. I’ve also been keeping up a constant stream of purrs to help heal the Guardian. Every once in awhile I become so focused on watching out for danger that I forget to purr. When that happens the Guardian gives me a gentle reminder to keep the purrs coming.

Oliver sitting watch 2

Every once in awhile, the Guardian reaches down and reminds me to keep purring.

So I’m going to keep doing my job here and make sure the Guardian gets better. If you want to track her progress from the perspective of the Guardians you can check the blog and updates on or on the Welcome to Cancer Facebook page.

Now, back to work…

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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The Guardians Need Us Right Now

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Ummm… there’s no easy way to say this… one of the Guardians is sick. Sir Thomas, Brother Oliver and I have known something was wrong for a few weeks now as the Guardians have seemed very stressed. In recent days Brother Oliver has been sticking close to them and he discovered that the smaller Guardian has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and that she is having surgery for it on Wednesday, July 15. We are all very worried.

Henry worried

The smaller Guardian is having breast cancer surgery on July 15. We are all worried.

Brother Oliver also discovered that the Guardians have created a new website about the smaller Guardian’s illness called Welcome to Cancer. It will include updates on her progress as she goes through her treatment. I was getting impatient with the Guardians recently because they were hogging the computer when Thomas, Brother O, and I wanted to write new blog posts. Now that I see what they were doing I feel a little guilty for that impatience.

We aren’t sure how much we will be updating the Blog of Otis in the coming weeks. We will probably be needed to snuggle and comfort the Guardian as she recovers from her surgery and whatever treatment will follow. We will return as soon as we are able though and, for those of you on Facebook, Thomas will do his best to continue the Flashback Friday posts.

Even in our absence we hope that you will continue to do all that you can to help make this a world in which every cat is happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So says Brother Henry

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Brother Oliver Recreated A Piece of History

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Last week Sir Thomas read “The Legend of Kiddy The Cat“. He was still in Limbo at the time Brother Oliver posted the story, so he had somehow overlooked it until now. Anyway, he was so excited by what he read that he decided to do his own research to see if he could find any details that might have been missing from the story. He didn’t find much due to the fact that humans have largely ignored Kiddy’s story, instead embracing their own historical mythology about the events that occurred in Dodge City, Kansas, and Tombstone, Arizona. Thomas did hear a rumor though, from a cat on the felines only “Cat Chat” social media site, that piqued his interest.

The rumor that Thomas heard was that, during his time in Dodge City, Wyatt Earp had created a publicity campaign aimed at increasing the popularity of cats among men. At the time, a majority of the men in Dodge City felt that owning a cat would somehow make them appear less manly. To combat this belief, Wyatt Earp commissioned a series of portraits of local men posing with cats. He made cards and posters out of these images and added the tagline “Real Men Love Cats”. He then hung the posters in local saloons and stores, and passed out the cards wherever he went.

Unfortunately, none of the cards or posters exists today. Thomas was very disappointed about this as he really wanted to see what those images were like.When he mentioned his disappointment to Brother Oliver, Brother O got all excited and said, “I think I can help you Thomas!” He then came to me and asked if I would be willing to participate in recreating one of Wyatt Earp’s old publicity cards! I agreed immediately, and with the help of a mysterious drifter who just happened to show up at our door, Brother Oliver worked his magic and created what we believe the cards must have looked like… although we know the originals did not say “Cult of Otis” at the bottom. Anyway, here’s Brother O’s vision from the past.

Real Men Love Cats

With a little help from a mysterious drifter, Brother O and I were able to recreate Wyatt Earp’s publicity cards.

Although Thomas was thrilled to see the card, he scolded us for letting a drifter into the house because, in his words, “He might have been hiding a few wiener dogs under his coat!” To placate Sir T, Brother Oliver said, “OK Thomas, we won’t bring any more drifters into the house.”, to which Thomas replied, “Good, because the word on Cat Chat is that wiener drifters are currently the number one threat to safely confined cats…” Thomas then left the room. After he departed, Brother Oliver turned to me and said, “That’s it. We’re blocking his access to Cat Chat.” I wholeheartedly agreed.

So Says Brother Henry

P.S. Be sure to read The Legend of Kiddy The Cat to get the whole story!

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Brother Oliver Was Seeking Inspiration From The Leader

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here,

Brother Oliver and I have been making slow progress on our upcoming history of The Cult, but the task has been more difficult than we expected, especially for Brother O. This morning I found him up in Kitty Valhalla lost deep in his thoughts. He was resting his head on a very interesting choice of pillows.

Oliver lost in thought

Brother Oliver was lost in thought. He was resting on an interesting pillow.

