This Will Be Hard, But I Need To Tell You

My Disciples,

I need to tell you something. This news is not easy for Me to share, and it will not be easy for you to hear. After much discussion with My Inner Circle and many, many tears from the Guardians, I decided that I should be the one to share it.

Otis sharing the bad news

This is not easy news to share. I wish it was not so.

As you know, I have been struggling with unexplained muscle weakness for several months now. I have made countless trips to The Bad Place and have been tested from head to toe, but no answers have been forthcoming… until now.

We received the results of a test called a “muscle and nerve biopsy”. For the test, the good people at the Bad Place took a little piece of muscle from along My spine and thoroughly examined it in a lab. They found that I have what they call a “degenerative process” happening to My muscles and nerves. They did not find any indication that it was caused by any kind of infection or toxin. They also did not find any evidence that it was caused by an “autoimmune disorder”. Their conclusion was that the cause is most likely genetic.

What this means is that they cannot treat My problem. This degeneration will continue until the day when the Guardians of Otis have to make the hardest decision there is for a Guardian. They will have to decide when it is time. Until that day I know they will do everything in their power to keep Me happy, and comfortable, and surrounded by love.

Otis and Oliver on couch, 080213-3

The Guardians are keeping Me safe and comfortable. The Brothers are helping.

I want you to know, My Disciples, that although My body is weak, My spirit is not. I remain committed to the mission of ensuring that all kitties are happy, healthy, and safely confined despite My waning strength. As long as I am able, I will continue to spread The Good Word, and The Brothers, Sir Thomas, and the Guardians will carry on in My name after I have departed.

So today is not “goodbye”, My Disciples, but it is an acknowledgement that our time together will be shorter than I had hoped. Let us make the most of whatever time we have left together, and let us all join as one to make the world a better, safer place for all feline-kind.

So Sayeth Otis

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86 responses to “This Will Be Hard, But I Need To Tell You

  1. Oh, how heartbreaking. Do you believe in heaven, Otis? You will be there.

  2. OH NO OTIS!! I can’t begin with words to say how sorry I am about your condition. Please know that you have touched and are continuing to touch so many of us here. We love you so very much! I know your Guardians will do everything within their power to make things good for you. If you need anything, just reach out and touch this pig. I’ll be there always. XOXO – Bacon

  3. 2 cats

    Oh Otis you made me cry at work, such sad news

  4. Breaking hearts for me, Dad and Mom…we will be with Leader Otis forever…even once you have to leave for The Bridge…we will continue in your name to work with Brothers and Sir Thomas to make this world more caring of all felines. Perhaps it will ease the Guardians to learn that as they share this information, we also just learned a pretty panther kitty named Mary aka MJ, in England was adopted finally. I have been working hard to get her a home and just learned even tho she has been diagnosed with diabetes, she has a new Mom who will love her forever. Paw hugs, Savvy

  5. Erin

    Dear Guardians of Leader Otis,

    Stand strong and know that we are all here behind you. I have made that decision for two cats now, and while it was hard for me, it was the right thing to do. You will know when it’s time for Leader Otis. Hugs from Michigan and purrs from Ruthie, Brandie, and Bella–and even sympathetic licks from our wiener dog, Taffy.

  6. oh this is extremely sad news but Otis we are here fighting with you honey xxx Big furry hugs from your friends in UK

  7. Otis, I am crying tears for you and the brothers and the Guardians. I was so hoping it was something else, anything but this. Sending prayers and head bumps and so much love from Iowa. Starting right this minute, we will be praying constantly for a miracle for you, sweet boy.

  8. Sherry Narens

    Sad news from a strong heart. This world is filled with many things, and pain so often accompanies joy. Warm thoughts to you, Leader Otis. And to your Guardians.

  9. Otis, my heart goes out to your Guardians and siblings. It is the hardest part of being a Guardian, but you are so fortunate to be surrounded by love on your journey.

  10. Otis, we are so glad you found your human guardians and are surrounded by their love and care. This will not be easy for anyone, but we know you will set the finest example of a leader and proceed with grace and dignity. We send our purrs of support to your household.

