We Talked With The Leader!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Things were pretty quiet around here for most of the day yesterday. As Brother Henry informed you in the last blog post, Leader Otis has been sequestered in a downstairs room, and no one is allowed to visit The Leader without an escort from the Guardians… or so I thought.

In the late afternoon Brother Henry came running into the living room shouting, “Brother Oliver! Come quick!” Thinking something must be wrong with Leader Otis, I jumped up immediately and followed Brother Henry downstairs. We were moving very fast and I was right on Brother Henry’s tail. When he came to an abrupt stop in front of the door to The Leader’s room, I wasn’t ready for it. I was only able to stop in time because of my catlike reflexes. Oh, wait. I mean because of my cat reflexes. I spend a little too much time around people.

When Brother Henry came to an abrupt stop, I narrowly avoided a disaster.

After Brother Henry stopped he said, “See Brother Oliver! See what they did!” I replied, “All I see is what you didn’t do. I think you need a good grooming session, or maybe a quick scoot across the carpet!” Unconcerned with my criticism, Brother Henry said, “No! Look! The Guardians put up a gate so we can see into Leader Otis’s room! I…” Brother Henry paused and then continued in a whisper, “…I can see Him Brother Oliver…He’s right on the other side of the gate!” I asked Brother Henry why he was whispering and he continued, “because He is still wearing that sound amplifying device. I don’t want’ to hurt his ears…”

Brother Henry saw Leader Otis through the gate. He started whispering because The Leader was still wearing the sound amplifying device.

Brother Henry whispered, “Hi Leader Otis!” and Leader Otis said, “What! Is that you Brother Henry!?” Brother Henry then turned to me and whispered, “I don’t think The Leader’s device works very well…” I ignored Brother Henry and said, “Leader! Are you OK? How are you feeling?” He replied, “Ummm… have you ever been to The Bad Place and had them make you go to sleep, and then when you wake up a part of you is missing?” Brother Henry and I both reflexively clenched our thighs, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of us. Leader Otis said,Β “Yep, that’s kind of how I’m feeling.”

I started to tell The Leader I was sorry He was feeling so bad, but one of the Guardians appeared. He unhooked the curtain that was blocking the upper part of the door, stepped over the gate, and entered the room with The Leader. He then removed the Leader’s strange, cone-shaped listening device and gave him some kind of clear liquid from a syringe. Leader Otis grimaced, but then shook his head and looked as if He was relieved to be rid of his sound amplifier. He stumbled over to a nearby food bowl and began to eat.

The Guardian removed the device from Leader Otis’s head and gave him some clear liquid. The Leader walked to His food bowl for a snack.

At this point Brother Henry shouted at the top of his lungs, “LEADER OTIS! IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU!?” Leader Otis jumped a little, as did I. I asked Brother Henry why he was shouting and he said, “Because the Leader isn’t wearing His sound amplifier anymore.” I replied, “Well He’s still wearing His ears, Brother Henry…”

As I was chastising Brother Henry, Leader Otis picked His head up from His bowl and said, “Whoooooooa. I’m feeling kind of funky…” He then limped over to a small red rug that was nearby. He plopped down, started looking around the room and said, “Hey! Is there a window open in here? Do you guys feel that breeze?”

Leader Otis started feeling funky while eating his food. He then plopped down on a nearby rug and said He felt a breeze.

As Leader Otis looked around, I noticed that His pupils had become very large. He also seemed to be slurring His words a bit. When His gaze fell on His shaved backside, he froze. He said, “Whazzis? Ohmegosh!” He then covered His face with one paw as if He was embarrassed.

Leader Otis his naked backside and appeared to become embarrassed.

Next, The Leader let out another long, “Whooooooooa!” and then laid down on the rug with His tongue sticking out. He actually seemed to be feeling pretty good at that point.

The Leader laid down on the rug with his tongue sticking out. He seemed to be feeling good though.

