Mama Cat Stopped By!

My Disciples,

I’m so excited and relieved! I haven’t seen Mama Cat for several weeks, but when I went into My Outdoor Domain yesterday there she was! She was sitting on the cement wall by the garage next door! Now, I obviously wasn’t happy that she was still out in Limbo, but since she is an older kitty I feared that I hadn’t been seeing here because she was ill or something. She assured Me that this was not the case, and that she had only been staying inside lately because the weather had gotten so rainy. Apparently, her guardians are at least kind enough not to kick her out into the rain.

Mama Cat looked a little concerned sitting there on the wall, so I asked her what was on her mind. She said, “Well… ummm… Leader Otis, now that it’s fall, isn’t it about time for the Catlympics?”

Mama Cat looking concerned

Mama Cat looked concerned. She asked Me if it was almost time for the Catlympics.

The Catlympics! Of course! With My Art Thritis, all of the excitement of Thomas being swept up in The Capture, and with Domino and possibly Beatrice moving away, the Catlympics had slipped to the back of My mind. I understood why Mama Cat was so concerned. After all, she has been dreaming of becoming a Catlympian ever since she first heard about the games. She blew us away in tryouts, and she  even organized our first official Catlympic training camp.

I reassured Mama that we would still be holding some form of Catlympics, and that she would definitely be one of the featured cathletes. Upon hearing that, she got all excited and exclaimed, “Thanks Leader Otis!” before running back to her house and jumping in through the window that her guardians leave open. Now I just need to figure out how best to hold this year’s Catlympics what with one Cathlete in Limbo, The Brothers in the main area of the house and Thomas sequestered up in Kitty Valhalla! I don’t feel like competing Myself, because of My Art Thritis, but I can definitely still be Master of Ceremonies! Stay tuned, My Disciples. The 2012 Catlympics must go on!

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Mama Cat Stopped By!

  1. Thank Cod Mama Cat is ok! I have missed her so much. But great that her Guardian doesn’t toss her out in lousy weather.

  2. I’m glad Mama is well also. Maybe through the power of PhotoShop, you can all compete simultaneously!

  3. 2 cats

    i love mama cat and have been wonderng when the catympics were going to happen. ps when did beatrice go??

  4. Oh cool, can’t wait to see! Glad to see Momma Cat again!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    We are glad Mama Cat is well. We hope she stays indoors as the weather becomes cold and harsh. We know she is a great cathlete and will amaze us during the Catlympics. We hope Beatrice is well? If she has moved with her guardian, hopefully they will keep her contained in her new home. It must be hard for the you, Leader Otis, and the Guardians, to keep track of all the Limbo kitties. It is a blessing to know that Domino left in good health with a Guardian. If the Guardian of Otis had not observed Domino’s departure we all would have been left to hope for the best. We know and trust that you continue to care for the limbo kitties as best you can. We will do our best to help spread The Good Wod.

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