This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part I

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

The Guardians have given us some mysterious Catsmas gifts in years past, but this year’s gift caused even more debate than usual among the Inner Circle. What was this strange object? And what was its ultimate purpose?

Catsmas gift 1

This is the gift we received. What was its purpose?

I discovered the gift first, and I initially thought it might just be a super posing bench or something. But as I looked closer, I noticed that it was shaped unlike any posing bench we had received in the past.

Catsmas gift 2

I thought it was a posing bench, but then I noticed the shape.

This object was shaped almost like the symbol for infinity! As my eyes followed its curves, I muttered to myself, “Could this be some kind of ‘Bench of Infinite Poses’?” Just as I completed my sentence, Brother Henry leapt upon the object. He must have overheard what I had said because as he landed he said, “Nope! It is ‘The Bench of Infinite Scratching!!!” He then started to scratch madly at the surface of the object.

Catsmas gift 3

Brother Henry declared that the object was “The Bench of Infinite Scratching”.

As he scratched, Brother Henry said, “See, Brother Oliver! I can scratch here…”, and then turning around he continued, “…and here! You can scratch pretty much anywhere on this thing! The scratching possibilities are endless!” Suddenly, Brother Henry and I heard Thomas’s voice calling from the back of the house. He said, “Hey! What are you guys doing in there!?”

Catsmas gift 4

Brother Henry stopped mid-scratch when we heard Thomas yelling at us from the back of the house.

As Sir Thomas entered the living room he said, “Whoa! That thing is cool!” He then walked over to check it out. As he did so, Brother Henry said, “That’s right, sir Thomas. It’s The Bench of Infinite Scratching, and it IS really cool!” I still wasn’t convinced. I laid down on my side to see if I could get a look at the underside of the object. I thought maybe there was a label on the bottom or something.

Catsmas gift 5

Brother Henry was sure of his opinion. I decided the object needed further investigation.

As I was investigating the undercarriage of the object, Brother Henry looked down and said, “Hmmmm… wait a second…” Sir Thomas said, “What? What do you see?” And Brother Henry replied, “I think I may have just discovered what kind of bench this really is! Everyone stand back! I want to show you something!” Thomas and I backed away to give Brother Henry some space. We then waited to see what he had just discovered.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Next- This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part II

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9 responses to “This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part I

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    We have such a bench and we find it is great fun for scratching in many different positions, it is also excellent to nap on. Some of us also enjoy sitting behind it and observing the humans while they are unaware. Our HuMom says we are starting to need a new one…but then she just flipped it over. Human’s are very odd.

  2. It may have multiple purposes. Personally, I think Henry has found one of them. 🙂 Have fun kitties!

  3. Oh boy, is it magic? Do I need to get one for myself and for my cat?

  4. OH that is a really cool gift! No matter what you call it!

  5. Post again soon, Brother Oliver! The suspense is not good for me.

  6. Ummm…just curious…can any of you guys get inside those curvy hole thingamagigs? Maybe there is aclue in there

  7. Mee-you mee an LadyMum are on thee edge of our seetss here…..that iss sum pawsum scratchy post of Infinitee fur sure!
    Wee await thee 2nd post with caticipation!
    Yur furendss, Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0x0

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