I Thought We Had A Night Stalker!

My Disciples,

On several nights during the past week, I woke up feeling as if I was being watched. Every time this happened though, I looked around and saw both Guardians, Brother Oliver, and Brother Henry sound asleep on the bed around Me. A few days ago, when Brother Oliver and I were hanging out in My Outdoor Domain, I mentioned these unsettling experiences to him. He said he would try to get to the bottom of it.

Otis and Oliver outside

I mentioned My experience to Brother Oliver, and he said he would try to get to the bottom of it.

When we went to bed that night, I noticed a weird camera sitting on the pillow above Brother Oliver’s head. He said it was some kind of motion activated security camera, and that if anything moved on the bed during the night, we would get a photo of it. When I asked him if the camera could see in the dark, he said, “Yes, but the picture quality is not the best.” When I asked him where he got the camera he said, “Let’s just say the Guardians should be more careful about where they leave their credit cards…” After laughing a bit, we both fell asleep.

The next morning, Brother Oliver checked to see if he had captured any photos during the night. There were a lot of photos of the two of us sleeping. I guess we triggered the camera whenever we moved too much. But there was one photo that sent a chill down My spine. It showed Brother Oliver and Me sleeping, but there appeared to be something sitting in the background at the far end of the bed!

Oliver and Otis feeling watched

There was something sitting on the far end of the bed!

I said, “Oh My gosh! Brother Oliver! What is that!?” To which he replied, “The photo is too grainy to tell, Leader Otis… but there is definitely something there. Let’s reposition the camera and try again tonight.” I agreed to the plan, although I doubted whether I would be able to sleep knowing that something might be out there lurking in the dark. I did fall asleep though, and when dawn came once more, Brother Oliver and I could hardly wait to check the camera. There were three new images on there. The first made me gasp!

Bed Apparition 1

The first image on the camera made me gasp.

It looked like some kind of frightening apparition! I started to freak out just a little bit, and Brother Oliver pulled up the second photo the camera had captured. It was slightly less blurry, and the apparition looked a little less apparition-y in it.

Bed Apparition 2

The second photo looked a little less frightening, and a little less apparition-y.

As I looked closer at the photo, I started to say, “Ummmm… hmmmmm… you know… that kind of looks like…” And then Brother Oliver switched to the final photo.

Bed Apparition 3

Here is the final photo. That’s no apparition. That’s a knight!

Brother Oliver and I looked at the photo, then at each other. Then we both burst out laughing. I said, “I thought we had a night stalker, but as it turns out, we had a knight stalker!”Brother Oliver corrected Me by saying, “No, we have a knight night stalker!” Now we both totally lost it, laughing and yowling our heads off. Just when our laughter was starting to taper off, we heard a voice from up in Kitty Valhalla say, “Hey you guys? Can you please keep it down? I was up all night and I’m trying to sleep now…” It was Thomas, and Brother Oliver and I found it very difficult in that moment to grant his request.

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “I Thought We Had A Night Stalker!

  1. Maybe he was checking for the dreaded Weiner dogs?

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    We suppose you must be very relieved to learn that your night stalker is a knight night stalker! Sir Thomas seems to have become very adept at his duties. Almost as if he were …..The Shadow…

  3. I have always thought it would be fun to see what our kitties were up to at night. Do you and the Guardians and the Brothers all sleep in the same bed at night? That must be a very large bed! 🙂

  4. Oh I need this in Al-cat-raz…might help me work out the problem of how one tabby midget cat is escaping! very cute and very exciting development in your house my friend 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum xx

  5. we think there are definitely worse knights to be stalked by 🙂

  6. Susan M

    I love it! Thanks for the smiles, Leader Otis!

  7. Sir Thomas can come and stalk me any time! But, Brother Oliver, with respect, I’d rather you stayed at home. You’re much too clever at finding credit cards.

  8. MOL! We bet Sir Thomas was just making sure no wiener dogs attacked you during the night. What a great protector he is!

  9. Sir Thomas is obviously getting more comfortable around the Guardians and around you other cats.

  10. Oh that is so awesome! Just think, someday soon he’ll probably be sleeping there too! Your guardians may need to invest in a larger bed…

  11. Infrared night camera. Every knight needs one

  12. You two sure have some serious fun over there!

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