Operation Knight Distraction Part II: The Distractors Are Distracted

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, I was trying to sneak out of the room and head up to Kitty Valhalla, but I was drawn back in when Thomas suddenly executed a perfect Super Wheelie. I couldn’t leave after that. I had to get in close to see what would happen next. And what happened was, on the next pass of the Artificial Bird, Thomas shouted, “Hallelujah Paw Raise!”, and then did what he had said.

Thomas Halleluja Paw Raise

Next, Thomas performed an amazing Hallelujah Paw Raise.

Thomas then ran over by the couch, got into a Squatting Tiger stance, and shouted, “Forepaws of Fury!” He then proceeded to rapidly swat the artificial bird with his forepaws.

Thomas Kitty Fu

Thomas assumed a Squatting Tiger position and unleashed his Forepaws of Fury.

Quickly, Thomas repositioned himself in the center of the room, and as the bird passed again he went airborne shouting, “Dragon Kick!” I could not look away.

Thomas Dragon Kick

Thomas moved to the middle of the room and pulled off an amazing Dragon Kick.

After landing the Dragon Kick Thomas paused for a moment. It looked as if he was turning inward, calling upon something deep within him. I heard Brother Oliver say, “Brother Henry! I think he’s going to do it!” After that, several things happened at once. I felt Brother Oliver plow into me from behind, and I fell to the floor. The small camera that Brother Oliver was carrying in his mouth was knocked free and went sailing across the room. just as it passed Sir Thomas, Thomas yelled, “FLYING SQUIRREL!”, and launched himself skyward. the camera hit the ground underneath him and went off, immortalizing the moment.

Thomas Flying Squirrel

Brother Oliver knocked me over. His camera flew across the room and caught this image of Sir Thomas as he launched into the sky.

Sir Thomas landed, but it was clear he wasn’t done yet. Brother Oliver rushed over and grabbed his camera as Thomas let out another shout of “FLYING SQUIRREL!”

Thomas Flying Squirrel 2

Brother Oliver grabbed his camera just as Sir Thomas launched again.

Again Thomas landed and again he yelled, “FLYING SQUIRREL!”

Thomas Flying Squirrel 3

Thomas launched himself skyward for the third time.

Mustering up what must have been the last of his reserves, Sir Thomas let out one last shout of “FLYING SQUIRREL!”, and then flew for the fourth time.

Thomas Flying Squirrel 3

Thomas performed his fourth Flying Squirrel in a row.

As he landed the fourth Flying Squirrel, Sir Thomas assumed a sitting position. After expending all that energy, I thought he would go straight to laying down, but our resident knight did not even appear to be winded. The fire that had appeared in his eyes just before his amazing display of cathletiscism still burned, and Brother Oliver and I were completely in awe of him. Brother Oliver finally broke the silence by saying, “Sir Thomas? Where did THAT come from!?” Sir Thomas replied with four simple words, “Long live The Queen!”

Thomas serious face

Thomas replied with four simple words, “Long live The Queen!”

After making his statement, Sir Thomas got up and exited the room. Neither Brother Oliver nor I even acknowledged that we had just missed our opportunity to investigate Kitty Valahalla. We were too overwhelmed by what we had just witnessed to care. I said, “Brother Oliver… do you think it’s possible that… could he have been somehow tapping into her spirit? I mean…”

Brother Oliver interrupted my thought saying, “Brother Henry, all I know is I have never seen anything like that except when she was still with us. Even that look in his eyes at the end… that fierceness… I…” Brother Oliver trailed off into silence for a moment and then continued, “I don’t know what we just saw Brother Henry, but I only have one thing to say about it.” And as Brother Oliver said it, I joined him. In one voice we loudly proclaimed, “Long live The Queen!”

So Says Brother Henry

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16 responses to “Operation Knight Distraction Part II: The Distractors Are Distracted

  1. Long Live the Queen, indeed! And Long Live the Cult of Otis!!

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Long Live the Queen!

    Perhaps we now have some idea of what has been going on in Kitty Valhalla?

  3. Ahhhhh…Sir T indeed channeled Mamma Cat…no one can do 4 perfect Flying Squirrels in a row without The Queen’s spirit inside, guiding them. Sir Thomas and The Queen had a very special bond that will not disappear. LLTQ!!!!!

  4. Jenn

    Long live Her Majesty, Mama Cat!

  5. sandy921

    That was incredible! With Sir Thomas’ dedication to guarding the Queen, it only makes sense that she instilled some of her spirit in him. No one else can do a Flying Squirrl like Mama Cat…well, except maybe Sir Thomas now.

  6. HOLY CARP!!!

    We thought of Mama Cat right away too…

  7. randomfelines

    Long live the Queen!! Indeed

  8. rhiannonpaine

    Way to bring tears to my eyes, you guys. I was thinking of Mama Cat too, and how proud she’d be of her protege and protector. It’s true, her spirit lives on.

  9. Batya Harlow

    What a beautiful homage to Mama Cat. She would be so proud, and so would Leader Otis. I miss them. ♥♥♥

  10. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    We never really lose those that we love and are inspired by. The Queen will forever be a part of each of our hearts. Sir Thomas just has a bigger part! Leader Otis has instilled his spirit as well evidenced by the caring help everyone tries to spread.

  11. Heather

    Long Live the Queen!

  12. We iz pawstruck by da beeutee n purrcishun of Sir Thomas’ cathletickz!!
    **whispurrz** “Yer amazin Sir T….simplee amazin..”
    We finkz Momma Kat did possess Sir T fer a bit dere n gave him such strnegth n courage!!!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤
    Pee ess: Da pix are furabuluss too….

  13. smseattle


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  15. msphoebecat

    I DO believe Mama Cat’s spirit was channeling through Sir Thomas– WHO else could do a perfect series of Flying Squirrels like that?! Mama Cat was the world record cat champion, and remains undefeated!

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