  11. Leader Otis and Guardians, we offer you much sympathy and support and love for the time together. Every minute is precious. We admire your collective strength and have every paw crossed that your time is long and healthy xx

  12. Darling Otis, a stranger in California has just shed many tears for you. The image of your sweet face and glowing green eyes, and your message of compassion and care for kitties, have reached down the West Coast, across your country, and over the seas. Because of your life, short as it may be, other lives will be saved and kitties will be spared suffering. I think it’s another of your miracles that, in addition to the love of the best possible Guardians and your stalwart Brothers, you also have a gallant Knight and now even a Mama Cat for company. You also have the love of your many disciples, including mine, always.

  13. Otis, You will warm our flinty little hearts whether You are here on Earth or in Kitty Valhalla. We love You and love never fades. We are purring that You won’t deteriorate too quickly, and that You have no pain. We know You will have the best of care. Rest assured we will continue the Good Work.

    XX The Lounge Kats

  14. I’m very sorry to hear about the prognosis for Otis. May it be a long time before the situation gets too bad.

  15. Dear Leader, such sad news. After some tears, I couldn’t find many words that would truly be approprate for this moment, I’m sorry. I want you to know, however, that I will be here for you always and will love you forever!

  16. This is really sad news Otis, I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. But you’re a beautiful, smart boy and your time spent here, doing your work, is not in vain. All you have to do is look to Thomas and Mama Cat to see the good you’ve done. Stay strong and remember that you’re loved always 🙂

  17. cgw&kitties

    Dear friend Otis. My heart and thoughts are with you and your family, human and feline. You are a brave and exceptional soul. We are with you during this difficult time.

  18. CindyD

    Dear Guardians:
    We all wish times like this would never come, but they come to all of us who love. Whether it’s our love of people or love of our furry friends, we want them to be with us forever. Sadly, that can’t be, but we will continue to love. Love is worth the price. Otis will continue to love us, as we all will continue to love him…whether he’s with us or across the Rainbow Bridge. When the day comes, my furries, Pearl, Missy and Amy will welcome him as they wait for the rest of us to join them. Stay strong and continue to love.

  19. Oh dear Otis…we know that this is so difficult for you, the brothers, Sir Thomas and Mama Cat, not to mention the Guardians. Please know our purrs are with you, and all of them and that you know how much you are loved.
    Harry, Dexter, Willow and Tipp

  20. Linda Koch

    Dear sweet, beautiful Otis, we are so very, very sorry to hear your sad news. I can only imagine how difficult this is for your loving Guardians, the Brothers, Sir Thomas and Momma Cat. Know that we love you all and will purr for you In hopes that you will live without pain or fear. We will always be here for you and the ones you love and we will continue to work with all of you to spread the Good Word. We’ve loved several kitties who’ve crossed the bridge and I know Merlin, Sniglet, Toot, Bomber and Nefer will be waiting to welcome you with hugs and purrs when that day comes. Much love, purrs and hugs to all of you.

    Linda, David, Lola, Griffon and Luna

  21. Oh, sweet Otis, I am so sorry to hear this news. Please keep fighting for as long as you can…we love you!!!

  22. merbear74

    Love you dear Otis.

  23. ena

    having recently made this hard decision for my own kitty, I know that the Guardians will do everything they can to keep you happy for as long as possible. But the road until then will be bittersweet. They will be in my prayers.

  24. What?!? I never actually thought that it would come to. to this. I am very sympathetic for your Guardians, Otis, and I want to tell them how sorry I am. But what will we do without you?

    Like I said, I’m really sorry for you guys, and I hope that it will not be too much heart-ache for the Guardians (or for us)!


  25. mistletoeandhitch

    Sweet Leader Otis, our HuMom’s searching for the words to express how much we enjoy reading about your and the Cult of Otis’s exploits. You have been a wise leader and we are sure you have many lessons still to teach us. When the time comes for you to leave for Summerland, we will do our best to offer the Guardians the support they will need because the saddest, most difficult job falls to them. Thank you for sharing the truth with us and allowing us to be part of the Cult of Otis.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  26. JackieP

    So very sorry to hear the news Otis. I am a newer disciple but have fallen for all of you. Your good work will be carried on in your name Otis I am sure. You will never be forgotten, and I hope it will be a while yet before your Guardians have to make that painful decision. My animals always let me know when it was time. You in your cat wisdom will let them know also. Hugs and nose kisses.

