Super Brush Sunday Highlights

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Yesterday we brought you Super Brush Sunday, the not-to-be-missed event of the year. We only had limited video from the event, but I was there with my still camera so I can now bring you the highlights! Let’s take a look!

SB Sunday 1

Super Brush Sunday kicked off with our world class cathlete Sir Thomas taking the field. The brushing began immediately.

SB Sunday 2

Sir Thomas was quite the sight as he struck a regal pose to accept the brushing. Still, something seemed a little off.

SB Sunday 3

The brush handler was not performing to Sir Thomas’s satisfaction. He gave him his most disapproving look.

SB Sunday 4

The disapproving look from Thomas seemed to do the trick. The brush handler shaped up quickly and Sir Thomas settled in for the grooming of a lifetime.

SB Sunday 5

As the brush handler began to focus on Sir Thomas’s head, Sir Thomas leaned in to increase the intensity of the brushing.

SB Sunday 6

Sir Thomas put on his meanest game face.

SB Sunday 7

Sir Thomas went in for the low brushing.

SB Sunday 8

He pushed it to the absolute limits, putting his head as low as he could go, and then pushing into the brush with all his might.

SB Sunday 9

He looked to the sky, as if he was giving thanks to The Leader and Mama Cat for watching over him during this big game.

SB Sunday 10

And then, he achieved total victory!

Whew! I think that was even more exciting than the video! Be sure give the cathletes in your house plenty of brush training. The next Super Brush Sunday will be here before you know it!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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11 responses to “Super Brush Sunday Highlights

  1. Susan M

    It’s a Zoom Groom! I love those. When I recommend them to people I always say “there are no sharp edges”. I think the Zoom Groom looks kind of scary to some kitties, but the ones who love it *really* love it. There’s one for dogs, too.

  2. That’s so awesome!! Look at how comfortable and cuddly Sir Thomas is looking! A kiss on the head at the end of brushing can’t be that far behind, right? I hope I hope I hope! Oliver, wonderful pictures and comentary!

  3. I’m sure Leader Otis and Mama Cat were watching down and marveling at how far Sir Thomas has come. Saved from the pile of trash he was abandoned in, kept secure up in Kitty Valhalla, allowed to adjust to his new life at his own pace, and look at him now. No more doubts: he’s a safe, happy kitty.

  4. Love that 2nd picture! Looks like a great way to spend a rainy day…or so RC Cat insists. That brush looks cool – how’s it work?

  5. Brother Oliver that was an excellent play by play call. And the pics were great! You really captured the expressions at just the right moment. Sir Thomas you are a super cathlete. You should be very proud of how far you’ve come.

  6. We’re glad the brush handler got his act together and started brushing you the way you wanted to be brushed, Thomas.

  7. Sir Thomas, you did an excellent job in Super Brush Sunday! I’m sure Mama Cat and Leader Otis were smiling down upon you. It’s so nice that you could gaze up to show them your content…

  8. Aww, Thomas I can hear you purr! Do all tabbies like to be brushed? Miss P. isn’t a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination, but she will sit on Mama Human’s lap for a good brushing when she wants it. Good kitty 🙂

  9. AW! Sir Thomas is so cute! There is Nothing like a good Brushing! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

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