Training the Inner Circle Part I- Watch

My Disciples,

After yesterday’s interaction with Beatrice, I decided that The Inner Circle of The Cult of Otis needed to start its own secret Catlympic training program. Since Mama Cat has been getting results with her “watch, anticipate, act” training mantra, I decided that we too would follow this pattern. The Brothers and I gathered in the living room, and I signaled to the artificial bird handler to start the session. As the bird started to fly around I said, “All right everyone, for now just watch. Keep your eyes on that bird!” Brother Henry showed intense focus as he sat on top of the cat tree doing as instructed.

Henry Focus 1

Brother Henry showed intense focus as he watched the artificial bird.

The bird made a high pass over Brother Oliver and I, and we both watched it attentively.

Oliver and Otis focusing

The bird passed over Brother Oliver and I, and we watched it closely.

My neck was getting sore from looking up, so I decided to roll over on My back so I could more easily watch the bird above Me. After I rolled over though, it was as if the bird had disappeared! I said, “Brother Oliver, where’d the bird go!? Do you see it!?” Brother Oliver replied sheepishly, “Ummmmmm…yes Leader Otis. I never took my eyes off of it. I see it right now. It’s…errrrr…on your belly.”

Otis with feather on belly.

I lost sight of the bird when I rolled over. Brother Oliver was embarrassed to tell Me that it was sitting on My belly.

Just as I looked down toward My stomach, the bird flew skyward and made another pass by Brother Henry. Brother Henry instinctually raised his paw a little bit as if he had moved on to step 2, which is “anticipate.”

Henry Focus 2

Brother Henry began to raise a paw as if he was ready to move on from step 1.

I decided that it was probably a good idea to move on from step 1 Myself, because Brother Oliver had stopped watching the bird and now was watching Me with an amused look on his face.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Training the Inner Circle Part II- Anticipate

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9 responses to “Training the Inner Circle Part I- Watch

  1. Love the first and last picture! :”) nice story. have a lovely evening!

  2. so guys…ya have a long way to go to even begin to catch up with MamaCat! not to mention Beatrice, or even Thomas…guys…why don’t ya just judge and let the others like go for it???? Just a thought….

  3. I would print that first picture and frame that thing! it’s far too awesome!

  4. I am impressed with Brother Henry’s intense focus. He has “the eye of the tiger.”

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