What The Fur?

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

This afternoon I was taking a nap on the bench under the front window when I was suddenly jolted awake. I wasn’t awoken by a sound, but rather by an intense feeling of being watched. When I opened my eyes I involuntarily exclaimed, “What the fur!?” because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Henry waking up to a surprise

What the fur!?

One of Thomas’s minions was sitting right next to me on the bench? Even worse, he was looking at me with an unsettling grin on his face. I am pretty sure Thomas’s minions are just inanimate, stuffed animals, so I was puzzled by how this one could have ended up on the bench while I slept. I looked around to see if Thomas was in the room as I figured he must have placed the minion in its current position.

Henry waking up to a surprise 2

I looked around for Thomas, but didn’t see him.

Thomas was nowhere in sight. Still, I refused to believe that the minion had moved on its own, so I figured Thomas had just used his stealth skills and exited the room before I could spot him. Of course, I was unable to go back to sleep once I knew that thing was there staring at me.

Henry waking up to a surprise 3

Who could sleep with that staring at them?

I eventually headed off to find a secluded spot beyond the minion’s gaze. I know I didn’t have to do that. I’m positive that thing is inanimate. I just know Thomas put it there. It didn’t move there on its own. No way. I know it didn’t… unless it did. Oh man. It couldn’t have could it? Nah. Definitely not… I think.

So Says Brother Henry

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17 responses to “What The Fur?

  1. Brother henry, you may want to check on brother oliver to see if it happened to him too.

  2. Batya Harlow

    I’d stay vigilant, Brother Henry, but that minion looks kind of like a Cheshire cat to me. They come and go rather oddly.

  3. That big grin…those eyes. Now’s the time for a blankie assist!

  4. Maybe Sir Thomas told the minion to keep watch while you napped.

  5. We don’t like the grin on that minion’s face. 😉

  6. catsinwindows

    This is definitely a frightening face to wake up to suddenly!

  7. msphoebecat

    I wouldn’t trust anything with a grin like that!

  8. rhiannonpaine

    The Mystery of the Moving Minion would make a great book title. I might just have to write that book.

  9. mistletoeandhitch

    Perhaps you might give it a taste of your powerful claws? That would determine whether or not this minion could act under his own power.

  10. that’s enough to put anyone off taking a nap!!

  11. MOL, I don’t blame you for not wating to sleep under that things stare.. Perhaps Thomas was trying to get you to keep a watch out rather than napping in the window.. You never know when those wiener dogs will make a move..

  12. Minions Move in mysterious ways. Selleck and His person, Emily.

  13. Heather

    I’m sure Sir Thomas sent the stuffy to watch over you while you slept. After all, someone has to protect you for the wiener dogs while you’re at your most vulnerable!

  14. Guud greef Brother Henry dat Hot pick Cheshire kitteh iz kinda creepy izn’t it?? Me finkz Sir Thomas meant well butt he shuud have set a cute fuzzy stuffie dere insteed….
    Hope ya found a place to nap wifout da starin pink kitteh….
    yerz Nylablue ❤ ❤

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