That Picture Of Brother Henry

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Brother Oliver told me he was going to handle the blog this entire week. We had the Super Brush Sunday highlight reel on Monday, but by Wednesday Brother Oliver still hadn’t posted anything new. When I went to look for him, I found him napping in the middle of the living room.

Oliver shirking responsibility 1

Brother Oliver was napping, and appeared to have no plans to put together a blog post.

When I asked Brother Oliver if he planned to blog that day, he simply said, “Sir Thomas, I’m too sleepy to blog. Why don’t you just show them that picture of Brother Henry? I know they’ll like it…” Perhaps I was channeling the spirit of Mama Cat in that moment, because I was not amused.

Thomas not amused 1

Brother Oliver was shirking his responsibility. I was not amused.

The next day, I again noticed that Brother Oliver had not posted a new blog. I went looking for him and this time he was laying in the sun on the bench under the front window.

Oliver shirking responsibility 2

Brother Oliver was shirking his responsibility again.

I said, “Brother Oliver, nothing new has been posted since Monday! Will you please write a new blog today!?” Brother Oliver replied, “Sir Thomas, please just show them that picture of Brother Henry like I asked you to do yesterday!” He then rolled over and went to sleep. I was even more strongly not amused than I had been the day before!

Thomas not amused 2

I didn’t think I could get any less amused than I had been the day before. I was wrong.

This morning I got up and immediately checked the blog. Brother Oliver still had not written a new post! So you know what? I give up.

That picture of Henry

That picture of Brother Henry.

You know what… now that I look at this… I feel kind of amused.

Thomas Out

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18 responses to “That Picture Of Brother Henry

  1. It’s hard to say who looks more content in the photo–the Guardian or Henry…

  2. catsinwindows

    Awwwww! And how does Brother Henry feel about all this?

  3. Sir Thomas – all that responsibility and not being amused makes one sleepy. Hope a sun puddle is available so all can recharge

  4. That is not sleep. That is deep meditation. We are sure that whenever Brother Henry chooses to publish it will be truly profound. In the meantime, the photos are lovely.

  5. awww – OK – Brother Oliver may have been slacking off, but Brother Henry looks awfully adorable

  6. Dear Sir Thomas, you have the cutest “sour face :frown:” I’ve ever seen. Selleck and His Person, Emily

  7. Brother Henry must think he is a human kitten.

  8. Love love love your ‘not amused’ face, Thomas! You’d think that would have gotten Oliver up…
    I love the slight smile on Henry’s face in that cuddle baby picture! So cute!

  9. I’m amused by the whole thing, Sir Thomas. Though I can see why you found it frustrating. I’m sure Brother Oliver was only able to nap so serenely because he knew you’d step up to the plate — I mean computer — and get the job done.

  10. You, Sir Thomas, are just as handsome when you are perturbed as when you are content. Thanks so much for taking matters in to your own paws, if left to Brother Oliver we would be missing our dose of Cult cuteness. We are sure Leader Otis and Mama Cat are both very proud of your steadfastness.

  11. Stand strong Sir Thomas! Thank you for the post. I was beginning to have withdrawal shakes without any Cult posts!

  12. That picture of Brother Henry was worth waiting for.

  13. Sir Thomas we can seez why ya waz upset wif Brother Oliver….he shure got ya to do hiz werk fer him….n dat piccie of Brother Henry wif da Guardian iz purreshuss…;)
    Wait til he findz out ya posted it….guud luck to ya!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  14. Hahaahahahaah 🙂 too cute 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  15. msphoebecat

    Brother Henry looks so cute! I’m sure as a mancat he will not be thrilled such a cuddly cutie photo of him being babied by the Guardian was posted, but what else can you do Sir Henry? If the boys are going to leave it up to you, then they take the risk of what might be shown! MEWHAHAHA!

    Phoebe’s Mom

  16. Leigh

    Sir Thomas’ face is priceless! Her Majesty, Mama Cat: “You have embraced my teachings well, young one”. 😀

  17. Unamused face is unamused!

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