Brother Henry’s Solution

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

After I told Brother Henry that Thomas’s minion was looking at its own reflection,  he ran back into the living room to see for himself. When he arrived at the cat tree he was horrified to discover that the minion was no longer looking out the window. It was now facing into the room. Thinking quickly, Brother Henry used his own body to pin the minion against the window frame. He made sure to keep his eyes averted and closed so that the minion could not use his mind controlling gaze on him.

Henry pinning the minion 1

Brother Henry quickly pinned the minion up against the window frame. He kept his eyes averted and closed for safety.

Brother Henry shouted to me that he was going to stay like that as long as possible. He figured if the minion really was alive, it would eventually try to move. If that happened, Brother H would be in a good position to chomp and shred the possibly evil and definitely creepy thing.

Henry pinning the minion 2

Brother Henry would pin the minion for as long as it took to determine whether or not it was moving under its own power. If it moved, he would shred it.

Unfortunately, after an hour Brother Henry fell asleep. Who knew a cat sitting in the sun with his eyes closed would do such a thing?

Henry pinning the minion 3

Brother Henry fell asleep, leaving the minion unguarded.

When Brother Henry awoke, the minion was gone. He came and told me what had happened and we both did a quick search of the house, but we could not find the thing. When we looked under the couch, Thomas was under there fast asleep. Had he been asleep the whole time? We had no way of knowing. We both thought that Thomas might have had enough time to crawl out, move the minion, and then resume his nap, but we couldn’t be sure. We decided not to take any chances. We assumed a defensive position on the cat tree with drawers from which we could watch each other’s backs.

Henry and Oliver watching each other's backs

We assumed a position from which we could watch each other’s backs.

Six hours later, having seen no signs of the minion, we decided that maybe we had seen the last of it. We both really hope so, but only time will tell…

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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16 responses to “Brother Henry’s Solution

  1. we aren’t sure if Sir Thomas is messing with you, you have been invaded, or your house is haunted…that is just strange

  2. Maybe brother Henry squished it into oblivion while he napped against it? Still, I’d keep an eye out for it, you never know when it will reappear, or at least just it’s creepy smile…. hee hee

  3. We’re so glad Brother Henry has managed to control this invasion!

  4. rhiannonpaine

    Here’s hoping that the minion has left your dominion. I seriously don’t like the way one of its eyes is bigger than the other.

  5. msphoebecat

    I don’t know if Sir Thomas has been playing jokester or not, but my creepster radar is in overload, so I would be on alert and careful. That thing could be possessed and out to take over using mind control, a subversive secret agent sent in by the Weiner Dog League or Canine Recruit Rebellion Gang. Either way, I’d have a plan to destroy or exorcise the hideous creeper!

  6. catsinwindows

    “Definitely creepy” definitely describes that minion! We’re all creeped out here and we live on the opposite side of the country!

  7. I think the minion is getting back up.

  8. That minion got tired of being a pillow.

  9. Miracle – or has it gone into hiding? Beware…something’s odd about that smilie face…hypnotic…

  10. Jenn

    Such adorable boys!

  11. mistletoeandhitch

    We feel certain that this creepy minion will appear again. Probably where you least expect it. So, beware and be aware!

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  13. Sandy

    In the 2nd picture, I got scared that the minion was going to chomp you in the head : (

  14. Yow Brother Oliver da Cheshire Kitteh minion shure getz around….bery odd creeture izn’t he???
    Me finkz Brother Henry tried his best to guard da minion butt dda Sun’z power iz too strng fer us feelinez n we must nap when da Sun smilez down on us 😉
    We hopez all iz quiet now…
    Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤ ❤

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