  27. My eyes are welling with tears Otis. I am so sad to hear this news.

  28. Oatis and Guardians- I’m just some dude on the internet and this might not carry much weight or anything, but I and my crew at Plummy Press are feeling your pain and we’ll be here on the internets with you guys. We love ya, Otis.

  29. Joy

    We’ll stay strong for you Otis… Waaaaaahhhhh!

  30. This saddens me greatly. I’m so sorry.

  31. Leaky eyes here as well, but I make it a point never to grieve until after the passing. I shall be happy while you are still with us, and once you are physically gone I shall be sad. I hope that day is far far away, but I am certain your Guardians will make the absolute right call on that one.

    Remember, you do not need to be here in physical form to still do good in this world.(think Obi-Wan Kenobi)

    We are all with you sending our purrs..

  32. Stay strong for us, Leader Otis. We shall for you.

  33. Every day is a gift Otis! I’m thankful you’ve had such great Guardians to take care of you and give you the stress free life you deserve. You have lasted much longer in their care than you would have outside. Just know that we are thinking about you, your brothers, Mama, and most especially your Guardians. Take care of yourself! Love, Becca, Steve, Romeo & Juliet

  34. Oh dear ::tears:: we are very saddened to hear this news Otis, but we hope that eventual day is a long, long way off. We love you!

  35. Sandy

    Dear Otis,
    Your lessons and wisdom will last longer than your physical body, but I strongly feel that you will be among us still to watch over your guardians and friends and remind us of the good word. Love is that strong.
    Sending you love and prayers, sandy

  36. I’m so sad. Leader Otis, your courage and wisdom have made the world a better place for all kitties. May your wisdom continue to guide your Guardians to that most difficult decision.

  37. Dear Otis
    Our mom has leaky eyes for you and your Guardians. We know they will do their best to keep you comfortable, and that they and your brothers will comfort you and love you. You are all fortunate to have each other.

  38. Purrs to you and all your family Leader Otis. We hope that your time is long with us but we know that the Guardians will do what is best for you to make sure you aren’t in pain.

  39. Dear Otis, as all of us cats know, there’ll be a day when the Creator Cat calls upon us and tells us it’s time to go to the Home of Eternity, This, we cannot escape. But, being cats and therefore already Divine, the links between us and our Guardians and friends will last forever and they will never break! We will travel between the Worlds as we always have, and keep our loved ones safe and secure – in strong faith that we will wait for them on the other side of the Bridge, to meet again.
    As I tell my readers in Sweden, : The Purr if a loving heart will never end!
    Wish you a lot of joyful moments of Life still to share with us, though! ❤
    Purrs, Wikki

  40. This is so sad Leader Otis, for all us and specially for your family. So so sorry to hear this news from you. Enjoy every single day as you do. Purrs to you and the rest of the family.

  41. MJ

    You are truly a Leader, Otis. Life is uncertain, good things end, and grace and patience are required to weather bad times. You have set an admirable example of embracing life in the Promised Land and saving other kitties from Limbo, so the impact of your life is already much greater than your physical size or whatever the length of your life may be. Your heart and mission remain strong and true, and the good work that you have done, and consciousness you have raised for Limbo Kitties, will continue to spread far and wide. May you be comfortable and peaceful and continue to inspire your Brothers, Mama, and your Guardians to spread your message of love and Capture. Comfort your Guardians with purrs for the work they have ahead of them.

  42. Batya Harlow

    Did not want to read this post. Heartbreaking news. Much love to you, dear Otis, the Brothers, Sir Thomas, Mama Cat, and the Guardians. Long live Otis! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  43. Leigh

    Leader Otis, the Brothers, Thomas and the Guardians we are so said to hear this news. May the Leader still have many happy days before him and may he continue to spread his Good Word to help other kitties. We send our love.

    Leigh, Atosha and Bastet

  44. Leader Otis, we’re so very saddened by this news. Our hearts go out to your Guardians, who must be devastated. We know they’ll take good care of you and keep you happy, and the rest of us will continue to spread your good word.

  45. DJFuzzyK

    Our thoughts are with you, your fellow felines and your Guardians, Otis. Your words, wisdom and spirit are an inspiration to everyone you encounter and we’re truly fortunate and thankful to have you in our lives. Our strength and support are available to you and the Guardians as you navigate this difficult road. Please know that you’re all in our thoughts and purrs, now and always.

