I’m Having A Perfect Moment

My Disciples,

I’m having a perfect moment. I just finished having a snack. I made My way to the couch and, since jumping up there is very difficult for Me these days, I signaled to the Guardian who was sitting there to give Me a lift. As he plopped Me down on the cushion next to him, I guess I was feeling the fall chill in the air because I shivered a little. The Guardian, said, “Are you cold Oat?” and then proceeded to do the best thing in the history of everything ever. He wrapped Me in a warm scarf and placed Me on the Mystical Mat of Toastiness!

Otis perfect moment

The Guardian wrapped Me in a scarf and placed Me on the Mystical Mat of Toastiness!

So here I am, having a perfect moment. A perfect, toasty, moment. It’s sooooo nice. I… I…ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

So Sayeth Otis

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23 responses to “I’m Having A Perfect Moment

  1. Now that’s a cat in perfect luxury. RC totally approves and sends a soft warming look.

  2. My Person has been using her Electric Blanket of Comfort at night. I love it! You look so cosy and comfortable Otis. My purrs to you. Selleck and His Person, Emily. 🙂

  3. Sandy

    That is perfection – happy Saturday Otis : )

  4. That is a magical moment for sure ….and ahem…”Oat”… hope you are toasty warm now

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    You look very content wrapped in a cozy scarf and snuggling upon the mystical mat of toastiness. We think we’ll have to go find our own cozy spot to snuggle. We’ll call today Snuggly Saturday in your honor, Leader Otis! Snuggle on!

  6. Batya Harlow

    If ever there were a picture of the word cozy, it is this one of you, wrapped in that snuggly scarf. You deserve perfect moments and I wish you many, many more. Nap on, Leader Otis.

  7. That looks wonderful . Enjoy your well deserved nap.

  8. CindyD

    A perfect moment for a perfect cat!!! Enjoy~

  9. That looks great, Leader Otis.

  10. That is much better than clothes fresh out of a dryer!! Enjoy the toastiness dear Leader!!

  11. Love the ‘toasted oats’ comment…that was great Karen!!! Leader Otis you look purrfectly catented & Nylalbue & I are so happy you are that comfortable!! Your Guardians are wonderful as are you.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

  12. Otis, I can hear you purring from here! This adorable picture should be on a calendar.

  13. Beautiful and snuggly a lovely moment captured on film 🙂 Sweet dreams Otis 🙂 xx

  14. From now on, whenever I see the phrase “toasted oats” I’ll think of Otis wrapped in a brown scarf and lying on the Mystical Mat. A lovely picture. Thanks, Karen.

  15. Sam

    My mum used to do something like this for my big sister, Jessica, when she got old and sick. She is now at Rainbow Bridge.

  16. Oh this made me tearful you are so gorgeous x

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