Training the Inner Circle Part III- Act

My Disciples,

When we last left off, our training session was moving on to step 3 of Mama Cat’s training regimen. If you recall, Mama Cat’s mantra is “Watch, anticipate, act.” Brother Henry and I had practiced our watching and anticipating while Brother Oliver seemed to think he didn’t need to bother with step 2. I decided that Brother Henry should go first so Brother Oliver could see how a truly dedicated cathlete behaves.

As the bird zipped in front of Brother Henry, he lashed out with his right paw. He scored a hit, but was unable to hold on to the bird.

Henry Act 1

Brother Henry scored a hit on his first try, but the bird slipped away.

Not to be discouraged, Brother Henry regrouped to try again. When the bird made another close pass, he struck with both paws and successfully captured the bird.

Henry Act 2

On his second try, Brother Henry successfully captured the bird!

I said, “Nice work Brother Henry!”, and he beamed down at Me from the cat tree. I heard Brother Oliver say something like, “nice work…right…took him two tries…” I tried to ignore the comment and decided that I would go next. As the bird made its first pass I struck with both paws but missed by a mile.

Otis Act 1

As the bird made its first pass, I struck and missed.

I heard Brother Oliver chuckle, and that made Me mad. As the bird came back around again, I leapt to My feet and made a wild, two-pawed grab for it. I missed again!

Otis Act 2

Brother Oliver made Me mad by laughing. I got all worked up and made a wild grab at the bird. I missed.

When I heard Brother Oliver giggling even harder I lost My temper and said, “All right Brother Oliver! You think you can do better!? You haven’t even properly practiced! Let’s see what you can do!” I then stepped aside to let Brother Oliver have a go. As the bird swung by, Brother Oliver struck like lightning and captured the bird between his front paws.

Oliver Act 2

I thought Brother Oliver would do poorly because he hadn’t practiced. Instead, he nailed the bird on his first try…

After biting the bird and making an impressive kill face, Brother Oliver looked at Me with a smug expression. I was stunned at his skill. Not knowing what else to say, I simply said, “That’s enough training for today. Brothers, hit the food bowl.” And then I slunk off to lick My psychological wounds.

So Sayeth Otis

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9 responses to “Training the Inner Circle Part III- Act

  1. Hmmmm. Well, you and Brother Henry will still do well and should continue with your disciplined practice, despite the good showing today from Brother Oliver. Is it possible that Brother Oliver is training in private?

  2. These are AMAZING photographs of capturing a cat at play! I’ve never done it. Made me smile! Give the gang extra lovins from me today.

  3. well, either Brother Oliver is indeed training incognito with Mama Cat, OR Leader Otis…have you thought about getting your eye sight tested???? Perhaps you need contacts?? Or even glasses?? just a thought…

  4. Natural ability? Practice can still improve skills – but try to tell that to a “natural”!
    In that first picture is Brother Henry using loud sounds to intimidate opponents like those loud tennis girls do?

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