Squatting Tiger Week: Day 5- Leader Otis

My Disciples,

So far this week we have seen four different takes on the proper way to perform a Squatting Tiger pose. We’ve also had our share of controversy due to the strong opinions of the kitties involved in this competition. Well, today it’s my turn to weigh in, and to be honest, I kind of agree with Sir Thomas. In the past, I might have taken a more traditionalist approach to the Squatting Tiger pose like Brother Henry has, but ever since I began to struggle with My mobility, I realized that not all kitties are physically able to perform a “perfect” pose. I mean, I can’t even squat anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still channel My inner tiger. That being said, here is My modified take on the Squatting Tiger pose.

Otis tiger

I can’t squat anymore, so I have to do My own version of Squatting Tiger. I think it should still be acceptable.

There you have it. I may not be squatting, but I’m still a tiger. What Brother Henry? You think I should call it the Boxed Bobcat pose? Hmmm… I actually kind of like that… Anyway, you now have five entries to peruse, My Disciples. Come back tomorrow and we will have the vote that settles this Squatting Tiger issue once and for all!

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Squatting Tiger Week: Day 5- Leader Otis

  1. OMC, that is also a purrfect Kill Face…Mama Cat must have been very impressed And your rendition of the squatting Tiger I’d definitely allowed…I can see your hind legs are certainly squatting against the side of that box…pawsome Leader O!

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh dear, sweet Leader Otis. Our chest hurts as our hearts swell with joy and pride. Watching as you continue to embrace life with such delight and enthusiasm inspires us to look at our own hardships and trials in a new light. You are a splendid illustration of never giving up and taking delight in what can be done. Your example humbles us. You, Leader Otis, have shown us the best specimen of the Heart of a Tiger.

    We cast our vote for Leader Otis.

  3. Dear Otis, even though you are challenged by your limited mobility we think you portray the Spirit of the Squatting Tiger pose BEAUTIFULLY!. Purrs to you. Selleck, and His Person, Emily.

  4. Heather

    Otis, you’re handicatted (or differently catted) now. You’re allowed modifications. It’s the law!

    I truly was scared there for a moment. I see a total tiger! Claws–check. Paw of Doom–check. Fangs of Fury–check. Kill face–check. I’m truly impressed!

  5. Bless you, little tiger-hearted Otis. I agree that your Reclined Squatting Tiger is a valid variation on the theme, and perfect for grabbing those low-flying (or just plain pooped) crunchy birds. I won’t be home to vote for you tomorrow morning, so I’ll go ahead and cast my vote for you now. A solid win against stiff squatting competition.

  6. Batya Harlow

    I’m sorry to disagree with Brother Henry, but I think all 5 poses are excellent. There can’t be just one way to do the Squatting Tiger; that’s so limiting. Five poses . . . I would have to choose All of the above.

  7. All poses were excellent, but often imitated never duplicated, I say. My vote must go to Leader Otis.

  8. It’s a sideways hallelujah! Though boxed bobcat is a good name for it. I makes me very happy to see you take part.

  9. Sandy

    Side swiping tiger maybe – and those claws! Oh my, you are the definition of fury there Leader Otis.

  10. You are a ferocious tiger, Leader Otis! Well done!!

  11. Dear Leader O, If you wanted to hide beneath a bush to be able to sneak attack the crunchy birds, that is a perfect pose!! You would have to be low to the ground, sideways as it were. To still perform the pose with such fervor shows you are a true Tiger at heart. I too will have to cast my vote for you. Strike on glorious Leader!!

  12. That is a ferocious tiger face Otis!

  13. ldrew1

    Great modification of the pose. You may be lying on the outside, but inside I bet you are squatting. My sister says you are very handsome.

  14. Completely and totally awesome! Mobility problems or not, you still rock Otis!

  15. Leader Otis diz iz why ya IZ DA LEADER!!! Ya iz trulee da BEST ever…we iz so con-flicked how we will vote tomorrow….*scratchez head* We go fink fer awhile!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  16. Unexpected Tiger..Stealth tiger pose! Anyone can do the squatting Tiger – but this surprise with such fierceness and force – beyond compare

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