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Super Brush Sunday Highlights

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Yesterday we brought you Super Brush Sunday, the not-to-be-missed event of the year. We only had limited video from the event, but I was there with my still camera so I can now bring you the highlights! Let’s take a look!

SB Sunday 1

Super Brush Sunday kicked off with our world class cathlete Sir Thomas taking the field. The brushing began immediately.

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It’s Super Brush Sunday!

Disciples of Otis,

The event of the year has arrived! And best of all, we caught it on video! See for yourselves!

Wow! I can’t wait to see the highlight reel!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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Pooper Bowl Sunday Is Here Again!

My Disciples,

I’m so excited!  It’s Pooper Bowl Sunday again!  We had a big Pooper Bowl performance by Brother Oliver last year, and I honestly don’t think we can top it. So I have included it below, in it’s entirety, for all to behold. But first I should remind you of what this day is all about.

Pooper Bowl Sunday is the day we acknowledge one of the least glamorous aspects of being a responsible cat Guardian.  As a cat Guardian, you should expect to be dealing with our poo and pee on a regular basis.  Irresponsible guardians let their kitties roam in Limbo, spreading their duty far and wide for others to clean up.  I have spoken of the potential consequences of this in past blogs.  It has even been covered in the Seattle news. Our duty is serious business, so please do your duty and clean up our duty! And now, Brother Oliver.

In honor of Pooper Bowl Sunday, Brother Oliver has agreed to give a demonstration of what the “Big Game” is all about.  Brother O is the picture of professionalism as he takes his position on the field.

Brother O Takes the Field

A true professional in action. Brother O takes his position on the field.

The stakes are high, but Brother Oliver will not be rattled.  He has a job to do and he is determined to get it done.  You can see the look of intense concentration as he puts on his meanest game face.

Brother Oliver puts on his game face.

Brother Oliver focuses all his attention on the big play. He puts on his meanest game face.

Even with the pressure of the whole world watching, Brother Oliver will not be shaken.  With an incredible display of feline physical prowess, he bears down and puts one right through the uprights!  As spectacular as the action is, the camera crew felt it best to cut to commercial during the game-winning play.  When they returned to the show Brother Oliver was midway through his victory dance.

Brother O Victory Dance

The camera crew cut away during the “touchdown”. When they returned Brother O was performing his victory dance.

The victory dance is truly breathtaking.  Brother Oliver turns left and right, waving his paws and tearing up the turf.  In the process he buries the “ball”.  He then exits the field victorious, pausing to strike a triumphant pose before he runs off to hit the showers.

Brother Oliver's Triumphant Pose

Brother O, his head held high, leaves the field in triumph.

And that, My Disciples, is how it is done.  After the Big Game, the grounds crew cleans and maintains the field so it will be ready for the next match.  The athletes can only perform at their best on a well maintained field.  If the field isn’t properly maintained, they may begin to organize their own pick-up games on makeshift fields of their choosing.  They don’t like this, nor do the spectators, so it’s very important that the grounds crew is competent and reliable.

So there you have it!  Enjoy your Pooper Bowl Sunday and make sure you keep both your athletes and their field of play in tip-top shape!

So Sayeth Otis

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