    Sonja, Fuzz, Bean, Hicks Oscar and Emerson

  46. Nijinsky Cat

    Purrs Leader Otis. Your spirit is strong and it has burned brightly thus far. we are all stronger and more enlightened for it. May you be in peace be happy for your remaining days here and I know that your humans will make the correct decision at the correct time. Do not be sad. Have as many catnip bananas as you wish!! Thank you for being a wise leader.

  47. Dear Leader Otis,
    So very sorry to hear of your condition. I know the Rainbow Bridge is a very lovely place but it’s also very hard to share our love with you once you cross it.
    Dear Guardians,
    There may not be anything that can cure The Leader’s ailment but perhaps this could help to ease any pain?

    My heart goes out to you all.

  48. Leader Otis, we are sorry to hear this news. But we know the Guardians will do what’s best for you. And we know you spirit is strong. We will purr for you. There is power in the purr.

  49. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    All the words we wanted to say have been said. You, Your brothers and sisters and Your wonderful Guardians will be in our purrs daily. We can’t express how very, very sorry we are to hear this news.

  50. Arggg, this is not what any of us want to hear. You are a beacon for kitties on the the outside everywhere. You and Oliver and Henry, Sir Thomas and Momma Kitty are the voices of so many kitties. We hope that while there aren’t to be as many days as you, and we, hoped for that you enjoy the heck out of each one. We promis to continue your mission when the time comes.

    Love and purrs,
    Lizzie & 2 kitties

  51. To the Guardians: Stay strong. I know all too well the heartache this brings. I only hope for the Leader’s remaining time to be long and pawsperous. We are all hoping for the best for you and for the Brothers, and of course Sir Thomas and Mama Cat. Cherish your time together. Take lots of pictures. And never stop spreading the Good Word.

  52. Jack

    I have no words to express the sadness I am feeling right now. My thoughts are with you all.

    Sadie, Fluff, Itty, and Little Boy

  53. Leaky eyes and heavy hearts here Brother Otis..with love and hugs we send to you all the best and will be thinking daily of you and your Guardians ..never any words really.none love and love Fozziemum and all the gang xxxxxxxxxxx

  54. Oh Otis. That is the saddest news of all. May you enjoy the days you have and rest easy when the time comes.
    Blessed Be.

  55. Oh, Leader Otis me and my mama are so sad to hear this. Our hearts hurt. You are very strong and uncomplaining, a true Leader.We know your Guardians are devastated…but we know that you will help them to make decisions as they are needed. We are praying and purring for all of you.

  56. I wish I knew what to say, I’m so sorry. Enjoy your peaceful days, I know the kitty clan will keep watch over you.

  57. I’m so sorry to hear this, Otis. Hugs and purrs to you and the Guardians.

  58. Angie

    Praying that God will intervene and heal your body little one. You have touched so many lives, let us all touch yours. God is good and faithful to those that believe, I believe that he can heal you. You are a good soul and a strong soul. May you continue to share your world with us as long as possible. God bless you, your followers, your brothers and especially your guardians whom are angels I my eyes.

  59. Otis, I am so very sorry to hear this news, and your eloquent and beautiful words make me cry. The work you, the Brothers, Sir Thomas, and the Guardians do make the world a much better place. Thank you for everything! Nymeria and I send you all of our love and purrs. xx

  60. Otis – so eloquently said for us the lesser species. Cats are wise in the ways of the universe and life. We shall treasure all shared moments and purr the warmth and comfort of friendship. Here and now are gifts. Soft cheek pats, we offer.

  61. Heather

    How sad Otis. That is one problem w/ falling in love w/ internet cat blogs; no one lives forever and it is heartbreaking when such a special cat must go to the rainbow bridge. I bawled when it was Fin’s turn from Housecat Confidential to leave us and I assure you that I’m tearing up now. I am praying for you and the Guardians who must be terribly stressed out and sick with worry.

    On a more positive note, I love your terminology of shadow cats, limbo cats, and being swept up in the capture. We have started using it at my local animal rescue group and for some reason, community members and local politicians seem to understand everything much better now. So, you have been a big influence and have made a difference for us and the animals we’ve helped along the way.

  62. Squishy

    Otis, you are a brave and resourceful Leader. You have trained the brothers well, and they will continue your mission. I know the Guardians will spend many hours with you in the coming days & weeks. I hope you Purr daily!
    As the Guardians struggle to know what is best, be assured that the many Disciples understand that you will tell them when it is time for you to begin a new adventure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking on this mission and sharing your presence with us all.

