Mama Cat’s Training Camp- Beatrice Takes Center Stage

My Disciples,

Yesterday we followed Mama Cat’s introductory demonstration at her new Catlympic training camp.  When we left off, Beatrice had just taken her mark. As the bird handler moved into position, it was clear that Beatrice was very nervous.  Her pupils were huge as she prepared to keep her eyes on the bird as Mama Cat had instructed.

Beatrice with huge pupils

Beatrice was very nervous as she took her mark. Her pupils were huge as she prepared to keep her eyes on the bird.

The handler started to work the bird and Beatrice began to track it. Mama Cat said, “Now remember, Beatrice, try to watch the bird and anticipate where it will be.  Watch, anticipate, act.  You can do it.” As the bird made a low pass, Beatrice cracked under the pressure.  She sort of flopped over on her side and made an awkward swipe that missed the bird by a mile.

Beatrice flailing at the bird

Beatrice’s first attempt at capturing the bird was very clumsy. She missed by a mile.

Although Beatrice’s attempt was ineffective, Mama Cat stayed positive.  “Good try, Beatrice…”, she said, “Now get back on your feet and let’s try that again.

Mama Cat encouraging Beatrice

Although Beatrice had missed the bird, Mama Cat encouraged her to get back up and try again.

As the bird made a low pass along the ground, Mama Cat yelled, “Now, Beatrice, now!”  Beatrice lunged for the bird and, although she did not capture it, she at least made good contact.

Beatrice going after the bird

With Mama Cat’s guidance, Beatrice nearly captured the bird on the ground.

“Good, Beatrice, good!”, Mama Cat said.  “Now let’s see if you can apply what I have taught you to some aerial work.”  Beatrice seemed to be filled with confidence by Mama Cat’s encouragement.  She immediately focused on the bird as it began to make low passes, and she attempted to take a swipe at it.

Beatrice begins her aerial work

Encouraged by Mama Cat, Beatrice began to try her paw at aerial work.

Although Beatrice missed the bird on its first aerial pass, she quickly regrouped and made contact on the second pass.  Mama Cat shouted, “Yes, Beatrice, yes!”

Beatrice makes contact with the aerial bird

Beatrice made contact with the aerial bird on the second attempt. Mama Cat was very excited by what she was seeing.

Now overcome with excitement by Mama’s encouragement, Beatrice began to get ahead of herself.  She spun around and attempted to execute a Super Wheelie.  As she did so, Mama Cat said, “No, no, Beatrice, we’re starting with the basics.  We’ll work on special moves later.  For now just watch, anticipate, and act!”

Beatrice tries a Super Wheelie

Beatrice got over-excited and tried to execute a Super Wheelie. Mama Cat told her to slow down and work on the basics.

Beatrice didn’t seem to hear Mama Cat.  She dropped down from the Super Wheelie and ran in a small circle. It looked like she was setting up for something big.  Mama Cat tried to reign her in, but it was no use.

Beatrice setting up for something big

Beatrice next ran in a small circle as if she was setting up for something big. Mama Cat tried to slow her down but she wasn’t listening.

As Mama Cat said, “Beatrice!  Listen to me!  Focus on the basics!  The basics!”, Beatrice launched herself into the sky yelling, “FLYING SQUIRREL!”  She missed the bird by an embarrassingly wide margin.

Beatrice attempts a Flying Squirrel

As Mama Cat continued to try to reign Beatrice in, Beatrice attempted to execute a Flying Squirrel move.

As Beatrice landed, Mama Cat roared, “BEATRICE!”  That finally got her attention.  She looked up meekly at Mama Cat and said, “Sorry Mama…I guess I just got carried away.”  “That’s OK…”, Mama said, “…but if you want me to train you, you will need to listen to what I am saying at all times.  Can you do that?”  Beatrice replied, “Yes Mama.  I can do that…sorry again.”

Mama then told Beatrice that her training session was concluded for the day. She told her to take a break and get a drink of water, and then she called Thomas forward to start his training session.Thomas eagerly took his place in the center of the lawn.

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16 responses to “Mama Cat’s Training Camp- Beatrice Takes Center Stage

  1. Great job, Beatrice! You are beautiful, by the way!

  2. Oh dear Beatrice…she beat me to the Flying Squirrel move…I never wanted to purfect the fully up right in the air move…just the half and full reclining…I don’t jump much…Beatrice is a very good pupil I must say…

  3. Can me too come over on join your mom´s training camp ??
    LOVE the photo on your Flying Squirrel jum , Beatrice !

  4. go go super wheelie! Love that big white furry belly!

  5. You are all so lucky to benefit from the wisdom and experience of Mama Cat. Perhaps she will be inclined to do in-home visits? I have three eager pupils…

  6. Beatrice obviously eats less vegetables. She’ll have to cheat on the day to get the extra lift.

  7. Well done Beatrice!!! We think your Super Wheelie and Flying Squirrel showed fantastic form, you can work on precision later 🙂

  8. Mama Cat is so serious – and watches with such focus. Beatrice will benefit if she can have patience enough to work through the basics!

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