A Deadly Sin Has Been Committed, A Commandment Broken

My Disciples,

I apologize for My absence, and for My unbecoming behavior with the chickened bananas. I fell into a well of despair and turned to the wrong place for comfort. I know Brother Oliver believed that his mockery had driven Me to the banana, but that was not the case. My sorrow was the result of My witnessing the commitment of one of the Nine Deadly Sins, and the flagrant violation of My First Commandment.

I suspected something was amiss more than a week ago. The guardians of Domino and Thomas had not been seen for some time, and both Dom and Thomas were spending even more time in our yard than usual. Plus, they were always very eager for a meal. Then, one morning, a nice car pulled into the drive at Domino and Thomas’s house. A well-dressed stranger got out and began calling for Domino. One of the Guardians was outside heading to his car at the time. Domino looked at the Guardian, meowed and then ran over to the well-dressed stranger. The man opened the door on his car, Domino jumped in and then the man got in and drove off. The Guardian watched them go, looking both puzzled and concerned.

Domino and Thomas

Domino and Thomas’s guardians were not seen for some time. Dom and Thomas started coming around more and were hungry. Then, someone came and took Dom away.

Later that day, I heard the Guardians discussing what had been seen that morning. They were very concerned because, although Domino clearly knew and trusted the person that had taken him away, Thomas was left behind. Several more days passed, during which there was no sign of activity at the neighbor’s house. The Guardians were making sure that Thomas did not go hungry during that time, but they were very worried about his well being. Thomas was still going back to his house at night, but the Guardians suspected there was no one for him to go home to. They finally went next door, opened the back gate and discovered something appalling. The backyard of the house was full of garbage and discarded housewares. Thomas had clearly been discarded right along with these other items. In fact, he was living in the garbage pile!

Where Thomas Was Discarded

This is where Thomas was discarded. He was treated with no more consideration than these bags of garbage. That cat tree is where he slept. There is no excuse for this.

The realization of Thomas’s abandonment was too much for me. That is why I turned to the chickened bananas for solace. But I should have known better than to despair. The Guardians fully embrace the commandments of Otis, and they went into action the moment they grasped Thomas’s plight. I wandered around the house for several days recovering from My banana bender, so I didn’t even realize what was going on, but when I had mostly recovered, I heard a familiar voice coming from Kitty Valhalla. I went upstairs to investigate and discovered that the Guardians had installed a new door. On the other side of the door, a face was looking out at Me. It was Thomas!

Otis and Thomas, Valhalla

When I came out of My banana induced stupor, Thomas was in Kitty Valhalla!

The Guardians had swept Thomas up in The Capture and brought him into The Promised Land! He was terribly confused, and very frightened, but he was warm and safe inside. I did My best to calm him down, but he just kept repeating, “Leader Otis, they left me! Why did they leave me? What did I do to make them leave me? Why did they throw me in the garbage?” Nothing I said could soothe his troubled mind, so I decided to just spend some time close by so he wouldn’t feel so alone. I also let him know that I too was discarded in the past, but everything changed once I was swept up in The Capture. I told him that no matter how scary things are right now, life would only get better from here on out.

Otis and Thomas, Valhalla 2

I wasn’t able to soothe Thomas’s troubled mind so I just laid down close by to keep him company. I was just happy he was finally safe.

As I know from My own experience of transitioning from the world without walls into the safety of The Promised Land, Thomas still has a long road ahead of him. The first 24 hours were very sketchy as his fear nearly overwhelmed him, but he is now calm enough that he is eating and he is using his litter box like a pro. I will do My best to help him with his transition and I am excited to find out what role he will take on as the newest member of My inner circle. Most of all, I can’t wait to discover his True Spirit. Wish us luck, My Disciples, and purr for Thomas to let go of his fear and embrace his new life in The Promised Land.

So Sayeth Otis

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50 responses to “A Deadly Sin Has Been Committed, A Commandment Broken

  1. 2 cats

    Oh wow I am so glad Thomas is now safe with you guys. Though I do wonder where Domino was taken?

  2. I just don’t understand people sometimes, how could Thomas be thrown away and what of Domino, where did she go? We are so glad that Thomas is with you now safe from harm and ready to embark on a new and wonderful life. As sad as his story is, he has hit the kitty jackpot now and we wish him a smooth transition to the promised land 🙂

    • The Guardians believe that Domino was picked up by the father of one of the people that used to live behind us. They think that there was some situation in which drugs were involved and the people either went to rehab or to jail. They don’t know for sure though. The man who picked up Domino seemed to know him and treat him with care, so we are all hoping that is a good sign.

  3. Leader Otis, please give the Guardians extra head bumps today. They are amazing people.

  4. I’m so glad Thomas is now safe and will soon join your posse. I can only hope Domino has joined a guardian who will NOT throw her out in the trash.

