I Forgive you, Brush

My Disciples,

I… ooooh, wait… here comes the Guardian with My brush!

Otis and brush 01

Well hello, brush. I haven’t seen you in awhile. And by “awhile” I mean about an hour or so…

Otis and brush 2

Ohhhhh brush… let’s never be apart again. I… wait… what’s this? I don’t have orange hair. Brush! Whose hair is this!?

Otis and brush 002

No! No! Get away from Me, brush! I can’t even look at you! How could you do this!? HOW COULD YOU!?

Otis and brush 3

I said NO! You have betrayed Me for the last time, brush! It’s over! OVER!

Otis and brush 4

No! No! I won’t let you. Stop it! Mmmmph… grrrrrrr….

Otis and brush 5

Oh, who am I kidding? Come here, brush. Yes. Come here.

Otis and brush 6

I know it wasn’t your fault, brush. I forgive you. There, there. Let’s just leave it all in the past.

Otis and brush 7

Oh brush! I wish I knew how to quit you!

Ummmm… Disciples of Otis… Brother Oliver here… Sorry you had to see that. I guess I should just wrap this up by saying, on behalf of The Leader…

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “I Forgive you, Brush

  1. Leader Otis, I wish my kitties were smart enough to brush themselves! You are indeed a wise and powerful leader.

  2. This gave me a giggle. 🙂

  3. Awwww…Leader Otis, I have the same love affair with my soft brushie…Mom and Dad made sure when cousin Leo lived with is that I never had to find orange furs in MY soft brushie…paw hugs, Savannah

  4. Your exprerssions are priceless and we started to feel sorry for you. But then, how can we feel sorry for such a great leader. You handled it all so very well.

  5. Sounds like Brush had a little fling with Mama Cat!

  6. Can I love a cat more than these photos..?! *HUGS*

  7. Oh, Puck just loves the latest brush I bought. It has taken YEARS to find a brush he likes. The instant I start brushing he starts purring. Aries isn’t too sure about it yet, but he tolerates it more than any other brush as well. I think his ambivalence is because he sheds far less in general and he is also a better groomer than Puck.

  8. Hee hee hee, that’s too cute. My Star has an obsession with hair brushes too, and with hair… think they’re connected? lol
    Tell Oliver not to worry, there’s nothing wrong with a little brushy love!
    I bet I know who those orange hairs belong to! Momma Cat likes brushies too! Perhaps by swapping scents through the brush she’ll start to really like you guys!

  9. Batya Harlow

    So, so adorable! Trout and Kismet would be jealous if they knew how much I love you Otis, and the rest of cats at chez Otis. (Can’t help but worry about Philosopherofthehedge . . . haven’t seen any posts recently.)

  10. That brush looks as if it has enough bristles for you AND Mama Cat, Leader Otis. And probably the Brothers too. But if it has to deal with Thomas’s long fur, things might get gnarly.

  11. Leader O, I’d very much like to give you a big squishy cuddle and a huge, loving smooch. You put the cat in the cat’s pyjamas.

  12. Bless yer furry sweet pawz Leader Otis…me LUBZ yer bloggie bout da Brush!!! Me haz da same reelayshunship wif me brush n me cuud never give it up….speshelly wif a sweet Mum to hold it fer me….
    Ya iz lookin bery handsum n bright eyed Leader O in we iz happy to see ya so perky!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤

  13. Leader Otis, you and that brush together…well, it made us blush just a little bit. 😉

  14. Oh leader Otis now I understand why my cats chew on the comb. I will make sure to clean other furs off of it from now on. Enjoy your brush time.

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