  63. Oh my. Really, we may be able to help; we’ve helped other kitties and..well, dogs, too. And donkeys. And parrots! While we know the cycles of life and change are natural and mostly we are filled with admiration for you and your loyal Followers, Helpers, and Wonderful Guardians, still. We might be able to be of some service. ?? Meantime, a big paw salute.

  64. Very saddened to hear this news dear Otis. As you know, you are in the best place you can be surrounded by a strong supporting group with love from many around the world. Make the most of your time and rest assured your message has been heard loud and clear.

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  66. CRAP CRAP CRAP Leader Otis!! Sherri-Ellen here typing thru the tears!!! I am so sorry this situation will not improve….I can imagine how The Guardians are agonizing over this (as I am over Nylablue). I have not told Nylablue about your blog yet…she will be very sad.
    Nylablue is on ‘borrowed time’ here too being on the Depomedrol & I do not know how much time she has either….Guardians we are in this together & you can email me any time for advice & support!!!
    Leader Otis we all love you beyond words & what you stand for & promise to always take care of the Shadow cats & bring them into the a safe world indoors filled with love & comfort….
    Your faithful servants, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  67. Eeeowww Leader Otis…diz zi Nylablue here…Mum just told me da newz. In da short time we have bin conneckted here me haz learned so much frum ya. N seein Momma Kat swept up n lubbin bein dere wif all of ya haz taught me dat all Katz deserve a second chance fer a guud life n me will not bug Mum when she doez kitteh rescue…
    As fer ya make da most of each hour of each day…me speekz frum xperience as me iz not shure how long me haz left also. Ya have Sir Thomas n Da Brotherz n da Guardianz n Momma dere to LUB n care fer ya n dey ALL lub ya bery much!!! Dere lub will give ya strength to carry on….
    Mum sayz she wishez dere were more kittehz n Hu’Manz here wif me to encourage me…but me sayz dere are all da bloggiez 2 n 4 leggedz who lub me n dat givez me hope n strength….
    Leader O. we iz IN DIZ TOGETHER!!!! Me iz purrayin fer ya. KATGOD iz watchin over us both n we will stay til it iz time to go right???
    Much Lub n Respeckt frum yer sirvent Nylablue i<3

  68. Leader Otis, you and you family are in our thoughts and and purrs. This news is so very sad. But we will be here for you and your guardians. We are so sorry.

  69. Jenn

    Dearest Otis, although I’ve never met you I’ve come to know and care about you from your blog and I’ve shed tears over your sad news. I’m so grateful that the Guardians rescued you all those years ago and gave you this life of bliss and love and that you’ve used it to spread awareness of other kitties in need. All who read this blog love you and we send you our best wishes and gentlest pats during what time you have left with us.

  70. emilykarn

    Dear Otis, such sad news. Our Person did the wet eye thing when she read this post. We are sending purrs to you, hope you can be comfortable for as long as possible. Our Person knows what a hard decision your Guardians face. She had to send one of her other cats on to the bridge because she was dying slowly and in great pain. It still broke her heart. Good fortune! Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person Emily.

  71. Oh Otis 😦 😦 😦 there are no words, only tears. But blogs only hear words. My heart goes out to you all, especially the Guardians. You have touched so many hearts all over the world and will continue to do so even after you have become a saint. I have no more words 😦

  72. I’m so sorry to hear this news but I know that your Guardians will do their best to make the time you have left with them, your brothers, and us will be as comfortable and loving as possible. I am so glad I got to share this time with you via your blog. This must have been very hard for your humans to share.

  73. Oh Otis we is so sad to hear this. We knows how hard this must be for your Guardians and we hopes your time here on this side of the Bridge will be comfortable and pain free.
    You’ve been an inspiration to all kitties, and your brofurs, Sir Thomas and Mama Cat will continue to carry on your work.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  74. That is so hard to hear! We are grateful for every moment that you have left with your exceptional guardians – I’m sure you agree that they’ve given you a rich life, better than you could have had anywhere else in the world.

  75. I am so sorry that it is not better news, I have been keeping everything crossed for you!! Just sending you all a massive hug!!

  76. Alanna S

    I’m sorry to hear about the diagnosis. You are all in my thoughts and purrs.

