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Rough Days

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Thomas and Brother Oliver both asked me to pass along their apologies for the recent silence here on The Blog of Otis. I apologize as well, but I also assure you that there is good reason for the lack of posts. You see, we are only one week away from an extremely difficult anniversary, and we are having a difficult time coping with the weight of that day. Poor Sir Thomas has withdrawn a bit and has been spending his time moping on the steps to Kitty Valhalla. He says he would go all the way up to Valhalla to mope, but he’s still a little freaked out about the place after the events of a few weeks ago.

Thomas withdrawn

Thomas is moping on the steps to Valhalla because he is too freaked out to mope in actual Valhalla.

Brother Henry and I have been doing our best to support Thomas, but we’ve also been supporting one another as we pass through some very rough days. We’ve had our squabbles as Brothers always do, but right now we are finding great comfort in each other’s company knowing that we are both going through the exact same range of emotions.

Henry and Oliver supporting each other

Brother Oliver and I have been supporting one another. We both know the other understands.

So again, sorry for the silence, but perhaps a moment of silence is perfectly appropriate given the circumstances. We will certainly not be silent on October 28th… the day the anniversary arrives. As hard as it will be, on that day we will pick ourselves up and say what needs to be said. I hope you will join us.

So Says Brother Henry

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Seeing Things From A Different Perspective

My Disciples,

As I was recovering from My latest catnip bananrama, I felt Myself falling back into despair again about the state of felinekind. Brother Oliver noticed My gloominess and said, “Leader Otis, I know things look pretty grim and that it seems almost impossible to herd humans, but please don’t lose hope. There are many people out there who do care about kitty health, happiness and safety. I think you just need to look at things from a different perspective. Then you might feel better.”

Brother Oliver’s pep talk was pretty convincing, so I decided to take his advice. I was laying on top of the big cat tree with drawers at the time, but I pulled Myself over to the edge and hung My head over to look at things from a different perspective. At first, it didn’t look very different, but the longer I held My head over the more things started to change. Soon it seemed like everything had turned all upside-downy! I really was seeing things from a different perspective!

Otis Different Perspective

Brother Oliver said I should look at things from a different perspective, so I did. It looked all upside-downy.

I wasn’t really sure what kind of a difference seeing things all upside-downy would make, but I gave it a good try. Soon, My head started to feel funny. I decided to try a different perspective again and moved until things seemed more sidewaysy than upside-downy.

Otis Different Perspective 2

After my head started to feel funny from seeing things upside-downy, I decided to give sidewaysy a try.

At first, Sidewaysy didn’t really feel like it was any more effective than upside-downy, but then something amazing happened. One of the Guardians came into the room and said, “Otis, you are being so freaking cute! Do you want a chicken treat?” It was at that moment that I fully realized the true power of seeing things from a different perspective. I had given it a try and it had made a difference! It had made things much better for the state of felinekind. My change in perspective had convinced a human to do something extremely nice for a kitty! Brother Oliver was right. I felt much better!

So Sayeth Otis

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Brother Henry Gets the Rainy Day Blues

My Disciples,

Yesterday was a very rainy day here in Seattle.  This isn’t unusual, of course, but with the construction of My New Outdoor Domain now complete, Brother Henry was especially saddened by the fact that the rain wasn’t allowing us to enjoy the outdoors.  He was moping next to Silver Rock and I laid down next to him to try to console him.

Brother Henry looks depressed as Otis lies next to him.

Brother Henry was depressed that the rain was preventing us from enjoying My Outdoor Domain. I tried to console him.

I told Brother Henry that we had many more days ahead of us enjoying My Outdoor Domain.  There was no need to let one rainy day get him down.  He was committed to being sad though, and he grumbled, got up and headed upstairs to Valhalla to pout on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness.  I on the other hand decided to find the positive in being stuck indoors by doing something that I greatly enjoy that cannot be done in My Outdoor Domain.  I jumped up on the arm of the couch and went to work with My claws.

Otis clawing the couch

I decided to make the best of a bad situation and do something fun that I can't do in My Outdoor Domain.

Now, you would think the Guardians would have been thrilled to see that I was maintaining a positive attitude in spite of the rain.  Instead, when they saw Me enjoying My wholesome indoor activity they said, “Otis!  Stop that!”  One of them then picked Me up and placed Me in front of My scratching post as if they thought I had forgotten it was there.  If I wanted to scratch My post, I would have scratched My post!  Needless to say, this insolent action by the Guardians put a damper on My whole day.  I decided to go upstairs and see if Brother Henry had any extra room for Me on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness.  When I arrived in Valhalla Brother Henry was running around like a mad cat, batting a sparkly ball to and fro and laughing his head off.  I decided to go back downstairs to mope on the couch.  Brother Henry is a puzzling cat.

So Sayeth Otis

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