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How Brother Henry Became My Muscle

My Disciples,

You may wonder how Brother Henry became the strong right paw of the Cult of Otis.  Well, in the time after the Guardians swept me up during The Capture, and delivered me into The Promised Land, I was frequently overcome with fear.  Although I had left My days of wandering alone in the wilderness behind Me, I still carried with Me the memories of all the dangers I had faced.  My dreams were often troubled, and I needed much comfort and reassurance.  During those difficult days, Brother Henry was a solid rock to which I could cling.  With his impressive, 17-pound bulk I knew he could protect Me, and he was always willing to let Me share his basket or other comfortable sleeping spot.  When I awoke with a start from a terrifying dream about my past, he was always there to groom Me and make Me feel better.

Otis clinging to Henry in a basket.

I clung to Brother Henry for comfort as I made the transition to the Promised Land.

As I completed the transition to My new life, and My True Spirit began to emerge, Brother Henry remained a source of strength and comfort.  When I approached him with My plans for beginning the Cult of Otis, he offered to help in any way he was able.  So I made him a High Priest, and officially recognized him as the muscle of the Cult of Otis.  His duties primarily consist of playing ambush and wrestle games with Me to keep my instincts sharp and keeping Me safe from the ghosts of My former life.  Oh, and he occasionally entertains me by riding around the house on a chair.  He’s really good at it!

So Sayeth Otis

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Behold the Power of Otis!

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Website Launch Date Announced

Look to the Cult of Otis on 05.30.10. All will be revealed.

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Individuals of Exceptional Holiness

Otis is not alone. He emerged from a group of many virtuous souls.

Praise Otis,

The Guardians

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Be Among the First to Witness His Glory!

Otis is coming.  All who see him will rejoice.  His teachings will bring hope and joy to felines and humans alike.

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His will shall be done,

The Guardians


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Hello world!

My merchandise has begun to roll out.  Coming soon will be an awesome website, thanks to The Guardians.

View my store merchandise:

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