Meeting Mama’s Needs Part II: The Guardians Are Up To Something

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Mama had asked that I help find a way to keep her warm at night, and I was about to try to influence the Guardians to help her. Before I could do that though, the Guardians left in their car. Well, when they returned about an hour later they brought home a bunch of wood and some weird plastic. The started putting something together next to My Outdoor Domain. Mama Cat watched with interest.

Mama Shed 4

Mama Cat watched as the Guardians were building something next to My Outdoor Domain.

Mama was puzzled, as was I. What were the Guardians up to? I hadn’t even gotten the chance to try to influence them to solve Mama’s problem. Was it possible that they had somehow read My mind and were doing something anyway? Mama tried to look at the structure from a different angle to see if she could figure it out.

Mama Shed 5

Mama checked out the thing the Guardians were building from a different angle. She was still puzzled.

I went inside for a snack, but when I came back out, the Guardians seemed to be finished. The two red chairs that always sit next to My Outdoor Domain were back in place, but one of them, the one that Mama likes to sleep on, Β had the Toastinator from the Toastitron 3000 hanging over it! I realized that the Guardians had just built a custom, more open Toastitron in which Mama would not feel so claustrophobic!

Mama Shed 6

The Guardians had built Mama a custom Toastitron! It was more open so she wouldn’t be afraid to use it!

I decided to call this new invention the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000. I was really excited and looked around for Mama, but she was not around. Β I think she discovered the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000 later that night though because I heard an excited gasp coming from outside around midnight.

Mama Shed 7

Mama must have discovered the Mama Snuggle Shed 3000 around midnight. I heard her gasp with excitement.

I hoped that Mama would like the new invention, but I wouldn’t be able to go outside and check until the next morning. Actually, I ended up sleeping in, so Brother Oliver was the first one to discover whether or not the Snuggle Shed met with Mama’s approval.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Meeting Mama’s Needs Part III: Mission Accomplished

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49 responses to “Meeting Mama’s Needs Part II: The Guardians Are Up To Something

  1. YEA! Please accept this gift Mama Cat! It’s good to have creative friends who care.

  2. 2 cats

    YAY! I can’t wait to read part 3 to see if Mama cat likes her snuggle shack

  3. CindyD

    I’ve never met The Guardians, but I think they must be the most wonderful caring people. Many thanks from this cat lover for helping Mama!

  4. good job by the guardians… raised them well!

  5. Leader Otis, the Guardians do you proud. I hope the Cult of Otis reap all the good they have sown. The example set here has a positive effect on all those who follow this blog. I’m sure Mama Cat will appreciate the new open Mama Cat Snuggle Shack. Mama Cat’s discomfort with the closed in Toastitron 3000 reminds our HuMom of her feelings about the regular MRI machine. If those are really comparable then Mama Cat would have never been able to relax inside the Toastitron 3000. Leader Otis, Brothers Oliver and Henry plus dear, doubting Thomas, you must be very proud of your Guardians. They are setting an awesome example.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. The Guardians are wonderful. So sayeth Merbear πŸ™‚

  7. I read yesterdays post and I was sad to read mama was cold, so really happy today that guardians are doing something for the old girl xxx πŸ™‚

  8. Otis, your Guardians are just too much. They reduce me to a puddle of tears with their incredible kindness and compassion. They are true Guardians to all kitties who cross their paths.

  9. I must echo everything Christine has said above. The Guardians truly are amazing, compassionate, and (incredibly) handy! Myself, and Nymeria thank them from the bottoms of our hearts!

  10. What wonderful Guardians you have, Leader Otis! I know Mama Cat and her Guardians will so appreciate this.

  11. theislandcats

    Wow, the Guardians did good! Mama Cat is gonna be toasty warm in her chair.

  12. Aw, that’s a wonderful snuggle shed! I hope she loved it and slept there all night! Well, I hope she was indoors all night, but if she wasn’t, then I hope she used it!

  13. What a great solution.

  14. ena

    all right. I knew the guardians were up to something awesome.

  15. spittythekitty

    Leader Otis, I think You sent out brainwaves from Your large and complex brain and the Guardians could not help but soak them up. So, even though You had not yet expressed Your ideas aloud to the Guardians, you are all synchronized to the same wavelengths so that Your brilliant concepts are automatically sent and appear in the Guardians’ brains as their own ideas.

    Now, this could work in reverse as well (the Guardians’ brilliant ideas sent directly into Your brain) IF the Humans ever had any brilliant ideas. Alas, they rarely do. Sigh.

    What the Guardians *DO* have are the thumbs, and we must give them Props for that, eh Leader O? And Kudos to them for using those thumbs in service of SUCH a wonderful cause. We feel all warm and toasty ourselves just thinking of the Mama Snuggle Shack.

  16. spittythekitty

    Oops, got a little carried away with the bold!

  17. Batya Harlow

    Leader Otis, please help the Guardians write a How-to book on helping kitties. They could teach people all over the world to build Toastitrons, and safe outdoor enclosures, and make the temporary changes to separate shy new kitties like when Thomas first came, and all the other magnificent things they do on behalf of cats.

  18. You have the most awesome of peoples…those you call Guardians.

  19. We’re so excited to see the new Toastitron 3000, and we can’t wait to see how Mama likes it. Leader Otis, your Guardians are examples to Guardians everywhere.

  20. Linda

    Yea Guardians! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. I knew the gardians would sort it out – they are pretty good you know!

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