The Brothers Have PTSSD!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Over the past week and a half, I have been trying to get The Brothers to tell me what happened to them at their annual Bad Place check-up. They both seemed a little shaken up when they came home, especially Brother Oliver. Brother Henry has been very forthcoming about his experience, although his memory seems to be a bit foggy about parts of the experience. Brother Henry said that the first thing he remembers is being placed in the portable kitty jail by The Guardians.

Henry in Kitty Jail

Brother Henry’s first memory about The Bad Place is that he was locked up in the portable kitty jail.

Brother Henry said that he felt a little nervous when he was confined, but got over it pretty quickly. The next thing he remembers is that he was placed on a high counter and two friendly people began to look closely at him. He got the feeling they were nice, but he admitted he was still a little nervous.

Henry being examined

Brother Henry said The Bad Place people seemed nice, but he was still nervous.

Brother Henry said that he cannot remember most of what happened on that table, but he does remember sitting there for a long time while one of The Bad Place people took notes. He said he got a little impatient and ended up giving her a look that was meant to say, “Are you done yet?”

Impatient Henry

Brother Henry got a little impatient on the table and looked at The Bad Place person with an expression meant to say, “Are you done yet?”

Brother Henry said that they were not done yet. He remembers getting a couple shots before he was returned to the portable kitty jail. All in all though, he says the experience was not the worst he has ever had at The Bad Place. It was certainly nothing compared to the time he came back from The Bad Place with most of his teeth missing.

Brother Oliver seems to have had a much more difficult time with his visit to The Bad Place. At first he would not even acknowledge that he had been to the bad place, but when I offered him half my snacks if he would tell me the story, he tightly closed his eyes and tried to remember. He said, “Hmmmm… oh yes, Thomas! I’m starting to remember! I remember being closed in one of the portable kitty jails just as Brother Henry described! I too was nervous at first, but got over it quickly.” Brother Henry, who was sitting near me, muttered, “Got over it my tail! He was panting like cat that had just completed the Bird Slayer event in the Catlympics!”

Oliver panting

Brother Oliver said he calmed down in the kitty jail. Brother Henry remembered it differently.

Oblivious to Brother Henry’s comment, Brother Oliver continued, “Wait… I kind of remember being set on the counter that Brother Henry mentioned. I think The Bad Place people were looking at my teeth! I was afraid that they were going to take my teeth like they did Brother Henry’s, which would have made no sense because my teeth don’t hurt!”

Oliver tooth exam.

Brother Oliver said The Bad Place people looked at his teeth. He was afraid they would take them.

At this point, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I too had lost a tooth at The Bad Place! I could not wait to hear what happened next. I said, “Brother Oliver! Did They? Did they take your teeth?” Brother Oliver said, “Everything is so foggy… I’m having difficulty remembering exactly what happened. Wait… Hmmmm… I remember feeling… something. A strange sensation that surprised and disturbed me.”

Oliver feeling strange.

Brother Oliver said he remembered feeling a strange sensation that surprised and disturbed him. He was having trouble remembering what it was.

At this point, as if from out of nowhere, Brother Henry shouted, “Nooooooo! I remember now too! Why do they always do that?” Brother Oliver and I looked at each other and had simultaneous epiphanies. In unison we shouted, “TEMP-SHURE!”

Oliver's Temp-shure

Brother Oliver had his temp-shure taken at the vet! That is why he had been trying to block the memory!

After we all spent a few minutes clenching and cringing I said, “No wonder you guys were having so much trouble remembering! You are suffering  Post Temp-shure Stress Disorder! I’m so sorry you guys!” I then offered one half of my snacks to each of The Brothers. I figured that, after what they had been through, they could use all the comfort they could get. Unfortunately, both of them refused the treats telling me they had lost their appetites. Truth be told, I had a little trouble eating the snacks myself.

Thomas Out!

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8 responses to “The Brothers Have PTSSD!

  1. Oh Sir Thomas yur Brofurss sure went thru a ruff time! Yur a good Brofur to offer 1/2 yur snackss!!!! Mee not wild about getting mee tempshure taken either….There has got to bee a better way!
    Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  2. I have been to that place too. I wrote about it on Mama’s blog on Saturday. There has to be a better place for the thermometer!

  3. Batya Harlow

    But you didn’t if the Brothers are o.k. Hoping they are. ♥♥♥

  4. There are laser lights that read the temp from several feet away from a vent. Human docs have lights they shine into the ears of babies that read temps. If the bad place people can hold your mouth open to check your teeth, why can’t they use one of the lights to check your temp at the same time? I don’t think it’s fair to the fur babies. Deep breaths Brothers.

  5. Aw, poor boys. Hope they got good reports!

  6. yep….that is always the worst part of the trip

  7. Gabriel and his Mom

    Why do they always take your temperature? I went to the bad place a couple of weeks ago so they could check my eye, and they insisted on taking my temperature. They were checking out the wrong end!

  8. Hope everything went well…
    Have a super weekend!
    Noodle and crew

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