Brother Oliver’s Harrowing Tale: Part II

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Brother Oliver contended that he was panting for the Guardian because she was stressed and could not pant. Ummmm…yeah. Anyway, here’s Brother Oliver with the rest of his tall… errrr…Β harrowing tale.

Oliver vet visit 8

“So, after I calmed the Guardian down a little bit with my panting, the good people from The Bad Place came into the room. One of them held me tight, probably because he needed to absorb some of my calmness, while the other one squeezed my head and stuck himself in the eye with a weird flashlight. I’m not sure what that was about.”

Oliver vet visit 9

“Next they repositioned me on the table and, for the first time during the visit, I became somewhat alarmed as I felt one of them lift my tail.”

I interrupted Brother Oliver at this point saying, “Oh no! No! No! No! They didn’t, did they? They took your…” Brother Oliver finished my sentence.

Oliver vet visit 10

“Yes, Leader Otis, they did. They took my temp-shure. At that point, thankfully, I completely blacked out.”

Oliver vet visit 11

“When I came back to consciousness, I found myself back here in the living room standing next to the portable kitty jail. I was left with a vague impression of a conversation in which I heard that my eye was looking better… hmmmm… but I remember something else as well…”

I asked Brother Oliver what else he remembered. A soft voice from under the couch said, “Was it about wiener dogs?”, but Brother Oliver didn’t seem to hear it.

Oliver vet visit 12

“Well, Leader Otis, I remember the good people at The Bad Place saying that I weigh 19 pounds! Can you believe it!? Brother Henry is 17 pounds of tabby fury, but it seems that I have two more pounds of fury than he does! I am 19 pounds of tabby fury!”

Before I even realized what I was saying I mumbled, “More like 19 pounds of tabby flabby…” Brother Oliver said, “What? What did you say, Leader Otis?”

Oliver vet visit 13

Without thinking, I accidentally let a rude comment about Brother Oliver’s physique slip out.

I said, “Ummm… nothing, Brother Oliver! What? What Brother Henry? You need me to come to the back hallway right away? OK!” Then I got up and moved as fast as I could out of the living room. Unfortunately, that’s not that fast these days. As I was leaving, I heard Mama Cat say, “Where’s Leader Otis going?”

Oliver vet visit 14

As I was leaving, I heard Mama Cat ask Brother Oliver where I was going.

I heard Brother Oliver answer her saying, “I think he’s leaving because he just insulted me, Mama Cat…”, and, now fading in the distance, I heard Mama Cat reply, “He did? Was it because your butt’s getting kind of fat?”

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Harrowing Tale: Part II

  1. That’s a lot of tabby to love!

  2. My, my, my. What an ordeal! You kitties sure take expressive photos, though. Very nice.

  3. So the Brothers now constitute 36 pounds of tabby fury, plus you’ve got a gallant knight and a girlcat who can do the world’s best Flying Squirrel. I think you can stop worrying about the Mongrel Horde, Leader Otis.

  4. *snort, giggles* oh my goodness leader Otis, that was hilarious. I love mama cat’s comment. Poor brother oliver may be going on a diet soon. Or maybe he needs to work on his flying squirrel.

  5. Oh we do love a pluxurious Kitty πŸ™‚ sounds like more to love to me πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  6. The sweet darling looks a bit stressed. Have a lovely Wednesday.

  7. Yow Brother Oliver…me feelz fer ya Kittehman!! Me got taken to Vet’z yesturday too. Same fing wif tempyshure!!! Da horroar!! Me iz glad dat yer eye is better Brother Oliver…n tell Leader O n Momma C. ya iz not chubby YA IZ PLUXUREEUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *paw kissez* Nylablue

    • Brother O appreciates the support Nylablue. And with all that extra weight, he can use a LOT of support. πŸ™‚ I hope your Bad Place visit went well and that you are feeling good right now!

  8. Brother Oliver, the indignities you have to endure!

  9. I’m glad your eye is getting better, Oliver! I wouldn’t worry about the cracks about your weight, just throw it around a little and they’ll stop! Besides, you carry it well!

  10. In the south, we just say someone is big boned πŸ™‚

  11. By the way, over on our blog Leo gave Momma Cat an award!

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