A Mysterious Journey

My Disciples,

The strangest thing happened to Me this morning. I went downstairs to the bedroom and climbed into My favorite comfy basket. It was cool and dark in the room, and I fell asleep pretty quickly. Some time later, I awoke with a feeling of warmth on My fur. I opened My eyes and was puzzled to find Myself surrounded by bright light.

Mysterious Journey 1

I fell asleep in the cool, dark bedroom, but I woke up warm and surrounded by light.

I was still groggy from My nap, but as My eyes began to adjust to the light I looked around. I was still in My basket, but the basket was now sitting in My Outdoor Domain!

Mysterious Journey 2

Somehow I had been transported from the bedroom to My Outdoor Domain!

I couldn’t believe it. How could this have happened? Was My favorite basket secretly some kind of transportation device? I got up and began scanning the ground in front of the basket for signs of tire marks, or maybe some kind of scorch marks from jet powered hover engines hidden on the underside of the basket. As I did so, Brother Oliver walked up and stood beside Me. He began looking at the ground too.

Mysterious Journey 3

As I scanned the ground for tire tracks or scorch marks, Brother Oliver joined Me.

Eventually, Brother Oliver’s curiosity got the best of him. He asked, “Ummmm… Leader Otis? What’cha doin’?” I said, “Well, Brother Oliver, I’m trying to figure out how I got here.” Brother Oliver looked at Me for a second before saying, “I can tell you that! You see, Leader Otis, when an un-neutered boy cat is left alone for more than three consecutive seconds with an un-spayed girl cat, they…”

I interjected saying, “NO BROTHER OLIVER! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN! Jeez. I’m trying to figure out how both Me and the basket got from the bedroom to My Outdoor Domain. I can’t figure out whether the basket has hidden wheels or jet hover engines. Hey! Does that dark spot look like a scorch mark to you?” Turning to walk away, Brother Oliver said, “Nope. That’s rubber from the sole of a shoe. If you think about it, I’m pretty sure you will figure out a more logical explanation for how you got here.”

Mysterious Journey 4

Brother Oliver said that the dark mark on the cement looked like it was shoe rubber.

As I looked closer, I could see that Brother O was correct. It was shoe rubber. And now that I thought about it, he was also right that there was a more logical explanation for how I ended up in My Outdoor Domain. Of course! It’s so simple I’m surprised I didn’t see it before. My basket doesn’t have wheels or jet engines. It has feet! Now if I can only turn it over to see what kind of shoes it wears. I bet they are really cool!

So Sayeth Otis

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35 responses to “A Mysterious Journey

  1. Wow! A basket with feet…wearing shoes! They must be slip-on shoes though. Cause how would a basket tie shoelaces. You and the Cult of Otis are always on the cutting edge for technology, Leader Otis. We cannot wait to see where the basket takes you next.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Hmmmm… do they make slip-on sneakers, M and H? Cause a lot of other people and furry people have suggested the basket wears sneakers. It is very sneaky, so I tend to agree.

      • They do make some sneakers that are slip on. Or Velcro. But, sneakers wouldn’t leave a mark, would they? It would be fun to tell it where you want to go. ” To the kibble, Basket! Don’t spare the speed!” That would be even better that those ” baby bjorne- thingy’s” cause you don’t need a human! Except, maybe, to tie it’s sneakers!

      • I tried to command it as you demonstrated, M and H, but it didn’t go to the kibble. Actually, it only seems to move when I am asleep. Weird!

  2. 3 seconds – hahahaha…… maybe your basket is magic like our tunnel and you just teleported.

  3. Dear Otis, just accept it for the miracle it is. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  4. Otis, I really have enjoyed your blog and your adventures. My Snickers the Cat Not the Candy Does to πŸ™‚ who kinda looks like you!

  5. A basket with feet? Wow, and just think, it’s probably had those feet all this time and it only now decided to take you out into the sunshine! That’s not such a bad thing, now is it? I bet it’s one of those super secret feet baskets though, and I bet they keep them well hidden, more’s the pity.

    • I want to learn how to control it, Andrea, so I can have the basket walk Me around whenever, and wherever I like. So far though, the basket is resisting My attempts at control!

  6. Ah, what baskets with feet won’t do to get a picture of a curious kitty! Preshy would be pleasantly surprised if this happened to her, but Priestess Jen would probably freak out. She can’t stand being outside. We don’t have an outdoor domain at our house, so neither cat is likely to be a victim of the walking basket.

    • It was certainly puzzling to Me to discover that My basket has feet, but it didn’t really freak Me out. Now, if I find out that My basket has a mouth I might freak out. That would just be creepy!

  7. Maybe the basket is made out of strips of sapient pearwood. That would explain the feet and moving on its own accord.

  8. Batya Harlow

    A basket is for basking, right? And basking requires sunshine. Surprised about the feet, though. Blessings to you, Leader Otis.

  9. The basket’s shoes are probably sneakers.

  10. Do you think maybe the basket has lots of little feet, like a caterpillar? That would be really fun, but it would take a lot of sneakers.

    Our Guardian nearly got busted at work today reading your blog on her phone when she laughed at “You see, Leader Otis, when an un-neutered boy cat is left alone for more than three consecutive seconds with an un-spayed girl cat, they…” Brother O tells it like it is!

  11. Maybe your attentive and worshipful Guardians anticipated your desire for sunshine and fresh air?

  12. HHHMMM Leader Otis diz iz bery bery peeculiar izn’t it?? Dere iz a paw of a Hu’man in diz mystery me finkz!!! Brother Oliver might just crack da case!!!
    Lub Nylablue….
    Did ya see me blog where me excaped frum me Condo??? It waz pawsum n Mum still can’t figure out how me did it!! πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue xo

  13. Where can we get a basket like that??

  14. and that’s why your the leader! I wish my basket had feet that would be ace!

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