Brother Henry Needed Some Advice

My Disciples,

Yesterday, as I was napping in the sun, Brother Henry approached and said, “Leader Otis… I hate to bother you, but can I ask you for some advice? It’s about Mama Cat…”

Otis Counsels Henry 1

Brother Henry approached Me and asked if you could have some advice about Mama Cat.

I told Brother Henry that, even though I am struggling with My health, I am always available to listen and offer advice. I reminded him that I’m not in pain, I’m just gradually losing My mobility, and I told him that I would actually welcome his company and his questions. He showed his gratitude, as well as his support for Me in My condition, by giving Me some nice nuzzles.

Otis Counsels Henry 2

Brother Henry nuzzled Me. It was very nice.

Brother Henry said, “Thanks for being willing to listen, Leader Otis. What I wanted to ask you is, why do you think Mama Cat is so angry all the time? Is it something I did? Is there anything I can do differently to change the way she feels? Brother Oliver says I just need to give her space and stop looking at her, but that doesn’t seem like a good way to make friends to me…”

Otis Counsels Henry 3

Brother Henry asked if I knew why Mama Cat was so mad all the time, and how he could change that.

I said, “Brother Henry, you know the answer to your first question. We’ve actually been over this already. Mama Cat was a Limbo Kitty for over 14 years. Living in the world without walls puts a kitty on edge. In Mama’s past life she lived in nearly constant fear of danger, including attacks by other Limbo or Shadow cats. She now has great difficulty trusting any kitty, especially one as imposing as you. It’s going to take time, but I think she’ll come around eventually.”

Brother Henry said, “OK, Leader Otis. I hear you saying that I should be patient. But it seems to be taking her much longer than it took for You or Thomas to warm up to me. I know you two weren’t in the wilderness for nearly as long, but still… why is she so different than You?”

At this point I heard a voice behind Me answer Brother Henry’s question. It was Brother Oliver, and he said, “It’s because she’s a queen…”

Otis Counsels Henry 4

Brother Oliver walked into the conversation and said Mama Cat is different because she’s a queen.

Brother Henry said, “What was that, Brother Oliver?”, and Brother O repeated, “Mama Cat is different than all of us because she is a queen. Don’t you get it Brother Henry?” Suddenly, we all heard what sounded like a gasp coming from under the couch. We then heard the soft patter of footsteps fading in the distance, and I swear I heard a quiet voice say, “Protect the Queen!” Brother Henry said, “What the heck was that?”

Otis Counsels Henry 5

We heard a gasp from under the couch and footsteps fading in the distance. We also heard a voice…

Returning to the conversation with Brother Oliver, Brother Henry said, “So, you’re saying that Mama Cat being a queen, which, if I recall correctly, means a lady cat… that makes her behavior different than ours?” Brother Oliver replied simply by saying, “Duh!”

Looking as if he had just had an epiphany, Brother Henry said, “Wow… so all I have to do then is figure out how to communicate better with lady cats…” Walking away, Brother Oliver said, “Yep, Brother Henry, that’s all you have to do…” Then, bursting out laughing, he said, “… good luck with that!”

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Brother Henry Needed Some Advice

  1. I feel do badly for Brother Henry who seemingly JIST wants to welcome Mama Cat…

  2. Poor Brother Henry. We find ourselves hoping that Mama Cat soon takes pity on sweet Brother Henry. Although he is imposing in stature, we think he is supportive in nature and simply wants to befriend the Queen. But I, Mistletoe was also alone in the world without wall, hungry with kittens distorting my frame making it hard to hunt and man cats were the enemy. It is hard to change that outlook and for Mama Cat it’s been 14 years! How did Mama Cat behave with Cookie? And Nacho? As we recall, Cookie once stuck out at Leader Otis as he looked out the doorway, so Mama Cat might have even had to be on guard when she should have felt safe. But even with all the chaos Mama Cat has endured we know that being in the PromisedLand will help her heal and learn to appreciate living with such wonderful man cats.

    • Anyone who is interested in Mama Cat’s life before being brought into the PromisedLand might like to travel back to February 9, 2011 and reading “Giving Hope to a Kitty in Limbo”. The HuMom says that it gave her heart a little squeeze to read about this meeting while knowing what lay ahead for Mama Cat. To anyone new to the Cult of Otis, reading prior blog post is a wonderful way to get to know the core members of the Cult of Otis.

  3. Oh I am sure time will prove the solution sweet one..the nuzzling oicture has been all drippy eyed 🙂 so sweet and needs no words really it says it all hugs Fozziemum xx

  4. *picture and and *me not* been..good grief..typing with drippy eyes indeed 🙂

  5. Yow Brother Henry ya iz so sweet to care so much fer Momma Kat..purrleeze bemember she never had a makat who liked her fer just bein her!! As her name iz Momma me figurez she had kittz like me did?? If so she will have trubble trustin mankatz cause doze boyz had only one fing on dere mindz 😉
    Just bee payshunt wif her N give her da space she needz n bee gentle…she will come round in her own time..
    Da fact she haz not tried to LEAVE Da Promised Land wif all of ya showz she doez trust ya all to sum extent…
    Brother Oliver n Leader Otis are wise n dey nose ‘less iz more’ wif Momma Kat!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

  6. I have a feeling a certain ladycat is about to get her very own guardian Knight in shining fur whether she likes it or not!
    I do hope brother Henry is able to make friends before too long. I hope Momma Cat would be much happier if she could stop being so growly and realize that she could have some soft furry bodies to use as pillows like Otis does!
    Otis sweetie, you look adorable in your box!

  7. ldrew1

    I know what your are saying Brother Henry. My sister and I are 6 years old and she has been living with us for 4 years now and she still has trouble liking me. She lived as a Limbo kitty for about 6-12 months, so my mum says that is the reason. But really by now she should know I’m not going to hurt her, I only want to be her friend and snuggle with her.

  8. Brother Henry, we can relate. We have one of those ladycats living with us and it’s so hard to figure her out!

  9. Brother Henry, what a great question. Lady cats are very complicated creatures. They need space, they don’t want to stared at despite how beautiful they are (they lose their stuff when you do that). They will come around on their own terms. Sometimes it takes longer than it should mama cat had to be on guard for a very long time, so its hard for her to believe she is safe. Try to imagine being on guard all the time, not knowing where your next meal is coming from or where to go for shelter. On a lighter note, sir Thomas’ comment nearly made me lose my stuff laughing. Purrs and pets to you leader Otis. It breaks my heart to know you are struggling with mobility. Do you think the guardians can get you a cart so you can be more mobile?

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