Thomas Has Doubts

My Disciples,

For the past 24 hours I have been very busy acting as a feline liaison between the Guardians and Thomas. He has calmed down quite a bit, but he is still gripped by fear whenever the Guardians enter his space in Kitty Valhalla. He has taken to hiding in the corner behind the tunnel, but this morning I was able to help one of the Guardians engage him in play. I started by telling him that that the Guardian meant him no harm. He just peeked out from behind the tunnel and said, “I doubt it!”

Doubting Thomas 1

I told Thomas that the Guardian meant him no harm. He doubted that.

I meowed at the Guardian, and she grabbed a feather toy. I gave her an excited look and she began to dangle the toy in front of My face. I batted at it frantically. I then said, “See Thomas! This is fun!” he simply replied, “I doubt it!” But when the Guardian began to dangle the toy in front of him, Thomas perked up and took a few tentative swipes.

Doubting Thomas 2

Thomas doubted that playing with the toy was fun, but he gave it a try.

After taking a couple swipes at the toy, Thomas said, “This is kind of fun, Leader Otis, but I feel a little vulnerable. I still doubt that the Guardian has my best interests in mind. What if she just attacks me while I’m poking my head up to grab the feather?” I told him that nothing like that was going to happen but he just said, “I doubt it!”, and then disappeared behind the tunnel. A moment later his paw emerged from underneath the tunnel followed by his face. He said, “There, this feels safer. Now no one can attack me from above.”

Doubting Thomas 3

Thomas disappeared behind the tunnel but then popped out from underneath it. He said he felt safer with the tunnel above him.

I laid down and looked Thomas in the eyes. I said, “Thomas, I’m sitting right here next to the Guardian. I trust her. She is not going to do anything bad to Me or to you.” Again Thomas replied, “I doubt it!”, but he proceeded to bat at the feather toy when the Guardian offered it to him.

Doubting Thomas 4

I kept trying to convince Thomas that the Guardian was safe. He continued to doubt it, although he did play a little bit.

Thomas played for several minutes before retreating again behind the tunnel. The Guardian then left and scooted Me out of Kitty Valhalla as well. I stayed just outside the door though to have a few more words with Thomas. When the Guardian was downstairs, Thomas jumped up onto the bench in front of the window. It was good to see him come out of the darkness and into the light.

Doubting Thomas 5

After the Guardian went downstairs, Thomas jumped up on the bench by the window.

I said, “See Thomas? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” He tentatively said, “Errrr…no, not so bad…” I asked, “So, are you going to trust the Guardians now?”, to which he replied, “I doubt it!” He then jumped down and went back behind the tunnel. I sighed deeply, knowing that The Brothers,  the Guardians and I were in for a long journey with this doubting Thomas. I also decided that I should probably wait until later to tell him what was going to be happening to his testicles. I didn’t think that knowledge would do anything to help alleviate his doubts about the Guardians and their intentions…

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “Thomas Has Doubts

  1. 2 cats

    Poor Thomas looks so scared, hopefully he can overcome this soon and will be happy with you, the brothers and the guardians.

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Poor Thomas. Otis, he is lucky to have you, the brothers and the guardians to help him. He must miss Domino, too.

  3. In that last photo, I think I can almost catch a glimpse of Thomas’ true spirit! Thank you for your patience, Leader Otis. Thomas owes his life to you and the guardians. I am so glad to know that families like yours exist to spread the Good Word.

    • Thanks for the kind words Christine. And I think you are right, there is a glimpse of Thomas’ True Spirit in that photo. I know there’s a confident kitty inside him, and I aim to bring him forth!

  4. Peter A Wilson

    I have always admired Otis, his brothers and the Guardians, but the rescue of Thomas touched me. Thank you Guardians!

    • Thanks Peter. We try to always do right by My fellow felines and hope that others will do the same. Together we can all make a little bit better for kitties everywhere!

  5. We can see the wary look in Thomas’ eyes. It may take weeks or maybe months for him to come around but we know the guardians are patient. Your guidance will be essential Otis he will look to you for reassurance. I think you were quite right to stay quiet about the neuter… might have sent him into a tailspin.

  6. I had not idea of what had happened to Thomas. ANd now I fear for Domino too…sigh. Leader Otis, you are so strong to be helping Thomas. He is fortunate to have you and Brothers Henry and Oliver to give him strenght and confidence. sending lots of special Savannah Paw Pats to Seattle…purrrrrs

  7. Ears up and forward, eyes slits and not round…he’s not as scared as all that! He may come along faster than you think right now.

    • Yep, the signs are good Oldcat. You should have seen him the first night though when the Guardians were giving him as much space as possible and keeping the camera put away. He had flattened ears and pupils the size of saucers. Even I could do nothing to soothe him. I’m glad we made it through that stage :-).

  8. He is a good looking fellow and I am sure will soon overcome his doubts – how can he not when he knows how well they take care of you!

  9. Dear sweet little Thomas! He’s such a beautiful boy — I don’t know how anyone could leave him! And I bet he misses Dom too. I purr that he’s safe and somewhere safely contained. But now Thomas will have you, the brothers and your guardians to love and take care of him. He’s a lucky boy! And we’re all lucky that you and your family are so dedicated in making this world a safer place for kitties.

  10. Thomas looks utterly adorable poking out from under the tunnel! Oh I hope he starts trusting soon!
    Yeah, Otis, I wouldn’t mention the dingleberry-ectomy just yet…

  11. That is very nice and wonderful of you and the guardians to help Thomas. He looks kind of sad :-/
    Purrs to y’all!

    • He is kind of sad at the moment Texas. It is understandable considering he was first ignored by his guardians and then left in a garbage pile. Definitely not easy to feel good after that :-(.

  12. I remember what it was like to be afraid. When I came here to live with Mama I spent several days under the bed. It takes time to feel safe when you have been so scared.

    • Yes it does. It took the Guardians more than 5 months to convince Me that I should let them pet Me. Once they did, I melted like butter, but it was a rough 5 months up to that point. I don’t know how long it will take with Thomas, but he is eating well and using his litter box every time. He already has the basics of a safely contained life down and now we just need to work on the trust.

  13. I ❤ the Guardians of Otis! What a blessing you are to kitties everywhere!

  14. purrs that doubting Thomas becomes Not doubting Thomas right quick

  15. Excellent display of patience and support, Leader Otis. You and the Guardians will surely bring Thomas around. What a beautiful cat he is!

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