Five More Join The Lost Kitty Club

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

The Guardians have not taken many walks in the neighborhood this summer, so they have not been bringing home as many lost cat poster photos as usual. I guess since Sir T, Brother H, and I have not been seeing the posters as often as usual we were kind of feeling like maybe there aren’t as many kitties going missing these days. We were wrong. the Guardians went for a walk in the neighborhood recently and found that the number of kitties going missing has not gone down. In fact, they came home with photos of posters that proved that at least five cats have disappeared in the recent past!

The first poster was badly weathered from recent rain. It announced that two kitties, one named Nala and the other possibly named Louie (it was hard to tell due to the water droplets obscuring the name), are missing. The fading images on the poster made us all very sad.

Lost Cat Poster- Nala and Louie

Nala and Louie are missing. We purr they are someplace safe.

The second and third poster the Guardians found were both for the same kitty. She was a lady cat named Charlie, and she went missing in a very high traffic area of our neighborhood. The photos on the poster show Charlie both indoors and outdoors, so we assume she was sometimes allowed to roam in the world without walls.

Lost Cat Poster- Charlie (female)

Charlie is lost. We purr she is found safe and sound.

The Guardians found yet another poster announcing that Ona, a beautiful, short-haired, gray kitty was last. The poster did not say where the kitty was last seen, or whether he/she was a boy or girl, but it offered a reward for the kitty’s return.

Lost Cat Poster- Ona

Ona is lost. We purr that he or she is someplace safe.

The final poster the Guardians found was for an indoor lady cat named Artemis. Artemis is an indoor cat that went missing in early September and her story provides another example of why it is so important to ensure that even safely confined cats do not have access to potential escape routes. Also, if you have a door dasher take steps to either train them not to dash, or to make sure they can only dash out into an enclosure or other secured space. Rather than offering a reward once kitty has gone missing, use that money upfront to create a situation where the chances of an escape are greatly reduced.

Lost Cat Poster- Artemis

Artemis is missing. We purr that she will be found safe and sound.

So kitties have not stopped disappearing as we had hoped. We don’t know the ultimate fate of any of these kitties, but we are hoping for the best. One thing that kitty Guardians can do to increase the chance that a lost kitty finds his or her way back to them is to microchip their kitty and license him or her with the local animal control authority. That way if kitty ends up being taken to a veterinarian or the shelter, the microchip will be scanned and the kitty’s Guardians will be notified.

Sir T, Brother H, and I all have chips even though we have never been allowed to be in the world without walls, and we all have current pet licenses too. It might not seem like a big deal, but microchipping and licensing might just make the difference between seeing kitty again or not in the event that he or she is lost.

Please join us in purring that all lost kitties find their way home, or to the home of a new Guardian that will keep them happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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3 responses to “Five More Join The Lost Kitty Club

  1. WildCat

    I always feel sad too seeing Lost Cat notices😿 I will purr that the lost 5 cats and all lost cats are safe. Thank you for looking out for them🐈

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    We are praying all lost cats find guardians that will do their best to keep them safe, cared for and loved.

  3. I hate lost cat signs. I know those cats most likely won’t be found, at least not alive. Allowing a cat outside to wander into traffic is simply irresponsible. IMCO

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