Beatrice Plays Coy

My Disciples,

Beatrice stopped by today for some late morning catnip. It was the first time I had seen her since I discovered that she, Thomas and Mama Cat have been holding late night training sessions in the backyard. I said, “Hey B! Long time no see!” To which she replied, “Hey Leader Otis. I…uhhhh..I’ve been around. I’m not sure why we haven’t seen each other lateley…ummmm…weird, huh?”

Beatrice stops by

Beatrice pretended that she hadn’t been keeping unusual hours in recent days.

I looked at Beatrice and said, “Really? You’ve been around? The is weird. It’s been fairly nice recently, so The Brothers and I have been spending most or our time in My Outdoor Domain. If you’ve been around as much as usual, I would think we would have seen you. Are you sure you haven’t been keeping a different schedule or something lately?”

Beatrice responded, “Errrrrr…ummmm…I mean, no. I guess we just must keep missing each other. Like we have bad timing or something. I…” She stopped in the middle of speaking as she was overcome by an enormous yawn.

Beatrice yawns

Beatrice was trying to convince Me that she was keeping normal hours, but an enormous yawn betrayed her.

After she yawned I said, “Wow! That was quite the yawn! Have you been getting enough sleep Beatrice? Has something been keeping you up at night?” She nervously responded, “Uhhhhh…nope. Not me! I’ve been sleeping just as much as always and not doing any sort of strenuous physical activity after the sun goes down. Nope. Not at all. Ummmm…goodbye Leader Otis!” She then hurried off down the alley in the direction of her house.

I found it odd that Beatrice was being so secretive about her training sessions, but perhaps she is just really serious about the upcoming Catlympics. She probably thinks that if The Brothers and I don’t know about the training, we will be less inclined to train ourselves. I guess I’ll just let her think her secret is safe…but that doesn’t mean The Brothers and I won’t start doing some super-secret training of our own. This year’s competition is going to be fierce, and we shall be ready…

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Beatrice Plays Coy

  1. You have the best luck getting the super yawn photos! I am so slow with the click, I next to never catch them 😦

  2. Oops !
    I think that yawn , gave Beatrice her “secret” away 🙂

  3. The super yawn photo is amazing, Leader Otis! Very fine photography skills!

  4. Coy is the word, Otis.
    (But it’s so hard not to just reach through the screen and grab that pretty kitty. Wishing her always safe.)

  5. ummm..ahhh…Leader Otis…I raised this in another comment…who do ya think was handling that ‘training bird’ late at night like that??? With such good photog quality, sort’a like what the Guardians capture with you guys and the daytime limbo kitties doing tryouts. Ahhhh…anyways…I still think ya outta ask the Guardians about this…after all, they will be chronicling your workouts…so be careful…they could slip some of the footage about your workouts to Beatrice and others…be verrrrrrrrry careful Leader Otis

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