Super Stretching Sunday

My Disciples,

This morning, as I was napping underneath the couch, I heard Brother Henry and Sir Thomas talking in the living room. Brother Henry said, “Sir Thomas, proper stretching is extremely important if you want to maintain your cat reflexes.” I peeked out from under the couch and saw Brother Henry sitting on top of the cat tree in the front window. He continued, “So, let’s start with a simple one leg stretch.” He sat up and raised his right paw.

Super Stretch Sunday 1

Brother Henry was teaching Sir Thomas proper stretching technique. He sat up and raised his right paw.

Brother Henry said, “So now you want to just reach upward, stretching all the muscles along the right side of your body…” As he spoke, he extended his leg upward.

Super Stretch Sunday 2

Brother Henry stretched upward, demonstrating proper technique.

Watching from the floor below, Thomas became very excited. He said, “But Brother Henry! What if I want to stretch even more of my body? I think if I do the same thing you just did, but add a twist it will stretch me even more! See!” He then stretched upward while at the same time twisting his body 180 degrees.

Super Stretch Sunday 3

Thomas copied Brother Henry’s move, but added a twist.

Sir Thomas lost his balance as he spun, and ended up sitting on his stomach on the floor. Brother Henry said, “Sir Thomas, please, just do what I do. Now, if you had followed my instructions, you would have been able to transition directly from the one leg stretch into a full on two-legged hallelujah paw raise… like this.” He then performed a perfect HPR.

Super Stretch Sunday 4

Brother Henry transitioned from a single leg stretch into a full-on HPR.

Again getting excited by what he saw, Sir Thomas said, “That is amazing, Brother Henry! But what if I want to just stretch my neck and do like a hallelujah head raise or something. It would be all like this!” Thomas looked up, stretching his neck skyward.

Super Stretch Sunday 5

Instead of a hallelujah paw raise, Thomas did a hallelujah head raise.

Brother Henry said, “No! No! No! Sir Thomas, please follow along! See, if you would have done as I asked and did the single paw raise, and then the hallelujah paw raise, you could have transitioned directly into the squatting tiger stretch. See, you just squat down and stretch both paws out in front of you with claws extended. This not only stretches my back and legs, it also keeps my claw muscles nice and limber.”

Super Stretch Sunday 6

Brother Henry chastised Sir Thomas a little bit, and then moved to a squatting tiger pose.

Thomas said, “Whoa… oh man, but what if after I stretched my neck I was all like this!” Still laying down, Thomas reached out with his front legs. He said, “See! My legs and claws are stretched here too, but I am down lower…. where the real danger is… on wiener dog level!”

Super Stretch Sunday 7

Sir Thomas did his own version of the squatting tiger pose, but he did it at wiener dog level.

Now clearly exasperated, Brother Henry said, “That’s all well and good, Sir Thomas, but if you had followed my instructions and moved into squatting tiger pose, you would have then been able to quickly transition into crunchy bird capture pose. See, if you are in squatting tiger, and a crunchy bird suddenly flies by, you barely even need to move to reach up and grab it. See, I’m in squatting tiger and… BAM! I have a snack.” As Brother Henry said, “BAM!” he rotated his body and reached upward as if he was grabbing something out of the air.

Super Stretch Sunday 8

Brother Henry quickly transitioned from squatting tiger into crunchy bird capture pose.

Not to be discouraged, Thomas said, “Yeah, but from my pose I can capture birds too! See, I am sitting here ready to fend off wiener dogs and… BAM!…oooof.” When Thomas said, “BAM!” he tried to reach up as Brother Henry had done, but he lost his balance and fell on his side.

Super Stretch Sunday 9

Sir Thomas flopped on his side when he tried to do what Brother Henry had done.

Sir Thomas had knocked the wind out of himself. Brother Henry jumped down off the cat tree, and I came out from under the couch. We both wanted to make sure he was OK. Fortunately, nothing was hurt but his pride.

Otis, Thomas and Henry

Sir Thomas was OK, but he was a little bit embarrassed.

Brother Henry decided to wrap up the morning stretching session at that point, but he asked Sir Thomas to think about what he had learned, and be prepared to follow along more closely next time. Thomas meekly replied, “Yes sir.” I decided to try to cheer Thomas up and I told him that in honor of the amazing effort he had put forth I was declaring today Super Stretching Sunday. He perked up saying, “Thanks Leader O!” and then he headed off to the water bowl for a much needed drink.

So Sayeth Otis

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35 responses to “Super Stretching Sunday

  1. I love you guys! I look forward to your posts every single day πŸ™‚

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh dear, these youngsters, always trying to improve on the tried at true. And what happens? They end up on their bellies, gasping for air. Although, in Sir Thomas’s case, looking very handsome as he gasp. And now, we’re going to see if the HuMom will pull out the super stinky shrimp if we do our super stretching this Sunday!

  3. I think Brother Henry looks like he’s dancing at a sock hop! *snicker*

  4. This workout is better than many on TV. Great job!

  5. You guys have inspired me. I’m going to do some stretching now. If you hear any groans coming from the direction of California, that will be me. πŸ™‚

  6. What great exercise guys and always lovely to see kitties using their natural strengths to better their health πŸ™‚ Hugs Fozziemum xx

  7. MOL! Sir Thomas is just a little to exuberant! We love that squatting tiger stretch. We’re gonna try that later.

  8. mistletoeandhitch

    P.S. ….great photos of all that super stretching this Sunday! We wish our HuMom would take such good pictures of us. Maybe she’d do better with a camera isn’t of a cell phone or a tablet. Hmmm……where’s that credit card?

  9. WOW Brother Henry you are absolutely amazing doing those stretches & your paws are so kissable!!! Sir Thomas loves to push the limits doesn’t he?? Leader Otis we send our love & ‘purrayers’ to you…
    Nylablue said to tell you this is one of her fave bloo posts you have done!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

  10. I just love a good stretch! Especially when mama comes home and scratches me while I stretch. Oooh, so good! Brother Henry did give me some ideas to add to my workout.

  11. Too fun. I will show the cats so they can practice.

  12. Wow, great work guys! I love the second to last picture, Slinky Thomas! Hee hee! Awesome!

  13. You were both Pawsome! Selleck and His Person, Emily. πŸ™‚

  14. Joy

    This is like Kitty Aerobics πŸ™‚

  15. That hallelujah paw raise is spectacular!!

  16. Brilliant photos they did make us smile πŸ™‚

  17. I had to look at the pictures again and I must admit I love Sir Thomas’ poses as well as Brother Henry’s. Then I took a look at the HPR that Mama Cat did and well I do believe Mama Cat will win. I know those posts with Mama Cat were from two years ago, but she’s been under the care of the Guardians now and I do believe she will put on quite the show.

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