Stump Speech Sunday

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here. It’s been a bit of a rough morning for the Otis for POTUS campaign. The Leader was very excited at the beginning of the day, declaring it to be “Stump Speech Sunday” and then setting off to use His superior oration skills to woo the crowds and gain the support of undecided voters. Since there is only one undecided voter in the house, Leader Otis headed straight up to Kitty Valhalla to kick off His speaking tour by winning the heart and mind of Thomas.

Seeing as I am kind of the de facto campaign manager for Leader Otis, I attended the stump speech to see how it went. The Leader was very impressive, and His arguments in support of the Tabbycats party platform were extremely compelling. Still, He was talking to Thomas, so you can guess how the speech went over. Yep, after Leader Otis completed His speech, Thomas simply looked at Him and said, “I doubt it!” Leader Otis was completely deflated. He slumped down onto the shelf on which He had delivered His speech and brooded.

Otis deflated after speech

The Leader was completely deflated when Thomas told Him that he doubted everything He had said in His speech.

So we’ve hit a speed bump on our road to The White House, but I’m going to try to give Leader Otis a big pep talk and get Him back out there on the campaign trail. If the Guardians let us out into His Outdoor Domain later on, perhaps He can try his speech again on the Limbo Kitties. I should have known better than to let Him kick off the campaign by speaking to Thomas. When it comes to convincing a kitty to trust you, that little boy is one tough nut to crack!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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5 responses to “Stump Speech Sunday

  1. Poor Otis, it’s not his fault. Doubting Thomas just has to doubt. We need to change him to No Doubt Thomas!

  2. Maybe Thomas has been listening to the news and is not to convinced that what pawliticians say is in fact well–fact. He is wise to doubt until the speech is proven fact…

  3. Batya

    Sweet Thomas has had a hard life for one so young, and is learning to trust. I know you won’t give up, Leader Otis!

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