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Today Is Meowmorial Day 2015!

People and Fur People who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Today is Meowmorial Day, so please join us on Facebook and share your stories and photos of the dearly departed kitties you would like to honor.

For those of you who do not have Facebook, Below are the two honoring posts that we placed on the wall. I wanted to make sure you got to see them since it was my idea to try having Meowmorial Day in a different format this year.

Thomas out.

First Facebook Honoring Post

Cult of Otis honors our namesake, Leader Otis, on this Meowmorial Day. Leader Otis was The Light, and The Way, doing His best to spread The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely confined.

He named me and Henry His High Priests dubbing Brother Henry “The Muscle” and me “The Brains” of Cult of Otis. He knighted Sir Thomas and named him “The Heart” of The Cult, and He dubbed Mama Cat “The Essence” of our movement. We all worked together to try to make His vision a reality.

But before all of that, He was simply a cat. He was one of the millions of neglected, frightened cats wandering alone in the wilderness and crying out for help. Fortunately, His call was heard, and He got to live out the remainder of His life as every cat deserves- surrounded by love and kept safe from danger.

Today we not only honor Leader Otis, but also the cat He was before. The smart, loving, endlessly optimistic kitty that Brother Henry and I met in 2006. All we knew when we met him was that the Guardians called him Otis, and that he seemed bound and determined to make us love him. When he departed seven years later, we felt, to the very depths of our souls, just how successful he had been. – Brother Oliver


The Cult of Otis honors Otis, the cat that changed our lives forever.

Second Facebook Honoring Post

Cult of Otis honors Mama Cat on this Meowmorial Day. Brother Oliver and I decided to show you the lighter side of Mama Cat by brining you a never-before-seen photo of the dearly departed Essence of The Cult. Thomas had been hiding the photo because he felt it might mar Her royal status. Brother Oliver and I felt it could only serve to help everyone remember her even more fondly.

The Guardian’s put this dress on The Queen not long after she was swept up in The Capture and brought into The Promised Land. Strangely, she seemed to like it. We thought that was a little weird, but not as weird as the Guardians for putting it on her.

If you are new to Cult of Otis and do not know Mama Cat, We encourage you to read about her on cultofotis.com and in the Blog of Otis archives. She was an amazing girl and we miss her every day. -Brother Henry

Mama's Dress

The Cult of Otis honors Mama Cat, our dearly departed Essence of The Cult.


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Meowmorial Day Is Coming!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

As you may be aware, Meowmorial Day is coming up next Monday! If you are new to The Cult and have not yet heard of this very special day, here is a description from The Cult of Otis website:


Meowmorial Day is a day to remember all of the cats that we have loved and lost.  Our feline friends bring so much joy to our lives, they deserve to be remembered with respect and gratitude.  Plant a tree in their memory.  Donate to an animal rescue organization in their name.  Most of all, just remember them all for the special individuals they were.

I have suggested that we try something a little bit different for this year’s Meowmorial Day observance and the Brothers have agreed to try it! I am so excited that they thought it was a good idea!


I am excited that The Brothers are letting me try my idea!

So, this year, instead of emailing submissions to us here at the blog, On June 1st we invite you to post your photos and stories of your dearly departed feline friends on the official Cult of Otis Facebook page. It is my hope that having the Meowmorial Day observance in that format will allow people to communicate and connect more easily with one another as they share their stories of love and loss.

I hope you will all join us and take part in this very special day of remembrance!

In Otis’s Name,

Thomas Out

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Brother Henry’s Tribute

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Yesterday, as I was taking care of some urgent business in the litter box in the back hall, I heard Brother Henry shout my name from the Living Room. I shouted back, “I’m a little busy here, Brother O!”, to which he replied, “OK, but can you come in here when you are done?” Now too preoccupied to reply, I let the question pass without an answer. When I was finished though, I headed into the living room to see what was up.

As I walked into the living room and saw Brother Henry I felt it. I knew what was happening. Any annoyance I may have had about being summoned vanished immediately. Brother Henry, with a very somber look on his face, looked down at me from the nearby chest of drawers. He said, “Will you do it, Brother Oiver? Will you take the picture? I mean, I know it’s not exactly right. There are flowers in there now instead of feathers. The curtains aren’t the same. I don’t have the same commanding presence as Her… but sitting here… somehow… I feel Her. I feel connected. Will you do it?” Without a word I dragged the camera over into position and did as Brother Henry asked.

Henry Mama pose

Even though the details had changed, I recognized the scene. I felt what Brother Henry felt.

After the shutter clicked, the feeling intensified for a moment before dissipating. I looked up on the wall to my right to see the photo that had inspired the moment hanging in its usual place of honor. I saw the differences, but the spirit was the same. I felt at peace.

Mama Cat

I looked up to see the original photo. I felt at peace.

