Shoulder Sunday

My Disciples,

We’ve  been learning a lot about Mama Cat’s personality since the Guardians swept her up in The Capture and brought her into The Promised Land. As the stress of her life in the world without walls begins to fade into memory, more and more of her True Spirit is shining through. One example of this happens every time the bigger Guardian brushes his teeth. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Mama Cat on Guardian's Back

See what I mean? Who knew Mama Cat liked this?

And the Guardian doesn’t even put Mama on his shoulders. He just sits on the edge of the bathtub and she jumps on his lap and then climbs up on his shoulders herself. She then lays there giving kissy eyes and purring, and she occasionally gives him an excited nip on the shoulder. It’s such a funny thing to watch that I decided to name today “Shoulder Sunday” in honor of this activity. I think Mama will approve.

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “Shoulder Sunday

  1. Wolf

    thank you, Guardians, for sharing Shoulder Sunday!

    (BTW, the link to the store from this page appears to be inop.)

  2. What a sweet girl, she sure has come a long way.

  3. Dear and esteemed Leader Otis, I think I might be able to hear what Mama Cat’s thinking. “How can I show my gratitude to the Guardians for all they’ve done for me? I know! I’ll help the bigger one groom himself! My purrs, kissy eyes, and shoulder nips will encourage him to continue brushing. The better care he takes of his teeth, the longer he’ll be around to take care of me. Also, to be honest, loving human touch just feels so good.”

  4. That mama cat has got skills AND personality! woo woo woo!

  5. Mama Cat has sass!! What a flirty girl!! How happy she must be and how much she must trust you all to let her True Spirit come out so quickly…sihg

  6. Batya Harlow

    Mama Cat’s story just keeps getting better and better! She obviously has so much love to give, but had no one who wanted it after her special person passed. That photo is simply awesome! I love kitty kissy eyes.

  7. ShadowandSukicats

    This is the most adorable picture I’ve seen in a long time! It’s so good to finally see Mama Cat happy and content.

  8. emilykarn

    Our Person used to have a Shoulder Wrap Cat. He lived in the dairy barn on her family farm. He used to run up to her, jump up onto her shoulders and drape himself around her neck like a living fur stole. The only time he would jump down was when she was bending over the water trough. The rest of the time he would just lie there and purr. His name was Tiger. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  9. The electric toothbrush also probably feels and sounds like purring so it feels and sounds like a proper, group, kitty-cuddle time.

  10. Awww, she’s a snuggler! Gotta love Momma Cat, and she sure seems to love your guardians!
    Is it a coincidence, do you think, that TODAY Star decided to sit on my shoulder?? She’s never done it before, but she settled in like she was going to take a long nap there! She must have heard through the grapevine/cat-line that it was Shoulder Sunday!

  11. There is nothing in the world better than kitty love.

  12. Yow Momma Cat ya looks so cute up on da Guardian’z shoulderz all kissy eyez n sweet!!! Me new dere wa\ a lubby gurl inside!!! 😉
    Way to go Momma!
    Lub Nylablue xo

  13. What a lovely sight to see.. a stress free relaxed and loving Mama Cat ..all kitties should feel this way …each and every one 🙂

  14. mistletoeandhitch

    That is a very sweet looking Mama Cat. She looks like she’s never known worry or strife. The Guardian must feel honored to be the shoulder for Mama Cat.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  15. CindyD

    This brought tears to my eyes. Just to see Mama Cat so happy makes us all a lot happier today. Thank you, Guardians, for giving her a loving home.

  16. OMC! This is just wonderful to see. We bet Mama Cat was starved for love and attention.

  17. Aww such a sweet lovey cat!

  18. This is adorable. Mama loves the Guardians.

  19. Aww. That’s wonderful to hear.

  20. 2 cats

    oh wow thats amazing!

  21. Sandy

    What a great way to start the week – hooray for Mama Cat and her guardians!!

  22. Goodness, Mama Cat sure has settled in well! 😀

  23. You have to capture this on video that is hilarious

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