Hello? Is this thing on?

People and furry people who like Mr. Otis,

Thomas Portrait


I… what? What’s that Mr. Henry? Oh. Let me try that again.

People and furry people who like Leader Otis,

Sorry about that.

Mr. Henry just told me I needed to blog today because he and Mr. Oliver are holding a vigil in the window waiting for Mr…. I mean…. Leader Otis to return from The Bad Place. I didn’t even know what the heck a blog was, but they pointed at the computer and well, here I am. Oh, and here’s a picture of Mr. Henry and Mr. Oliver right now.

Henry and Oliver in window waiting

These two weird cats that I live with are watching out the window for the other weird cat that I live with to come home. I like them, but they are weird.

Ok, so, anyway… what? What did you say? Oh. Mr. Henry says… Huh? Oh, sorry… Brother Henry says I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Thomas. Several months ago these two humans that bought me and then ignored me for a year disappeared in the middle of the night and left me alone in a pile of garbage. The people who lived with the weird cats next door caught me in a trap and moved me into their house. I was pretty angry at first, but now I’m feeling pretty good about my change of circumstances. You see… what’s that Brother Henry? They have already heard my story? What the!? I’m supposed to update them on what’s been happening recently? Oh, Ok. I guess I still don’t really get what I’m doing.

So… recently. Oh, well, did you know we have a posing bench? I thought it might be a scratching bench, but the weird cats thought it was a posing bench. Last night, I decided it could be both. Let me show you some of my poses.

Thomas Saw a Bird

I call this one, “Thomas saw a bird.”

Thomas Saw a Different Bird

This one I call, “Thomas saw a different bird.”

Thomas Ate a Bird

And this is a little number I call, “Thomas just ate a bird and is extremely happy.”

Hey, there's another bird!

This next pose is one I like to call, “Hey! There’s another bird!”

What Brother Henry!? But… you told me to tell them about something recent! Huh? I’m supposed to talk about Cult business? No, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Sign off? Are you sure I shouldn’t show them more poses? Oh. OK then. Yes, I still think you’re weird. No, the fact that you are called “The Muscle” doesn’t make me think you are any less weird. Oh… but that glare definitely makes me think I should do what you are telling me.

Thomas out

Operation Hipster

Visit the official Operation Hipster website to support Leader Otis!



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51 responses to “Hello? Is this thing on?

  1. At last Thomas speaks! You’ll get there in the end dear boy!

    • Thank you for the encouragement Animalcouriers people! Or is it “Mr. Animalcouriers”? Or “Miss Animalcouriers”? Or is it “Brother Animalcouriers”? These weird cats have me all confused!

      – Thomas

  2. 2 cats

    Oh Mr Thomas I love you!!

  3. Don’t worry, Thomas, you’ll get the hand of things soon enough, lol.

  4. Oh, Thomas. We are glad you found your voice…and keyboarding abilities. You may need to help for a bit. (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it – and you are showing great promise)
    Henry and Oliver are so worried and keeping vigil for Otis, whom we are all purring warm healing thoughts to.

    • Thank you crunchy mouse! Ummm… I didn’t mean crunchy. I think I should have said, “kind mouse”, but the crunchy part just slipped out. Sorry. But thank you! This is going to take some getting used to…

      – Thomas

      • RC Cat: “Staff has notified Us that it is probably best if We engage in conversation with Thomas of the Otis realm ourselves” (sigh) “They seem to worry about every little thing. Do not fear Thomas. We shall get along purrfectly. Now you may rest as you seem tired from your assumed duties. Understandable. We send a soothing paw pat.”

  5. Brilliant start Thomas! And I am still sending warm purrrrs to Leader Otis for full recovery and use of his leg. Paw pats Savvy

    • Thank you Savannah! I like paw pats. 🙂 I hope Otis recovers quickly too, because he is the only cat in the house that is my size!

      – Thomas

      • ah, so true, so true!! How long will Leader Otis be confined at home? We had one cat who had 3 surgeries, 2 on same patella and then he pulled out the other patella years later…plated in both legs, and he was confined 8 weeks for each surgery. He lived to 16 and did not limp. paws crossed

  6. Hello Thomas, My name is Ivy and I am one of the people who like Leader Otis (and Brother Henry and Brother Oliver and the guaridans!). Nice to meet you! Please let Leader Otis know that we keep sending him the best of vibes for a speedy recovery!

    • Hi Ivy! Nice to meet you too. I like these three weird cats and guardy people too… even though I don’t always understand them. I’ll do my best to get your message to Mr… ummm… Leader Otis when he gets home!

      – Thomas

  7. Thomas, I so adore you..

  8. Thank you Connie! I’m only just getting used to people liking me, but your comment makes me very happy! 🙂


  9. Otis from Missouri

    Just a note of encouragement to The Brothers & Thomas – my guardians have a friend whose kitty underwent surgery approximately 6 weeks ago for cancer which required removal of one of his back legs and “Pillow” kitty is doing great!!! We are all ‘purring’ for Otis!

  10. Oh cute Thomas, finally we heard your words. So happy to see you :)) Now it´s going to be your time to keep an eye on Otis when he come back home. You have to help the Brothers in the recovery of the Leader!

  11. Pleased to meet’cha Mr Thomas 😀

  12. Sherry Narens

    Great blog post, Thomas. Keep up the good work. Best to Otis when he gets home.