I looked back to Brother Henry and we stared at each other in silence for a moment. Brother Henry spoke first saying, “Was that real? Was… was she here with us?” I replied, “I don’t think I can answer that, Brother Henry, and I don’t think it needs to be answered. Whether it was based on vivid memories combined with your spontaneous tribute, or something more, the feeling itself was real. That’s enough for me.” Brother Henry said, “Me too.”, and then he jumped down and headed off through the kitchen. I followed closely behind, and as I left the living room I heard a voice from underneath the couch softly whisper, “Long live The Queen…”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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Rough Days

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Thomas and Brother Oliver both asked me to pass along their apologies for the recent silence here on The Blog of Otis. I apologize as well, but I also assure you that there is good reason for the lack of posts. You see, we are only one week away from an extremely difficult anniversary, and we are having a difficult time coping with the weight of that day. Poor Sir Thomas has withdrawn a bit and has been spending his time moping on the steps to Kitty Valhalla. He says he would go all the way up to Valhalla to mope, but he’s still a little freaked out about the place after the events of a few weeks ago.

Thomas withdrawn

Thomas is moping on the steps to Valhalla because he is too freaked out to mope in actual Valhalla.

Brother Henry and I have been doing our best to support Thomas, but we’ve also been supporting one another as we pass through some very rough days. We’ve had our squabbles as Brothers always do, but right now we are finding great comfort in each other’s company knowing that we are both going through the exact same range of emotions.

Henry and Oliver supporting each other

Brother Oliver and I have been supporting one another. We both know the other understands.

So again, sorry for the silence, but perhaps a moment of silence is perfectly appropriate given the circumstances. We will certainly not be silent on October 28th… the day the anniversary arrives. As hard as it will be, on that day we will pick ourselves up and say what needs to be said. I hope you will join us.

So Says Brother Henry

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Operation Knight Distraction Part II: The Distractors Are Distracted

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, I was trying to sneak out of the room and head up to Kitty Valhalla, but I was drawn back in when Thomas suddenly executed a perfect Super Wheelie. I couldn’t leave after that. I had to get in close to see what would happen next. And what happened was, on the next pass of the Artificial Bird, Thomas shouted, “Hallelujah Paw Raise!”, and then did what he had said.

Thomas Halleluja Paw Raise

Next, Thomas performed an amazing Hallelujah Paw Raise.

Continue reading


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We Have Lost Mama Cat

Disciples of Otis,

My name is Kevin. My wife Julie and I are the Guardians that, until today, have chosen to remain in the background of The Cult of Otis. I can’t do that today though. Not after what has happened. I cannot write a story through this pain.

Yesterday morning, Julie was sitting on the couch and Mama Cat was resting next to her. Suddenly, Mama Cat began to show signs of discomfort and distress. We rushed her to our veterinarian and then received a steady stream of bad news all day as the results of blood work, x-rays and other diagnostics came in.  Mama Cat was dying.

Mama Cat in front window

We had no warning that Mama Cat was even ill. This is her playing in the front window less than two weeks ago.

A day that started like any other ended with us having to say our final goodbyes to Mama Cat, and that day came before our tears for Otis have even had a chance to stop, let alone dry. We are both in shock.

I know this news causes you pain as well, and for that I am truly sorry. There is some comfort to be found in the thought that Mama Cat spent her final 5 months safe, warm, and loved, but it is too early for us to fully embrace that comfort. Right now it just hurts.

Mama Cat window reflection

She was such a beautiful girl.

The pain of the loss is also too acute to see beyond to what this means for The Cult of Otis blog and website. Julie and I still believe in the mission and the message, but it was difficult continuing after losing Otis, and it feels even more daunting now that we have lost Mama Cat as well.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I want to thank you all for you kindness, love, and support, especially over the past few months. Your cards, your words, your thoughts, and your prayers have been bright spots during a very dark time.

I also want to invite you all to help keep the message alive. There are more than 1,100 posts in the Blog of Otis archives. If you find ones that you like, please share them with others. The newly redesigned Cult of Otis website will remain up as well, and it contains the Teachings of Otis that are woven throughout the stories in the blog.

Mama Cat window reflection

Please help keep the message alive. There are many more cats out there that need help.

Thanks again for reading, for caring, and for helping to create a world in which cats are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth the Guardians


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Leader Otis: Spring 2006 – October 28, 2013

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. On Monday, October 28, just after 3 pm Pacific time, Leader Otis was laying in a comfortable bed on the couch. Sun was streaming in through the windows, and rainbow shinies cast by a crystal in the window danced all around the room. One Guardian sat on the couch next to Leader Otis, and the other sat on a chair facing the couch. They held hands, stroked The Leader’s fur, and gave Him gentle kisses on the head. One of the kind doctors that had helped Leader Otis throughout His long illness sat on a chair facing Him, and his assistant sat on the opposite side of Leader Otis from the Guardians.

After having said their goodbyes earlier, Brother Henry, Mama Cat, and Thomas had left the room. Only I remained. I sat between the Guardians and looked upon the face of The Leader for the last time as the doctor performed the compassionate act. The transition was so swift and so gentle it was nearly undetectable. With one last kiss on the forehead, and a whispered goodbye from the Guardians, Leader Otis let go. Bathed in sunlight He departed this world, surrounded by the love and gratitude of those fortunate enough to have shared His life.

Leader Otis

Leader Otis departed while bathed in sunlight and surrounded by love.

A few days before His passing, Leader Otis entrusted Me with His final message. Just writing it down has proven to be one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, but I will relay it to you soon. For now, I just want you to know that all of us here at The Cult of Otis cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support during this most difficult time. We have read every one of your comments and have received great comfort from them. We feel the love, and we return it to you with all of our feline and human hearts.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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