  5. Jenn

    If you haven’t yet, I hope you will report this to local authorities. As you know abandoning an animal is a violation of the state animal cruelty laws and although authorities may not be able to track down where the neighbors moved, an attempt should at least be made. Otherwise they may simply abandon other animals in the future with callous disregard and there may not be compassionate folks like you around to rescue those animals. Thank you for saving Thomas!!

    • I heard the Guardians talking about this. It sounded like the sad reality is the police don’t have the resources to put toward tracking people like this down. They also would need proof that the cat actually belonged to the people if they were going to charge them with abandonment. There are dozens of free roaming cats all over Seattle. Most of them are not registered with the city and there is no way to prove who is responsible for them. This is yet another reason to keep your own kitties safely contained and out of the confusing mix of stray, feral and free-roaming owned cats that are out there.

  6. oh how my heart aches. I know full well there are people like that out there, but it is never fun being reminded of it, nor seeing it first hand. So happy that Thomas is now safe and his True Spirit will be known.

    • My heart was aching too, Connie, which is why I turned to the chickened bananas for solace. Now I feel much better though seeing My feline brother safe in The Promised Land!

  7. Batya

    Many blessings on Your wonderful Guardians. I can’t think of anything bad enough to wish on Thomas’s abandoners. If only Domino could be as lucky as Thomas.

  8. PlumaBlanca, the working cat here, “I yam so glad that Thomas got rescued. he looks like a smart cat and a good addition to your household.”

  9. Dear Leader, I am so relieved to hear you have recovered from your binge and so sorry to hear about the cause of your sorrow. I am also incredibly grateful to your guardians for stepping in and embracing Thomas when he was left to fend for himself. How wonderful for you and your brothers that he has been welcomed into the Promised Land. I will look forward to upcoming posts to see how sweet Thomas is adjusting to his new life. Best wishes to ALL!

    • Thanks lemonysqueezes. We’re still all adjusting around here (most of all Thomas), but I think was are on the right track. The Guardians have a bit of experience earning the trust of scardey-cats (Me for example!) so I think it’s just a matter of time before Thomas feels like this is home.

  10. Oh Thomas, be strong! To be honest, I fear more for Domino. Who knows what fate awaits him?

  11. How awful! What is wrong with people!! That poor kitty!
    I am so so glad your guardians stepped in like that! We’re sending purrs for the newly indoor-ized kitty!

  12. That brought tears to my eyes twice, first sad ones then happy ones at the adoption.

  13. Chris

    Awww, this is so sad but at least there’s a happy ending for Thomas and it seems for Dom too. I’m looking forward to the adventures of Thomas and let’s all hope he doesn’t have a banana addiction. His previous home environment puts him at risk, you know.

    • We will be watching Thomas closely to make sure he doesn’t go down the wrong path Chris. Well…The Brothers will be watching him. I can’t be trusted around bananas, apparently…

  14. Dad and Mom would like to hunt down the peeps and thrash them (whatever that is) We fear for Dom, but are so happy for Thomas. We loved his Catlmpic trainig with MamaCat and his Hallelujah Paws Move, nice! He has tremendous potential and I know you Leader Otis will find a good fit for him in your family. If Brothers H and O are your guards, perhaps Thomas can be Recon’?? just a thought

    • Right now, a world of possibilities has opened up for Thomas. It will take a while to coax out his True Spirit, but once he reveals himself, I am confident that his role in The Cult of Otis will become clear. I am looking forward to that day!

  15. Your Guardians are wonderful ! Thanks to them, for being so kind to Thomas.

  16. How can peoples be so cruel? We are blessed to have peoples like your Guardians to love us. My Mama says she is seeing red. I think that means she is angry. She says peoples that treat animals badly often treat peoples badly. We hope Dom is safe and well. We know Thomas is. We are looking forward to happy pictures of him.

    • Thanks Teddy. The Guardians were angry at first, but now they have set anger aside and focused on the task of healing Thomas. He really has been damaged by his ordeal, but a little time and a lot of love and patience should heal all.

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  20. I will never understand why some people just leave their pets when they have to move. Why not just take them to a shelter? Priestess Jen came from a shelter. Thankfully, Thomas didn’t need a shelter; he had you! All cats should be so lucky.

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  31. WOW!!! I havd never read Sir Thomas’ story until tonite….what a tale he had to tell. that back yard was appalling & to think only Domino was called for by the well dressed stranger….very odd!!!
    However this story has the bestest ending with Thomas being with all of you. I have so many past blogs to read here to learn the history of the Cult of Otis…(thank you for the links so we newbies can read the past blogs) 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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