Brother Henry was alarmed at first. He said he had only seen Leader Otis behave this way when He was fighting his addiction to prescription pill bottles. While I agreed that there were many similarities to that situation, I suspected that in this case Leader Otis was feeling the effects of the liquid the Guardian had put in his mouth. I assumed it was the same medicine I had smelled on Him when He first got home.

At this point the Guardian scooped Leader Otis up and placed Him back in the comfy bed by the gate. He also put the sound amplifying device back on His head. Brother Henry immediately started whispering again.

The Guardian put Leader Otis back in the bed. He also replaced the listening device.

Next the Guardian turned out the light and exited the room. Brother Henry and I took that as our cue to leave The Leader in peace. Although we both still have many questions, they will have to wait until The Leader is feeling stronger. As Brother Henry and I turned to walk away, I leaned over to him and whispered, “Brother Henry… please go clean your backside now.” I then darted up the stairs as fast as I could go.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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34 responses to “We Talked With The Leader!

  1. Glad to see the Leader loaded! Pain? What pain?

  2. Jenn

    It’s great to see you on the mend Leader Otis! Keep feeling better! And,to the Guardians, that is an ingenius confinement set up, thanks for the good idea!

  3. Thanks for the update….sounds like the drugs are working πŸ˜‰

  4. Brother Henry thank you for the update we are so pleased Leader Otis is making good progress. Paw pats xxx

  5. Oh thanks so much Brother Henry for letting us know the Leader is not feeling any pain. I still have my paws crossed, and keep sending my purrs to the Leader through my fastest teleport tunnel so I a, sure my purrs are getting to him. Paw pats, Savannah. PeeEss. Get Brother Oliver to stick his tooshy in some water and then do a good scoot. Just a suggestion

  6. Poor sweet Otis! A nice kitty head butt to you, big guy! Ask the guardians for a blanket to keep you modest and warm, poor guy!

  7. Oh we are so glad we found you kitties. All of you are very funny but I know that the leader is not funny right now. Looks like he is on some great drugs which hopefully is keeping him out of pain. We sure do send tons and tons of purrs to Otis, the Leader. Pretty soon you will be feeling so much better. Love this blog. Take care.

    • Thanks Marg. I am very glad you found us too. Leader Otis is definitely a bit under the weather at the moment, but I just know He will be bouncing back in no time! Thanks so much for the purrs and support.

      – Brother Henry

  8. Mistletoe & Hitch

    We continue to send Leader Otis our best wishes and most healing purrs. Thank you for keeping us updated on the Leaders progress and allowing us a glimpse into how you are all getting along while he is recovering.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  9. Oh Brother Henry – so glad that you are keeping an eye on things while Otis rests. (Try not to stare at his lack of coat…you know how embarrassing that is for kitties!)

  10. Perhaps you need an “Operation Poopster” for Brother Henry

  11. Linda Mack

    I’m glad to see that Otis is doing so well. It is so much fun to read about all the antics of the cats . They are so special. Thank you for your brilliant writing.

  12. Well, he’s eating, enjoying his (presumably) pain drugs, and sleeping, sounds like he’s doing everything he can to recover! Such a sweet boy, I hope he feels great soon!

  13. Hugs to the leader!!! So happy to see you out and about Otis!

  14. Leader Otis and Brethren, I have nominated you for a “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” (your previous visits to “The Bad Place” put you in a sufficiently gray zone to fall under the umbrella of the “sisterhood”!) ~ http://travelgardeneat.com/2012/11/29/you-flatter-me-blogger-friends/ (for the “rules” :-)) — however, whether you participate in the awards process or not, thank you for sharing and know you are appreciated! ~ Kat

  15. We’re glad you got to talk with the Leader…at least until he passed out!

  16. What a trooper! Even under the knife Leader Otis is concerned about the Dog Uprising.
    We are amazed at how small his incision is!

  17. Oh Otis it is so good to see you!!! Don’t worry about your shaved leg, your fur will grow back in no time πŸ™‚

  18. Pingback: A Failed Attempt at Solidarity | The Blog of Otis

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