The Minion Is Getting Creepier

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

After Brother Henry told me about his experience with Thomas’s minion, I headed to the low bench by the front window to investigate. When I arrived, the minion wasn’t there. At that point I thought Brother H must have been playing a joke on me, so I decided to just go on with my business. I jumped up on the nearby cat tree to look out the window and was startled to find the minion sitting up there! I quickly looked away, not wanting to make eye contact with the unsettling thing.

Oliver and Minion 1

I was startled to find the minion was now up on the cat tree. I looked away so as not to make eye contact.

After intentionally averting my gaze for a few moments, I started to feel silly. This was, after all, an inanimate object. It had clearly been moved by Thomas after Brother Henry left the room. I thought that maybe Thomas had intentionally placed the minion in its current position so it was facing something that he wanted to keep an eye on. Or, I thought, maybe he was just using it as a decoy to try to make the wiener dogs feel like they were being watched. Either way, I decided to look out the window to see if I could spot any clues as to Thomas’s intent.

Oliver and Minion 2

I decided to look out the window to see if the way Thomas had positioned the Minion pointed its gaze toward a clue.

I looked long and hard, but I couldn’t see anything important outside. I figured my decoy idea must have been the correct one. I turned and shouted, “Hey Thomas! I think your decoy is working. I don’t see any wiener dogs out there!” A sleepy voice from under the couch said, “What are you talking about, Brother Oliver, I’ve been napping under here for the past three hours and I have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop talking crazy and let me get back to sleep…”

Oliver and Minion 3

I told Thomas his decoy was working. He didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

Thomas’s voice sounded sincere. In that moment I began to doubt that he had actually moved the minion to its current position. I decided to find out for sure by moving in closer to sniff the creepy thing. I figured if Thomas had touched it recently, his scent would still be on it. As I approached the minion though, something in the window caught my eye. I suddenly saw what the minion was looking at. It was looking at its own reflection!

Oliver and Minion 4

The minion was looking at its own reflection!

My thoughts raced as I took in this new information. Why would Thomas have moved the minion here simply to stare at its own reflection? It didn’t make sense. But… if the minion were self-aware… it might want to see what it looks like. What if it climbed up there under its own power to check itself out in the window reflection? Or worse… what if it was looking at its reflection so it could practice some kind of hypnotizing mind control technique with that crazy stare it always has?

That last thought was too much. I jumped down off the cat tree and headed off to tell Brother Henry what had just happened. I don’t know what is really going on here, but Sir Thomas’s minion just keeps getting creepier!

Brother Oliver

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12 responses to “The Minion Is Getting Creepier

  1. Oh geez….that is seriously creepy

  2. If you think the minion is creepy, what do you think the wieners will think??

  3. msphoebecat

    If I were you boys I would use my claws to shred that thing to pieces so the Guardians dispose of it! I’d be quick before it starts talking and identifying itself with a name like ‘Chuckie’ or worse! Mwwwwahhhh!!! *shivers with fear, bones shake and make noise like on Scooby Doo*

  4. rhiannonpaine

    I love your sideways smile, Brother Oliver. You’re certainly a handsome kitty. But, back on topic: the creepiest thing for me is that the minion has a TAIL.

  5. Heather

    Sir Thomas would never blow off a wiener dog discussion! He is up to something…

  6. Yep. definitely creepy!

  7. mistletoeandhitch

    We agree with Ms. Phoebe Cat! Give that creepy character a taste of your Claws of Doom and end it’s reign of creepiness now, before it’s too late!

  8. We agree, the minion staring at its own reflection is super creepy! Definitely Time for The Claws of Doom 👿 Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  9. Oh my gosh! Yeah, creepy is right!
    But if Thomas IS doing this.. then he’s doing an amazing job of freaking you guys out! MOL

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  11. Sandy

    I just hope it isn’t a spy for the wiener dogs. It is seriously creepy.

  12. BERY creepy pink Cheshire kitteh minion….keepz a carefull eye on it okayz Brotherz Henry n Oliver….dat fing makez me **shudder**
    Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

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