  13. Excellent blogging, Thomas. It is so good to hear your perspective on things 🙂

  14. Joseline

    Hi Thomas,

    We heard you. Tell Leader Otis to get well.

  15. Hey Thomas! Great to see you are blogging. My Mama lets me blog sometimes on her blog–I may even get one of my own. Loved the poses, you bare very photogenic.

  16. I don’t know how I missed several days but I just got caught up! I hope Otis is doing well after his surgery! That video the other day was so hard to watch! I had no idea he was in that much pain, the poor baby! I just want to scoop him up and snuggle him! Purring and praying that this worked and he doesnt have to limp like that any more! and for a fast recovery!
    Snuggles to Thomas for doing such a good job today! Even if the weird ones kept interrupting him! MOL

  17. Thomas, we cats are quite happy to meet you, no doubt about it! You did a fine job on your maiden bloggage.

    Purring for Otis!

    • Thank you very much Katnip Lounge. This whole blog thing is still very weird to me… much like these cats I am living with. But I like them, and I might like blogging too! And thank you for purring for Mr. Leader Otis! 🙂

      – Thomas

  18. Hi Thomas! We just stopped by for purrs of comfort for Otis. XOXO

  19. Okay, we’ve just dropped by as Felix from the Katnip Lounge raised a paw for you. We’ve paid a joining fee and now appear to be members of some cult of another. Let me make it clear it is not good for King Kitty cat of FInland (North) to associate with whacko cults, so I hope this is just some innocent little fun thing and doesn’t involve strange rituals with catnip or mousie tails (I like to do with them as I want!). As a wise and noble king, it would not do to introduce a new religion into my realms without fully understanding it myself. However we know Leader Otis (do we have to bow or something when we say that?) is in trouble and wish him all the very very best with his nasty op. I myself had a naughty kneecap surgery some years ago, so have many sympathies for him. We hope his surgery has gone well and have our paws crossed (is that allowed in the cult or is it too superstitious?) for a full recovery.

    • Hi your highness… uhhh… or is it your majesty? I’m new to this whole cult thing too and am still feeling like I’m in a bit over my head. Especially since the two weird brothers told me to blog today without telling me what that meant. But I think this cult is not too crazy Mr King Kitty cat of Finland. I think there is even a website that explains all of their commandments and philosophies and stuff. Maybe that would help make sense of it all. Hmmmm… maybe I should read it too!

      – Thomas

  20. spittythekitty

    I’m still trying to figure out the whole cult dealio and who the players are, but meanwhile I am sending my furry best purrs to Otis, who is apparently some Cultish figure? As King of California and the Western Lands, and Prince of Kiimamaa (Finland), I am skeptical of this self-proclaimed “Leader,” but we will sort all that out once he has fully recovered. Many Kingly blessings upon him and his new & improved hip!!!

  21. Mistletoeandhitch

    Hi Thomas! And hello to the Brothers and Guardians. We are happy to hear that Leader Otis came through his surgery well. We wish him a speedy recovery. Our huMom was distressed to see how painful walking had become for the Leader. We know it must have been emotionally difficult for the Guardians as well. Deciding how to proceed with a life other than your own is a heavy responsibility. When that other life cannot freely communicate their desires it’s almost painful to make these life altering decisions. To you Thomas, we want to convey our admiration for your ability to adjust to new circumstances. Some humans are really stupid and immature. They shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of another living being. But now you are adjusting to the Guardians, which must be incredibly confusing. Both Mistletoe and I know how confusing these changes can be. But now you are an inside kitty with people who love you and want to care for you. Of course the humans might not be the most confusing part. The other cats can be even more confusing. But you, Thomas, seem like a sensible sort of cat and we’re sure you’ll be quite comfortable with your new family.
    Please give the Guardians a little kitty affection if you can. This business with Leader Otis is hard for them is many ways. Also, please let Leader Otis know that we are sending him best wishes and healing purrs.

    Best purrs to you,
    Hitch and Mistl….(oh alright, don’t get your tail in a knot) let me rephrase,

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch……*there, happy, you little princess?*

    P.S. Thomas, remember, sometimes you don’t have to be bigger to make sure things are done your way. Hitch did a nice job on our note to your family. That doesn’t mean he gets top billing. EVER. *soft paw pat* Take care dear one, M & H

    • Thank you very much for the encouraging words Hitch and… uhhhhh… Mistletoe and Hitch! I really do like these cats, even though they are weird. I also really like the Guardians and am learning to show it. I probably just need a bit more time to get used to all of this. Thanks again though. Your support is much appreciated.

      – Thomas

  22. Hello Thomas, It is so great to finally meet you and what an amazing post – i especially liked th posing pictures and think the only problem was that there was not enough!! You are right you do live with some very weird kitties – did you know that they don’t realise what good friends us canines are??? Strange huh!! I look forward to hearing more from you!

  23. Anonymous

    In a world where there are hundreds and hundreds of animal non-profits in need of financial assistance it seems particularly appalling to beg for money on the internet for your own personal pet to have surgery, especially when you are keeping the extra money to “support ongoing Cult of Otis efforts”. Cult of Otis is a blog not an animal rescue.
    I am sharing this because I know there are other readers who feel this way as well but haven’t said so.
    Put it on your credit card like the rest of us.

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