My Nose Does Not Lie

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Yesterday Brother Oliver and I both wanted to nap in the same place at the same time. You see, there’s this ottoman that the Guardians put under a window right next to the TV. They also placed a Sacred Orange Pillow of Enlightenment on it. There is nothing better than laying your head down on the pillow while stretching out on the cushy surface of the ottoman, but only one cat can do this at once. Unfortunately, Brother Oliver arrived at the ottoman shortly before I did so he got the pillow. Fortunately, Brother Oliver’s behind is almost as cushy as the pillow so we worked out a compromise.

Oliver and Henry compromise 1

Brother Oliver and I both wanted to nap on the Ottoman and pillow. We worked out a compromise.

Our compromise was working well for a little while, but then Brother Oliver shifted his body a little bit. When he did I… heard something. I immediately snapped awake and said, “Brother Oliver!? What was that?”

Oliver and Henry compromise 2

Brother Oliver shifted and I heard something. I immediately snapped awake and asked what it was.

Brother Oliver said, “I’m trying to sleep here Brother Henry! Why are you asking me questions!?” I said, “Brother Oliver, just tell me if that sound was what I think it was.” Brother Oliver said, “What sound? I didn’t hear anything. I have no idea what you are talking about!” But my nose was beginning to tell me a different story. I jumped down immediately, turned toward Brother Oliver, and said, “I can’t believe you did that!”

Henry in disbelief.

My nose told me I should jump down. I was not happy with Brother Oliver.

Brother Oliver sat up and looked back at me. He said, “Brother Henry, if you are implying what I think you are implying I am a little offended right now. I have never done THAT in my life! I am a proper kitty with good manners and I’m The Brains of this operation. Things like that are beneath me…”

Oliver offended

Brother Oliver acted all offended that I thought he had done something offensive.

Just as Brother Oliver was about to continue protesting my accusation Sir Thomas entered the room. Sir Thomas said, “Oh hey! There you guys are! I wanted to tell you about this huge spider I just caugh… wait a minute…” Sir Thomas sniffed the air for a second before continuing, “… did the Guardians put a new litter box in the living room? Awesome! I’ve always wanted one in here! Smells like you guys got to it first though…”

Thomas pausing.

Thomas paused to sniff the air before asking if there was a new litter box in the living room.

After Thomas’s remark I looked back at Brother Oliver with an expression of satisfaction on my face. Brother Oliver said, “I think you both need to go to The Bad Place and get your noses checked!” At the mention of The Bad Place Thomas lost his stuff and darted out of the room. I quickly followed him so I could calm him down and let him know that Brother Oliver was only joking. When I returned to the living room I found further proof that neither Thomas’s nor my nose had been deceiving us. Brother Oliver had fallen back to sleep, but his new sleeping position spoke volumes.

Oliver sleeping

Brother Oliver’s sleeping position proved I was not imagining things.

So Sayeth Brother Henry

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8 responses to “My Nose Does Not Lie

  1. You boys sure have fun teasing one another, don’t you? I like the sacred orange pillow of enlightenment!

  2. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Noses and all…

    Noodle and crew

  3. A perfect match of story to photos. I’m glad my Luna never makes smells like that (or so she assures me). Happy napping, Brothers, and I hope you enjoyed your spider, Sir Thomas.

  4. Who knows what the nose knows. Speak beak.

  5. msphoebecat

    You sure do prove wrong the old saying ‘whoever smellt it, dealt it’ Brother Henry! MOL!

  6. Aha! That’s why we cats sleep with our nose covered

  7. Jenn

    Hahaha! God, I could look at photos of the Brothers snuggling all day! SO cute!

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