Plenty of Posing Benches

My Disciples,

You may recall that some time ago the Guardians gave us a fancy posing bench.  We all loved it, especially when we discovered we could scratch it. In fact, we all loved it so much that we started getting into little spats about who should be allowed to pose on the bench at any given time. Eventually, the Guardians tired of our arguments and locked the bench away in a closet. We thought we would never see the bench again, but Brother Henry entered the living room yesterday to find Brother Oliver perched atop the bench in a relaxed pose!

Return of the Posing Bench

Brother Henry entered the living room to find Brother Oliver posing on the bench!

But the fact that Brother Oliver was on the posing bench was not the most amazing thing. When Brother Henry turned around, he saw three more posing benches all lined up in a row. He sniffed them all, one by one, and then said, “Brother Oliver! Am I dreaming!?”

Return of the Posing Bench 2

Brother Henry sniffed the other three posing benches and then asked Brother Oliver if he was dreaming.

Brother Oliver said, “Nope, I don’t think you are dreaming, Brother Henry. I think the Guardians knew that we all loved the posing bench, but they didn’t like us fighting over it. I think they saved up a little money and bought us three new benches so there would be enough for everybody!” Brother Henry threw himself on top of the nearest bench. He let out a loud, contented sigh as he did so.

Return of the Posing Bench 3

Brother Oliver said that he thought the Guardians bought more benches so we wouldn’t fight any more. Brother Henry happily threw himself on one of the benches.

After laying on the bench for a few moments, Brother Henry said, “Hey Brother Oliver! Do you want to pose together?” Brother Oliver said, “Heck yeah! Let’s do it!” And then they both struck an inspiring pose.

Return of the Posing Bench 4

The Brothers struck an impressive, simultaneous pose.

It was at this point that I entered the living room and discovered both The Brothers and the benches. I said, “Oh my gosh! FOUR posing benches!?” In unison, The Brothers replied, “YEP!” I said, “That is so amazing! I LOVE posing benches! Hmmmm… say… Brother Oliver, that bench that you’re sitting on looks especially nice. Mind if I give it a try?” I heard a light <smack> sound and looked over to see that Brother Henry had slapped one of his paws against his forehead. I have no idea why.

So Sayeth Otis

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23 responses to “Plenty of Posing Benches

  1. Do you guys find them any good? really interested in your thoughts xxx

  2. A circle of posers! (as RC’s posing bench is rather aged, thinking one of these would fit nicely)

  3. Otis, see if you can uncover the details of where the Guardians found these benches. I think we need two or three at our house as well…

  4. W have something very similar at our house and it’s hugely popular!!! Enjoy your individual thrones boys 🙂

  5. The Brothers all look comfortable. We want a bench of our own. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  6. Wow, that double pose with each brother looking off in opposite directions is awesome! But of course they’re both going to want to have the same bench.. they are cats after all!

  7. Those posing benches are awesome! Now you each have your own.

  8. Posing indeed…what handsome boys!! perhaps Otis you could start a therapy lounge…make a little cat-shola on the side as a massage man..looks very relaxing 🙂

  9. I’m actually really curious about whether each cat will “own” one bench or whether they’ll all use all the benches.

  10. Maybe the brothers are always ready for a little spat because they always wear little white spats on their feet?

  11. Pfft Otis what are you like!! And more importantly why was I not notified of this post going up? *concerned ears*

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