Whiskered Gallantry #7- Ears of the Knight

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver is back at The Bad Place this morning for a recheck on his eye. His eye was cloudy and irritated on Friday morning when the Guardians first took him to The Bad Place. The Guardians didn’t know what had happened, and I overheard them saying that the good people at The Bad Place people didn’t know either, but that the meds Brother O has been since Friday seem to be clearing up the problem. I also heard them say that so far all of the tests on Brother Oliver’s blood had come back negative, which seemed to be good news. I expect that his recheck today won’t be too traumatizing.

Anyway, Brother Oliver had planned to release the next image in his Whiskered Gallantry series today, so he was crestfallen when he realized he was going to The Bad Place instead. When I told him I would post it for him, he cheered up and said, “Thanks Leader O! Please be sure to post my description of the photo too, so everyone understands what I was going for!” I told him I would. So, without further ado, here is Brother Oliver’s description of his latest work, followed by the work itself.

Statement from Brother Oliver

In a recent photo session with Sir Thomas, the subject of my Whiskered Gallantry series, my eyes were drawn upward to his ears. Once I focused on them, I couldn’t look away. They looked like they had a full set of whiskers of their own! It was a challenge to get Sir Thomas to keep his ears still long enough to capture the image I envisioned. He kept thinking every small sound he heard might be a wiener dog trying to sneak up on him, and his ears would swing this way and that to better listen to the possible threat. But after a grueling 9 hour shooting session, I finally got it. I give you Ears of the Knight!

WG-7-Ears of the Knight

Whiskered Gallantry 7- Ears of the Knight

There you have it, My Disciples. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely blown away by that stunning ear foliage! I wonder how Sir Thomas gets it all to stick out like that. Hmmm… perhaps those hissing noises I sometimes hear coming from Kitty Valhalla are actually the sound of a can of hairspray!

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “Whiskered Gallantry #7- Ears of the Knight

  1. Oh I love this photo–Sir Thomas looks so focused and confident. And that ear floof is impressive. His overall floofiness is remarkable–whiskers, ears, tail. I’m guessing he probably has some delightful toe floof too, but he is probably not keen on showing it off (my Bella has awesome toe floof but she doesn’t like me trying to admire it).

  2. Thomas you are gorgeous my friend xxx

  3. EEowww Sir Thomas me iz admirin yer photo of yer lubly earz n….*swoonz*….` Nylablue
    ‘Nylablue, Nylablue??’ I’m afraid she has sooned again Leader Otis….ok I’ll carry on for her…I think Brother henry did a great job of capturing Sir Thomas’ beautiful ear furnishings!!!! So full & fluffy!!! No wonder he can hear so well; those ears have super powers I am sure!!! Thank Brother Henry for your inspired series on Whiskered Gallantry!!! Stunnign phtotgraphy & of course the ‘subject’ is very handsum & photogenic also….
    YOOOOOWWWWW me finkz so too Mum….*swoonz again* ~Nylablue
    Love from Sherri-Ellen & ‘swooning Nylablue’

  4. That ear fluff alone should be enough to discourage any wiener dogs from attacking! Congratulations to Brother Oliver on another stunning photo. Here’s hoping your eye is all better soon, buddy.

  5. Sandy

    Brother Oliver – hope your eye is not bothering you too much and that it gets better soon (eyedrops can be icky). You did a great job capturing Sir Thomas’ ear floof and on-guard expression!

  6. Brother O…good job. Sir Thomas has some pawsome ears. And Oliver, we purr that your eye is better soon.

  7. mistletoeandhitch

    We love Sir Thomas’s floofy ears! HuMom says her grandfather had floofy ears very much like that. Oh, she has a picture……WOW, that man has more hair in his ears and nose than on his head! Humans sure are odd! We think floofy ear hair it looks so very much nicer on Sir Thomas!!!

  8. ldrew1

    A handsome set of ear whiskers, Sir Thomas. My mum says everyone comments on my ears too. It is so hard to be as handsome as we two are, isn’t it!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh! How did I never notice all that ear floof before? Very Squeeeee-able! But they eyes… they seem to be saying “touch my ear floof and lose a finger” Personally, I think it might just be worth it..
    Hope Brother Oliver is doing good!

  10. *giggles* leader o you maybe onto his secret. Sending purrs to brother oliver

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  12. 9 hours, wow you are committed to your vision. Hope everything goes ok at the bad place!

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