Theo Is No Longer In The Shadows

My Disciples,

I have bittersweet news. Theo has been swept up in The Capture. He is no longer struggling in The Shadows.

Theo, 071713-1

Theo is no longer struggling in The Shadows.

The reason this news is bittersweet is because the timing of Theo’s capture was dictated by the fact that he had developed a serious health problem. The Guardian’s had hoped to be able to work with Theo until he could be integrated into someone’s home, but within the past week he started to show signs that he was having trouble with his mouth. When one of the Guardians approached him, he hissed, and this gave the Guardian a clear view of a mouth full of broken, infected teeth. The Guardians immediately went into action.

The Guardians phoned a local animal shelter and were instructed to take Theo to a nearby Bad Place to be cared for until they could pick him up the next day.   The Guardians then set up the live-trap that they have used so many times over the years, including last year for The Capture of Thomas. Theo entered immediately, and they transported him to the designated Bad Place for care.

Theo in live trap, 080613-1

The Guardians swept Theo up in The Capture and took him to the Bad Place as the shelter instructed.

Theo is a perfect example of the life that exists out there for Shadow Cats. He lived under the house of a neighbor who didn’t even know he existed. He was starving and struggling. He desperately needed help from the species that domesticated him, but he was terrified of all humans, even those that could help him. Given more time to work with him, it’s possible that the Guardians could have brought him around. But as is so often the case with Shadow Cats, time ran out due to the effects of his life in a world without walls.

I have no doubt that Theo’s life journey has come to an end, but he will not disappear under the cloak of The Shadows with no one to acknowledge or mourn his passing. He will not succumb to injury and infection after a prolonged period of pain and suffering. He will depart in the light, surrounded by caring individuals who will make his passing as peaceful and pain-free as possible. And we here at The Cult of Otis shall both acknowledge and mourn our dearly departed feline brother.

So Sayeth Otis

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59 responses to “Theo Is No Longer In The Shadows

  1. that’s so sad!!!! poor theo 😦

  2. Fly, fly to the Bridge Theo. you will be whole again and know such love and kindness.

  3. Once again, your Guardians prove themselves to be among the very kindest, most compassionate of humans. I have no doubt Theo will be warmly greeted by Marvie and the other beloved patron saints.

  4. Linda Koch

    I don’t know how you all do it. Poor Theo! I know he’ll be in a better place but I mourn that people cannot understand what a distressing thing it is for these beautiful animals to have to endure.uch love and purrs to all of you and Theo, especially. We mourn with you. Love, Linda, David, Lola, Griffon and Luna

  5. Otis, if you’ve done nothing else with this blog, you’ve developed a lasting legacy for the plight of kitties without walls. You’ve done such a great job getting the message out. I know you’re struggling with your own health right now, but just know that your struggles are not in vain and luckily you were swept up in capture in order to get this wonderful and much needed message out. It’s an amazing thing to have such a legacy that will last far longer than your own life. You should be very proud of yourself. I keep purring for you and your Guardians. Thank them for me for taking care of you and so many other kitties out there. All of you are such a blessing to the world! Love your friends, Becca, Steve, Romeo & Juliet

    P.S. Keep Romeo in your purrs. He had to take a trip to the Bad Place today for a shot that may help him stop throwing up all time. After several tests the nice people at the Bad Place think he may have Irritable Bowel Disease and if the shot works, that will confirm it. If not, we’ll have to do more tests…we’re hoping that won’t have to happen, but sometimes it is hard to know what’s going on inside a kitties body, as you well know. I know you understand and we appreciate you keeping him in your thoughts.

  6. This has been a very hard week for your Guardians, who are so very kind and loving. The way you have written about Theo has really moved us. Much respect.

  7. Your Guardians are going through so much pain yet still helping AMAZING xxxx

  8. Soft husky woooos, with much respect,


  9. emilykarn

    Poor Theo! At least he is safe now. Bless your Guardians for caring even while dealing with your sad news. Many purrs to both you and Theo. Bandit, Selleck, and their Person, Emily.

  10. It’s one of the hardest things to do, but a great act of love on the part of both parties, to honor the passing of a Shadow creature be they cat or dog or human or an species, surrounded by love and compassion. Theo knew all along you would be there for him, and he came to you when he needed you.

