Thomas Was Once On A Poster

My Disciples,

Following from My post on Lost Cat Posters yesterday, I thought I would share that Thomas once appeared on his own poster. It was about two weeks after his guardians had acquired him. He was just 9 weeks old at the time. The poster was featured, along with several others, in a post here on The Blog of Otis, but I have included it below as well.

Lost kitten poster

Thomas went missing when he was just 9 weeks old, shortly after his then-guardians acquired him.

Fortunately, Thomas eventually turned up, but his guardians did not change anything about the way in which they treated him. He still lived outside all the time and was mostly left to fend for himself. It wasn’t until the last few months that he began to show a little trust toward the Guardians of Otis, perhaps because his neglect at home had gotten even worse. Whatever the reason, I’m glad he started to trust them. It allowed them to keep close tabs on his well-being and rescue him the moment they saw he had been abandoned. There are no posters out there right now bearing Thomas’s image. We know where he is. He’s in Kitty Valhalla playing with a feather toy.

Thomas Playing

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Thomas Was Once On A Poster

  1. What you did was so wonderful!

  2. Thomas has been so lucky to find you and the Guardians! Now you are going to be like D´Artagnan and The Three Musketeers

  3. Aw, poor Thomas! Lost twice! I’m so glad he’s with you now! And if his old people ever do put up a poster for him again… tear it down, burn it and dont tell!

  4. Dear Sweet Otis, I don’t know how to thank you for taking such great care of Thomas and trying to help others like him. Purrs to you, your brothers and your guardians for being such sweet souls!

  5. YAY Thomas we’re so glad to know where you are….in a great place!!!!

  6. PLAY! How incredibly awesome.. *happy smile*

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