This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part II

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off, Brother Henry had just noticed something and asked Sir Thomas and I to stand back so he could demonstrate the true purpose of the mysterious object we were investigating. After Thomas and I did as he asked, Brother Henry jumped down off the weird bench and crouched down behind it. One second passed… then two. Suddenly Brother Henry sprung up and reached over the bench with his right forepaw. As he did so he shouted, “You’re mine!” and then he brought his paw down on a colorful toy mouse that was sitting in front of the bench.

Catsmas gift 6

Brother Henry hid behind the bench and then struck out at a toy mouse.

With amazing speed, Brother Henry snagged the mouse with his claws and brought it up to his mouth for the kill. It all happened so fast, I believed that even a real mouse wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Catsmas gift 7

Brother Henry snagged the mouse with lightning speed and then brought it to his mouth for the kill.

After crunching the simulated mouse, Brother Henry threw it down dramatically on top of the bench. Then, with a very serious look on his face, he said, “This is The Bench of Infinite Mouse Slaying!”

Catsmas gift 8

Brother Henry threw the mouse down and declared that the bench was “The Bench of Infinite Mouse Slaying.”

After Brother Henry made his declaration, Sir Thomas gasped. He said, “Oh my gosh… you guys… I know what this thing is!” He then asked Brother Henry to step aside so he could demonstrate what he had discovered. Brother Henry obliged.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Next- This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part III

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5 responses to “This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part II

  1. Why do I have the feeling that Sir Thomas’s purpose for the Mystery Bench will have something to do with wiener dogs?

  2. We have one of those benches. We need to slay some mouses.

  3. That looked like a really good purpose to me, so can’t wait to see what Sir T has learned

  4. Those are some skills! Can’t wait to see what Sir Thomas thinks it is!

  5. Mee-you Brother Henry you have such grate tech-neeque!
    Mee luvss playin with mee mousiess ALLOTT.
    Luv Siddhartha Henry & LadyMum x0
    Pee S: Wee been offline fer a week cause the lappytop died. So wee iss playin catch-up.
    Pee S S: LadyMum gave mee the middle name ‘Henry’ aftur mee Cussin Henry Two Sockss (may hee rest in peece). Iss a good name rite? 😉

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