  11. We are so sadden by Theo’s plight. No cat (or dog) should suffer. Fly free, Theo. Your soul will soar high and you will be well again. *tears*

  12. MJ

    Breaks my heart to hear about Theo, and think of how many kitties are so hard up. But if you can do nothing else, compassion and a painless end is a very real blessing to a suffering kitty. Thanks to the Guardians for their kindness to so many little fuzzy beings in need (as I recall, they have given great kindness to Wildlings too, not just kitties).

  13. Ms. Phoebe

    I know it is hard when Theo is an unsocialized cat, but it breaks my heart to hear he is being sent to the Bridge. Is there not someone who could work with him if they removed all his teeth and took care of that problem? Although I know that is no guarantee that infection hasn’t spread to the rest of his body- it is so hard, frustrating to see this. It makes me angry that Theo and kitties like him suffer and there’s no reason for it other than some ignorant, lazy, or heartless people who do not spay and neuter and throw cats out to fend for themselves. It’s a shame, a disgrace, a crime. Thank Bastet for people like mewz guardians and kitties like mew Leader Otis. At least I can be consoled knowing Theo will have a painless journey with those who respect and love cats like him around. Fly free Theo sweet ginger prince, mew have earned mewz next life full of endless love, joy, noms, and comfort.

  14. Poor Theo. We’re grateful that your Guardians were there and willing to take action for him rather than letting him become unable to eat in his condition. Theo is fortunate to have had advocates at all, even if it was very late in his life.

  15. So very sad to think that Mama Cat could have suffered the same fate had she not come to the Guardians for help!

  16. mistletoeandhitch


  17. Oh Otis…poor Theo at least will be treated with the dignity every animal is entitled to…such a waste always such a waste..i think of the children who may have loved and cared for these poor souls,the people who miss out n the joy he could have brought them…again humans get it wrong so wrong…bless he guardians for caring for Theo when so clearly no one else did..heart wrenching again living in a sometimes soul less world..take care sweet Otis hugs Fozziemum x

  18. Nijinsky Cat

    A responsible albeit difficult choice Leader Otis and Humans. Thank you for setting a noble example and providing the rationale.

  19. How sad. At least he is no longer in pain.

  20. Helping any animal on his way is never easy but it is an act of love. The Guardians are of big hearts and great example. Having to send 2 of my catkids on their way was heartbreaking but it was a peaceful transition and though I miss them there is no regret…it was a blessing to have them in my life and I am grateful I could hold them and love them as we said good-by.
    Teddy’s Mama

  21. We are so sorry to hear about Theo. Bless the Guardians for caring so much about him that they did not want him to suffer.

  22. Thank goodness for the guardians, but such sad news!

  23. Sorry for the late response, but I am glad Theo’s last moments were not alone. Be at peace sweet Theo.

  24. When I saw Theo’s first photo I was so excited & then my excitemtn tured to sadness & tears…I am relieved The Guardians were able to bring him into the Light but heart broken Theo could not be saved!!!! Maybe that is why he went into the live trap so easily….Theo was ready to be set free from his suffering!! The Guardians are wonderful & amazing humans & I am so glad that the 5 of you are in their care….
    Run free sweet Theo & KNOW you will always be remembered with fondness & love.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

    • The Guardians thought the same thing, Sherri-Ellen, that Theo was ready to be set free. It is not the ideal outcome that they had hoped for, but it could have been much, much worse had they not intervened. Thank you for the supportive words. We are all still purring nightly for Nylablue and Sir Thomas sends soft paw pats her way.

      • Oh my sorry for the awful spelling; I was crying while typing; not a good combo is it???
        When I read Theo went into the trap so easy peasy I thought HHMM maybe something is REALLY wrong…..& of course we know that is the truth now.
        The Guardians; your Guardians are the VERY BEST examples of human goodness & unconditional love around!!! They did the right thing for Theo. I am sure Theo came to them for help KNOWING The Guardians would help….I would have done the same thing were I in this situation…..
        Thank you for purring nightly for Nylablue. She is stable but has not regained all her vitality. Each Bowel episode robs her of some of her overall strength so all purrs are gratefully accepted. She is also shedding the Feline Heroes Virus which happens after every Bowel episode. Now I don’t panic when that happens.
        Nylablue *swooned* when I mentioned sir Thomas’ name & read the comment to her. She sends her ‘eeowwws’ & gentle ~~head rubs~~ back to her favorite Knight!!!
        Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  25. So beautifully put to words. You have given him new life by helping him out of the shadows. Many hugs and purrs and total respect to you for all you do.

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