Night Mystery Solved

My Disciples,

As darkness began to fall last night, The Brothers and I put a plan in motion to ensure that one of us could be in My Outdoor Domain to document what was going on in our yard when the sun went down. We decided that Brother Oliver should be the one to stay outside since he is the best at taking photos. As the light started to fade, Brother Oliver and I sat in the Outdoor Domain waiting for the Guardians to come and try to herd us in. Meanwhile, Brother Henry was stationed in the living room awaiting My signal. The Guardians arrived right on schedule saying, “All right guys…time to come in.” That was My cue, and I signaled Brother Henry with two quick, loud meows.

The Guardians eyed Me suspiciously for a moment when I meowed, but before they could give it another thought, Brother Henry sprung into action. Loud retching noises began to emanate from the living room. “Hork! Hork! Hork! Hoooooook!” The Guardians turned and hurried toward the sound of what they believed was an enormous hairball in the making. As soon as their backs were turned, I darted inside and threw Myself against the door. I shouted, “Good luck!” to Brother Oliver and then the door banged shut, leaving him to his mission.

By the time the Guardians reached the living room, Brother Henry had darted into the office and hidden under the desk. The Guardians did a thorough search for both hairballs and Brother Henry and, finding neither, returned to the back door. When they arrived, I was sitting in front of the door looking as innocent as felinely possible. The Guardians looked puzzled for a moment, but then, as I had hoped, they simply turned around and started making our dinner. I knew that, in the confusion of Brother Henry’s diversion, each of them would believe the other had brought Brother Oliver and I in and closed the door. The plan had gone perfectly.

At around midnight, I heard Brother Oliver yowl from the Outdoor Domain. This was My signal to wake up the Guardians and make them let him back inside. I climbed all over them in bed, and yowled insistently when they awoke. they followed Me  upstairs and I yowled again looking at the door. They opened it to find Brother Oliver looking up at them. They were extremely apologetic to Brother Oliver, but he paid them little attention. Instead he went straight to the food bowls and then visited the litter box. Afterwards, he shared a series of photos that solved the mystery of the nighttime yard activity once and for all. Here are those photos:

Beatrice Catmikaze at Night

The first image, clearly showing Beatrice doing a picture-perfect Catmikaze with Mama Cat and Thomas watching, solved the mystery. Mama Cat had begun to hold nighttime Catlympic trainings for the Limbo Kitties!

Beatrice Super Wheelie at Night

It looked like Beatrice had taken the Super Wheelie to the next level.

Beatrice Bipedal Work

Brother Oliver said he was blown away by Beatrice’s bipedal skills.

Beatrice Super Tippy Toes

Brother Oliver said that Beatrice created this move herself. She called it “Super Tippy-toes”. He was so astounded by it he nearly knocked the camera over, which is why he didn’t get a very good photo of the move.

Thomas close focus

Thomas was training too, but he was still working on the fundamentals. Here he is seen practicing his focus.

Thomas Focusing

Brother Oliver said that Mama Cat was very encouraging to Thomas. She praised his ability to keep his eyes on the artificial bird.

Thomas Hallelujah Paw Raise

Encouraged by Mama Cat’s gentle guidance, Thomas began to attempt some bi-pedal work. Here he practices a Hallelujah Paw Raise.

Thomas Catmikaze

By the end of the training session, Thomas even attempted a Catmikaze…though he fell a little short of the bird.

It’s great to finally know what has been happening in the yard after dark. I knew we had some dedicated cathletes in the neighborhood, but I had no idea how seriously they were taking their training. One thing’s for sure, The Brothers and I are going to need to start working on our own skills if we hope to have any chance of competing in this year’s Catlympic Games. The competition is getting better every day…errrr…night!

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Night Mystery Solved

  1. OMC !
    I´m sooo impressed by Beatrice´s “Super Tippy-Toes” move.
    I see I have no chance in the CatOLympics !

  2. Love the enthusiasm they show! And the grace – even Thomas

  3. Wow, what an elaborate plan you devised! and how well it worked out! Great night training shots!

  4. If Thomas decides to do something other than be a cathelite in the catlympics he could start a praise band and perform in the opening/closing ceremonies.

  5. hmmm…Beatrice’s Super Tippy Toes OR Thomas’ Hallelujah Paw Raise…hmmmm…I don’t know Leader Otis…I really think Thomas is capable of bringing it on…he might even invent some new moves of his own…BTW…when are the Catlympics??

  6. Night training? That Mama Cat is a real task master!

  7. Amazing pics my furriend! :”)

  8. Leaping kitties! What an amazing event. Maybe they are training in secret to surprise everyone? Outstanding pictures of fur in flight.

  9. We knew it we knew it we knew it! What sensible kitties to play and practice at night when it’s so much cooler. Lovely photos. Guess you’re all tired out staying up to solve this mystery.

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