I asked Brother Oliver if that was the pillow that had been sent to The Leader after his hip surgery by Disciple Andrea and her kitties and he said that it was. I asked what he was doing with it and he said, “Leader Otis loved this pillow. He played with this pillow and snuggled it all the time, so I thought maybe I could channel his spirit by meditating on it. I thought if I felt the presence of The Leader I would be inspired to better write his story.” When I asked him if he felt The Leader’s presence he said, “Not exactly, but the scent of The Leader is still detectable on the pillow. That scent is bringing back all kinds of great memories that I can use in the story!”

I left Brother Oliver to explore his budding memories, and whether he realized it or not, those memories proved that he had been successful. Leader Otis was present as Brother Oliver lay there with his head on the pillow, and as long as he held onto those memories he always would be.

So Says Brother Henry

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I Was In The Middle Of Something!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Yesterday morning Brother Oliver shouted at me from the other room. He said, “Brother Henry! I know we’re working on the story of The Cult and all, but we should really put up a new blog post so people know we haven’t been overrun and silenced by The Long-feared Dog Uprising!” From somewhere else in the house I heard Thomas’s voice say, “You mean the Long-feared WIENER Dog Uprising, Brother Oliver!” Brother Oliver ignored that and said, “I think you should be the one to post today, Brother Henry, since I’m pretty sure you’ve just been hanging out in the bedroom. Not even a cat needs that much sleep…”

But Brother Oliver was wrong. I was in the middle of something! I shouted back to him saying, “Brother Oliver, I would love to write an update, but I’ll have to do it tomorrow.” Brother Oliver asked, “Why tomorrow? Why not now?” I replied, “BECAUSE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!” I really wasn’t making it up. I really was in the middle of something!

Henry in the laundry

This is what I was in the middle of… a warm pile of laundry. I wasn’t lying!

Brother Oliver finally gave up and said, “Fine. Do it tomorrow…” And I did. And now that it’s posted, I think I’ll go find a nice place to hide. I have a feeling Brother Oliver is going to be a little upset with me, not so much because I didn’t post a blog entry yesterday, but because I didn’t tell him about the warm laundry pile. I totally would have told him… but I was in the middle of something.

So says Brother Henry

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Today Is Meowmorial Day 2015!

People and Fur People who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Today is Meowmorial Day, so please join us on Facebook and share your stories and photos of the dearly departed kitties you would like to honor.

For those of you who do not have Facebook, Below are the two honoring posts that we placed on the wall. I wanted to make sure you got to see them since it was my idea to try having Meowmorial Day in a different format this year.

Thomas out.

First Facebook Honoring Post

Cult of Otis honors our namesake, Leader Otis, on this Meowmorial Day. Leader Otis was The Light, and The Way, doing His best to spread The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely confined.

He named me and Henry His High Priests dubbing Brother Henry “The Muscle” and me “The Brains” of Cult of Otis. He knighted Sir Thomas and named him “The Heart” of The Cult, and He dubbed Mama Cat “The Essence” of our movement. We all worked together to try to make His vision a reality.

But before all of that, He was simply a cat. He was one of the millions of neglected, frightened cats wandering alone in the wilderness and crying out for help. Fortunately, His call was heard, and He got to live out the remainder of His life as every cat deserves- surrounded by love and kept safe from danger.

Today we not only honor Leader Otis, but also the cat He was before. The smart, loving, endlessly optimistic kitty that Brother Henry and I met in 2006. All we knew when we met him was that the Guardians called him Otis, and that he seemed bound and determined to make us love him. When he departed seven years later, we felt, to the very depths of our souls, just how successful he had been. – Brother Oliver


The Cult of Otis honors Otis, the cat that changed our lives forever.

Second Facebook Honoring Post

Cult of Otis honors Mama Cat on this Meowmorial Day. Brother Oliver and I decided to show you the lighter side of Mama Cat by brining you a never-before-seen photo of the dearly departed Essence of The Cult. Thomas had been hiding the photo because he felt it might mar Her royal status. Brother Oliver and I felt it could only serve to help everyone remember her even more fondly.

The Guardian’s put this dress on The Queen not long after she was swept up in The Capture and brought into The Promised Land. Strangely, she seemed to like it. We thought that was a little weird, but not as weird as the Guardians for putting it on her.

If you are new to Cult of Otis and do not know Mama Cat, We encourage you to read about her on and in the Blog of Otis archives. She was an amazing girl and we miss her every day. -Brother Henry

Mama's Dress

The Cult of Otis honors Mama Cat, our dearly departed Essence of The Cult.


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