  77. We are so, so sorry to hear this. Sending Leader Otis and the Guardians our biggest purrs, prayers and good thoughts.

  78. Ms. Phoebe

    Mwah!! *wipes sad tears away*
    Oh Leader Otis, my guardian and I have become loyal disciples and followers the past few months and cannot imagine any other Leader than mew here with us. When I was a young ladycat of three years and I adopted my human, I was very ill and she took me to doctors who did many tests and even exploratory surgery to determine what was wrong. It turns out I have a rare auto immune disorder called hyper ecinnophelia syndrome, and the level at which I was suffering they felt had been brought on by the fact I had recently delivered four baby kits.
    I too was like mew and dumped out in the country to fend for myself, yet was lucky to find some kind people like mewz guardians who took me in to help me give birth and then took all of us to our local no kill shelter to adopt humans.
    Had these kind people not took me in me and my babes would certainly have perished. Soon after my diagnosis I developed a wicked case of stomatitis where my teeth began to rot because I was allergic to the plaque on them. It was so painful I had to be force fed, but still had lost so much weight the surgery that could remove my teeth and save my life was too risky. Mom was devastated and upon seeing my pain and stress from being force fed, talked with my vet and made the difficult decision to help me to the Bridge the next day. We spent that night together, her telling me how much she loved and learned from me, even though our time together had been short. We fell asleep, Mom crying about the next day’s goodbye. To make a long story short, that next morning a miracle occurred: I went to my bowl and began to eat!
    After seeing this, Mom spoke to the vet and decided she had to give me more time. Over the next few weeks I continued to eat, put on weight, and could have my teeth removal surgery!
    Surgery was a success and I recovered wonderfully.
    Although I was doing well, the vet cautioned Mom that with the HES I would be lucky to see my 6th or 7th year. Mom said she understood and vowed to make the next few years my best. I knew better mew see, as last month I celebrated my 13th birthday!! Although the past ten years have had their ups and downs with my health due to my weak immune system: severe skin allergies, fluid build up and bloating in my belly, asthma, etc. I have done remarkably well and am known by Mom and people at the vet as a true miracle.
    My Mom also suffers from a genetic degenerative muscle disease she was born with. It is under the Muscular Dystrophy umbrella, but not a form of MD: centro nuclear myopathy.. It is very rare and there is no known family history of it, but recent research has found it is caused by a recessive gene both parents must carry, and her parents had no idea they were carriers. Mom has an older brother and 2 younger sisters who were born ‘normal’, so for whatever reason she was the chosen one. It did not really start to affect her too much until her early 20’s and she developed a bad case of pneumonia and was hospitalized 4 months. And then 3 more times for long periods of time. She has been well the last few years, but uses oxygen to help her weak lungs.
    My reason for sharing this is to let mew know that not every prognosis is set in stone– mewz spirit, support from family and friends, and alternative as well as western medicines and therapies can help and bring hope for an extended and comfortable life.
    Now for some important info that I recent read about and after reading mewz post today, immediately it came to mind. I don’t know if it can help mew, but I highly encourage mewz guardians to ask questions and look in to it.
    I’m sure mew and/or mew and the guardians have heard of the darling dwarf kitty Lil Bub? She has become a huge CelebriCAT with a movie about her, a new book out, and is an advoCAT for special needs kitties like herself, me, and mew.
    Recently Bub could no longer walk, and her dude was told little could be done and her days were numbered. A fan told him about a therapy out there that has shown promise in pets of all different disabilities and afflictions. With nothing to lose, he contacted the company and started Bub on a course of using the device. The result a few months later? BUB IS FREE OF PAIN AND WALKING SOME AGAIN!!
    I urge mew to contact the company and Bub’s dude to discuss how this might help mew. I know everyone is different, but if it can help mew be more comfy or give mew better quality of life, what can it hurt? Any $ it may cost, I know mewz disciples would be willing to help, and I would be happy to organize a fund. Info on the company and device, as well as Bub’s email is below.
    PLEASE keep me updated on what mew think and find out, I have a page on FB and my email is
    If mew need anything or have any other questions just drop me a line. 💗
    Hang in there my Leader, mew are loved by many. Purrrrrrr!!!

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  80. That is always hard to hear, but I am confident you will lead us through this valley as you have so far. I am sending lots of positive energy your way.

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