Mama Cat’s Aerial Adventure- Part I

My Disciples,

You may recall the time I looked out the window and spotted Mama Cat on the roof next door. It scared the hiss out of Me and I told her to get back down to the ground ASAP. Well, yesterday I looked out the window and saw Mama on the roof again! But this time it was the roof of her garage.

Mama on the roof again 1

Mama cat was on the roof again! This time it was the roof of the garage.

The window I was looking out was closed, so I couldn’t even yell at Mama to get down. All I could do was watch as she stood way up there in the air. I saw her pause for a moment and close her eyes. I hoped that she wasn’t having a bout of vertigo or something from the height.

Mama on the roof again 3

Mama closed her eyes. I hoped she wasn’t experiencing vertigo.

Next, Mama began to walk along the roof. She was right near the edge and I found Myself holding My breath as I watched her. I was so worried that she would fall down to the cement wall below!

Mama on the roof again 4

Mama walked very close to the edge of the roof. I held My breath.

Mama walked until she reached the edge of the roof by the fence. She stood on the rain gutter and crouched as if she was getting ready to jump. I tried to shout, “No Mama! It’s too far! Don’t do it!”, but My voice caught in My throat.

Mama on the roof again 5

Mama reached the end of the roof and crouched as if she was getting ready to jump. I tried to shout to her to stop.

I watched, horrified, as Mama launched herself off the roof.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Mama Cat’s Aerial Adventure- Part II

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21 responses to “Mama Cat’s Aerial Adventure- Part I

  1. She is a little lost soul at the moment 😦 How is her other guardian doing? xxx

    • Her guardian is hanging in there. The Guardians of Otis have been talking to him and making sure he is doing OK. It’s hard to come to grips with losing someone after 43 years of marriage though, so it’s going to take some time for him to get over the shock.

  2. I’ve often wondered how cats can leap or fall off buildings and then appear unhurt afterwards. It must affect them in some way.

  3. OMC, Mama. We are hiding our eyes, afraid of what will happen when she jumps.

    We hope Mama’s family is doing OK. This must be a terrible time for them all.

    • Mama’s family is hanging in there. It’s a tough time for Mama’s remaining guardian. He lost his wife after 43 years of marriage.The Guardians of Otis have been talking to him and giving him care and encouragement, but this kind of loss is not easily shouldered.

  4. Oh, she’s looking for her missing person. It’s so hard.
    (We had a cat once that prowled the 2nd story roof of an apt – climbed the porch uprights(there was a cat door to the porch so they could enjoy some outdoor time and the plants) and walked me to the car in the parking lot – then returned home until time to pick me up in the afternoon in her lofty waiting spot and parallel walk along the roof scurrying in to meet me at the door. She was the only one of 3 cats that did that. Once she did angrily leap from the roof to “protect” one of her buddies who was rolling in grass during an outing – another cat appeared – she took that as a threat. As she wouldn’t stop, we had to move. )

  5. Poor Mama cat..maybe she is just trying to get a better perspective…kitties do love the height advantage (oh and fox terriers Otis..go figure! ) i feel for her losing her person,very hard to understand when no one can talk kitty to her and explain.Kitties feel loss just like us,i worry for my Dinnermintz as she is so attached to our tail waggers,and they are not young doggies..what will she feel when we lose them,how will she adjust..Otis us humans try very hard to help but we just aren’t kitties…:(

    • Yes, we definitely feel loss in a big way, Fozziemum. We handle it better when we are given lots of love and attention while we are coping with it though. I bet Dinnermintz will will weather the storm well under your loving care.

  6. Eeek! I’m too afraid to look! Tell me when it’s over!

  7. Oh sweet Mama Cat. We can’t imagine how she feels. Our HuMom says that her heart cracks a little every time she sees MamaCat. You, Leader Otis, and the entire Cult of Otis, have been exceptionally good friends during this awful time for Mama Cats family. Sadly, something’s cannot be fix.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Thanks M and H. We’re sad that we can’t make Mama’s life as safe as she deserves, but she has become happier, and she has even put on some weight in recent weeks so we definitely feel like we are making a difference for her.

  8. I was watching a brilliant programme about why cats land on their feet the other day so I am sure she will be a-ok! It was discovered in new york when lots of cats started falling out of windows due to the type of windows people had at the time, apparantly people would shut them without realising the cat was outside and because of how the window worked the paw little kitties were pushed off the ledge – it litterally rained cats! However if the cat is high enough up, the cat relaxes as they fall and spread their weight more meaning they slow down slightly (i think I remember that right) and this gives them time to figure out which is the right way up and thus they land on their feet! Ok i may forget exactly how, but I know it was to do with relaxing so you need to shout soothing noises at her!

    • Yikes! Cats falling out of windows! Hmmmm… wait… I wonder if I could train a cat paratrooper squad to fend off the Long-feared Dog Uprising. I mean, you didn’t hear that Basil!

  9. Yow we gotta run over n read Part 2….we iz so far beehind on bloggiez here…but catchin up little by little!!
    Nylablue n Mum xo

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