Brother Henry is at The Bad Place

My Disciples,

I’m worried about Brother Henry. Oh, in case you are wondering, he’s not at The Bad Place due to his trying to get close to Mama Cat yesterday. That situation ended surprisingly peacefully with not so much as a hiss. Yes, I’m surprised too.

Henry looking strong

This is Brother Henry immediately after finishing his nap with Mama Cat yesterday. Both survived unscathed!

Anyway, despite his lack of Mama Cat related injuries, the Guardians put Brother Henry in the portable kitty jail this morning to take him to The Bad Place. It sounded like he was going to the regular Bad Place, not the specialty Bad Place where we received the bad news about My health. I heard the Guardians saying that Brother H was going to have his teeth cleaned. He was also going to have a fatty cyst removed from his tail. Even though it sounded like neither of those things was too serious, neither sounded like fun to Me, so I am worried about My High Priest.

Otis worried about Henry

Although I don’t think Brother Henry has any serious problems, I am still worried about him.

I know the good people at The Bad Place will take care of Brother Henry, but I also know that even he gets scared when he has to go there. Hopefully, by the time you read this he will be back here in My Domain with shiny, white fangs of fury to show for his ordeal. In the meantime, I think I better see if the Guardians will give Me some chicken treats. I hear those help with stress…

So Sayeth Otis



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30 responses to “Brother Henry is at The Bad Place

  1. Hope he doesn’t have to suffer much for beauty! (but nice teeth do mean a happier life)…Greenies for all while you wait.

  2. We purr that all goes well for Brother Henry.

  3. Purrs for Brother Henry!

  4. we hope the treats help with your stress. πŸ™‚ and we are sending purrs to Brother Henry

  5. I was afraid to read this….whew…*wipes paw across forehead*

  6. Leigh

    I think you and Brother Henry both need to partake in some catnip bananas!

  7. We send our purrs and mom sends her Reiki loves to Brother Henry for an easy time at the “bad place”.

  8. I sure hope Brother Henry doesn’t do anything naughty with those shiny clean teeth!

  9. I’d worry that the mongrel horde might take advantage of Brother Henry’s absence to stage the Long Feared Dog Uprising, Leader Otis, but with Sir Thomas and Mama Cat added to your ranks, I’m sure they wouldn’t dare. Purrs for painless procedures and a swift return for your stalwart head of security.

    • Yes, Sir Thomas has been on high alert since Brother Henry was taken away by the Guardians. Mama is also an intimidating presence despite her rather slight 7.5 pounds of orange tabby fury. Plus, we’ve still got Brother Oliver who the Mongrel Horde might mistake for Brother Henry because he looks so similar. πŸ™‚

  10. sandy

    If Brother Henry survived his nap near Mama Cat, his trip to the bad place should be easy in comparison. Hope he isn’t too sore and that Mama cat is impressed by his shiny clean teeth.

  11. Let’s hope that Brother Henry’s shiny white teeth impress Mama Cat. He’s lucky he didn’t get his nose swatted. Selleck and His person, Emily.

  12. Poor Brother Henry. Priestess Jen has bad teeth too. So far we’ve been able to clean them well enough at home, but a cleaning at the Bad Place might be in her future too.

  13. Batya Harlow

    Dear Otis: Hope Brother Henry is safely back home by now, and that you’re no longer stressed. My kitties don’t like getting their teeth cleaned either, but it’s oh, so important. Love and blessings to you all πŸ™‚

  14. We iz just gettin caught up on yer bloggiez…we iz reeleeved dat Brother Henry got his teefiez taken care of n dat cyst remmoved…ya are a pawsum Leader, Otis fer alwayz caring bout yer Brothers!!!
    We iz also reeleeved dat Brother Henry n Momma Kat did not have a skirmish when dey awoke frum dere nappinz!!! πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too.

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