Brother Henry’s Bad Place Recheck

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. This morning, I walked into the living room to find Brother Henry locked up in the portable kitty jail. He was not happy. I asked him what was going on and he said, “I heard the Guardians say they are taking me to The Bad Place for a recheck. They don’t seem very worried about it, so I’m totally not worried either.” He looked worried to me.

Henry Vet Recheck 1

Brother Henry said he heard the Guardians mention he was going for a recheck.

I wished Brother Henry good luck, and then jumped down to go hit the food bowl. As I walked away I heard a female voice say, “Hah! Did they lock you up because you won’t stop bothering me?” I turned around to see Mama Cat looking at Brother Henry in the kitty jail.

Henry Vet Recheck 2

Mama Cat thought Brother Henry had been locked up because of her.

I said, “Hey Mama! Leave Brother Henry alone. He’s about to go to The Bad Place.”, to which she replied, “OH! Sorry. I don’t like you bothering me but I have nothing but sympathy for any kitty that is about to go to The Bad Place… even you Brother Henry.” Brother Henry said, “Ummm… thanks, I guess.” And then the Guardians came in, grabbed the kitty jail, and headed out the front door.

An hour later the Guardians returned and let Brother Henry out of the jail. I asked him how it went at The Bad Place and he said, “Well, you know, everything was fine with the checkup, but the Guardians were very scared while we were there so I had to comfort them. First I draped myself over the smaller one to make her feel protected.”

Henry Vet Recheck 3

Brother Henry said he draped himself over one of the Guardians to make her feel protected.

Brother Henry continued, “Then, I could tell that the bigger Guardian was feeling really nervous. I thought that maybe he was scared that a dog had climbed inside his coat while he wasn’t looking…” At that point, a voice came from underneath the couch. It said, “A wiener dog?” Brother Henry said, “Yes, Thomas, it might have been a wiener dog. Anyway, I figured the only way to make the Guardian feel better would be for me to make sure the coat was clear. So I went in there and checked it out thoroughly.”

Henry Vet Recheck 4

Brother Henry said he checked the bigger Guardian’s coat for dogs that may or may not have been wieners.

At this point, I said, “Are you sure that’s what happened, Brother Henry? Are you sure you weren’t the one seeking comfort from the Guardians?” To which he answered, “Of course not, Brother Oliver! I had to be brave for the Guardians! Are you questioning my story?” I said, “Ummm… no, of course not Brother Henry… it’s just that… well… it smells like you might have peed yourself a little bit.” Brother Henry suddenly looked very embarrassed. He said, “Oh… ummmm… It wasn’t me… it was… errr… the bigger Guardian. Yeah. I guess he was pretty scared.” I started to say, “But I’ve never seen one of the Guardians do that…” when Brother Henry interrupted saying, “DID YOU HEAR THAT! I THINK IT WAS BARKING IN THE BACK ALLEY!” And then he darted out of the room, bringing an end to the questioning. As he left, I heard a voice from under the couch say, “Weird. I didn’t hear any barking.”

So Sayeth Oliver

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22 responses to “Brother Henry’s Bad Place Recheck

  1. Poor brother henry. I will admit I giggled…glad he was there to help the guardians in their time of need. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

  2. Such a considerate lap cat 😉

  3. mistletoeandhitch

    Brother Henry has extraordinary hearing. The Cult of Otis is very lucky to have him on guard.

  4. Sandy

    Brother Henry – I am so glad that your recheck went well. The picture of you making your smaller guardian feel safer was amazing as now I can really see how big you are. All wiener dogs should beware!

  5. ROFMOL! All I can think of is the Monty Python song… Brave Brother Henry, Brother Henry ran away!…

  6. Oh Brother Henry! How nice of you to comfort the Guardians. We’re sure they really appreciated it. 🙂

  7. Yow Brother Henry…what a time ya had a da Vet’z! Me waz on da lookout fer any weinder dogz butt dere were none where me waz!!! Me waz at da Vet too fer a ‘recheck’ n Dr. Dave palpeetated me bladder n me peed in da specemin cup n dey checked it n me iz OK…but me iz losin weight fer no apparent reeson…me got a cartrophen injeckshun n me feelz bettur tonite…me hopez yer Guardianz iz all calmed down now….dese Hu’Manz are so fragile aren’t dey???
    Momma Kat waz even nice to ya?!?! Bery cool!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

    • I’m glad you feel better, Nylablue, and I’m glad you made it through your Bad Place experience in one piece! – Brother Oliver

      • Yow Brother Oliver… me iz so used to goin to da Vet’z it iz really not so bad…butt me likez to keep da Vet on his toesiez!! Me iz still here but me iz not feelin fabuluss n still not eatin alot….me finkz Leader Otis n me shuud go on a tropical bacayshun n soak up sum Sun!!!
        Yerz Nylablue xo

  8. Glad that it was nothing to worry about. Wow you lot are keeping the people at the bad place very busy at the moment, it’s almost becoming like your second home! Hope this won’t be the case for much longer!

  9. So that’s why Pebble tried to climb over my shoulder and down my back last time we were at the bad place 🙂
    Mama’s fur is looking better.

  10. It’s okay Brother Henry, nothing wrong with a routine check-up. My little kitty Harvey just went in, and while everything is good it was advised that he go on a diet:

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