Brother Oliver’s Harrowing Tale: Part I

My Disciples,

I entered the living room late yesterday morning to find Brother Oliver sitting next to the portable kitty jail. I plopped down next to him and said, “Hey Brother Oliver. I’m glad to see you made it back from The Bad Place in one piece. Do you want to take a nap? I could use a nice soft pillow…” I waited for his reply, but I heard only silence.

Oliver and Otis AVV 1

I asked Brother Oliver if he wanted to take a nap. He was silent for some time.

I said, “Brother Oliver? Is everything OK?” He replied, “No Leader Otis, it’s not. It was a very stressful morning and I’m still pretty wound up. I mean, do you have any idea how frightening The Bad Place can be?” I said, “Ummmm… yeah… I’m pretty familiar with The Bad Place Brother Oliver. In fact, I was going to three different Bad Places on a regular basis there for awhile… remember?” Brother Oliver said, “Yeah! But let me tell you what happened to me!” Before I could tell him I’d rather take a nap, Brother Oliver launched into his story. Here is his harrowing tale:

Oliver vet visit 1

“So, Leader Otis, first the Guardians forced me to get into the portable kitty jail. Then they carried me outside to the car. I yelled and yelled at the top of my lungs… ummm… you know, just to reassure the Guardians that everything was OK. Actually, the whole car ride is kind of a blur. I can’t be sure, but I think someone in the car might have peed a little.”

Oliver vet visit 2

“When we got to The Bad Place, the Guardians took me out of the kitty jail and set me on a table. You would be amazed at how relaxed I was. I just looked around at everything, feeling completely calm and at ease. There were weird signs all over the wall. One of them said, “WiFi” and I wondered what that could mean…”

After Brother Oliver mentioned the “WiFi” sign, I heard a soft voice from under the couch say, “Oh my gosh… wiener fidos…” Brother Oliver didn’t seem to notice this. He just continued with his story.

Oliver vet visit 3

“At one point, I thought I heard a dog whining and barking. I wasn’t worried though. Nope. I was totally fine with the thought that dogs might be mere feet from where I was standing. I could tell the Guardians were very nervous though, so I moved over closer to them.”

Oliver vet visit 4

“When I moved over closer to the Guardians, the smaller one held her sweater open. I thought that maybe she needed a reassuring snuggle or something.”

Oliver vet visit 5

“Then I remembered how Brother Henry had checked the Guardians clothing for hidden dogs last time he was at The Bad Place. I decided that I would be remiss in my own security responsibilities if I didn’t do the same.”

Oliver vet visit 6

“As it turned out, there were no dogs in the Guardian’s sweater. I guess she was pretty relieved by that, but she still wanted a hug for reassurance. I obliged. I mean, it was totally for her. I was fine and didn’t need a hug.”

Oliver vet visit 7

“I could tell the Guardian was overheating and feeling stressed. When we kitties get stressed like that, we usually pant. I knew that the Guardian couldn’t pant, so I decided to pant for her. Yeah! I panted for her. It wasn’t for me. I was totally fine. I remained totally fine even when the good people from The Bad Place entered the room to look at me. Yep… totally fine.”

I suspected that Brother Oliver wasn’t being entirely truthful with his “totally fine” business, but I decided to let it go. Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of the apparently misnamed “Harrowing Tale” of Brother Oliver.

So Sayeth Otis

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23 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Harrowing Tale: Part I

  1. Brother Oliver also remembered guardians need a firm paw on the shoulder to reassure them. Well done taking care of the Guardians. What would they do without such compassion?

  2. wow – the guardians are lucky Brother Oliver takes such good care of them at the Bad Place (snicker)

  3. HHHHHMMMM me finkz da Brother Oliver protesteth too much ’bout bein SO FINE, MOL!!! Y cannot kidd a kdder dere sweet boy!! Butt we will go along wif yer story fer now…bemember many of us have to go to da Vet ALOT n we nose what’z what in dat sittuashun!
    Lub ya Brother Oliver….ya iz lookin pawsum so me finkz ya got do 2 PAWZ up??
    Lub Nylabluen Sherriellen xoxoxo

  4. I’m still laughing over the last sentence. You certainly know how to turn a phrase, Leader Otis. Still, there COULD have been a wiener dog under the Guardian’s sweater — that “WiFi” sign must mean something. Always best to check.

  5. I will be taking my Snickers to “The Bad Place” this Saturday. Apparently, he hasn’t been eating properly lately and just this morning, couldn’t keep his breakfast down and he’s gotten real skinny, real fast. He is still playful and chases his laser dot but he needs to be looked at. So you are not alone in visiting The Bad Places.

  6. Poor brother oliver, I’m glad you were there to reassure the guardians. Leader Otis, my lap is always available for you. Just let me know when.

  7. Sandy

    Wow, that looks frightening … for the guardians and all. Brother Oliver is so handsome though and I love his expression as he determines tht the guardian needs her sweater checked. When Toby goes to the vet, he prefers to hide under a blanket.

  8. Brother O, we’ve had our fair share of these harrowing experiences, too. In fact, rumor has it, I’m going to The Bad Place in a week or so. I think I’ll start hiding now.


  9. Aw, poor Oliver, it’s never fun to go to that place, as you know, Otis. I hope you had some compassion for him. And that you also got your nap with a soft brother pillow.

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