Another Trip To The Bad Place For Brother Henry

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. A few hours ago the Guardians got out the portable kitty jail, put Brother Henry in it, and took him out the door. When he returned he relayed the harrowing tale of his visit to some new, specialty Bad Place. He said he was brave the whole time he was there. He only hid under the Guardian’s scarf to make her  and the other Guardian feel better.

Henry at vet 1

Brother Henry says he only hid under the scarf to make the Guardians feel better.

According to Brother Henry, the place the Guardians took him to specialized in teeth and mouths. Brother Henry has been having pain in his mouth recently. It’s been so bad on some days that eating hurt. He was spotted a few times hissing and running away from his food bowl, and he has lost a little weight (although he’ll always be 17 pounds of tabby fury in my eyes!). The good people at this new, specialty Bad Place said that Brother Henry has something called “Caudal Stomatitis”. At least, that’s what Brother Henry thought they said. He was busy comforting the Guardians some more by hiding under the scarf during the discussion.

Henry at vet 2

Brother Henry continued to comfort the Guardians as they talked to the good people at The Bad Place.

Brother Henry also said that during the discussion he heard that he needed to have some teeth extracted to help correct the problem. He heard them schedule an appointment for that this Wednesday. When Thomas heard all of this information he decided that, what with the year we have had, we must all be living under some sort of kitty health problem curse… possibly one that was put on us by wiener dogs. I assured him that it was probably just nothing more than bad luck, but I have to admit, in the back of my mind, I did wonder about the possibility of a curse.

So Brother H will have a long day on Wednesday. Please keep him in your thoughts and purrs, and send comforting paw pats and head butts his way. Thomas or I will be sure to let you know how he does that day as soon as we are able.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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30 responses to “Another Trip To The Bad Place For Brother Henry

  1. Poor Brother Henry! We’ll be purring for him on Weds….

  2. Shelly Lyon

    Hoping for a smooth procedure and quick healing for Brother Henry. ❤

  3. Brother Oliver, thank you for giving us the update on Brother Henry. Poor fella, having one’s teeth extracted isn’t fun, but it’s also not too terrible. Especially since he is in pain right now. He should be good as new very quickly. Coco had three teeth extracted a few months ago and she was her normal, cranky self within two days. We all send lots of purrs and will put our paws together on Wed to send good kitty vibes out to the universe. And you know, I suspect a few kitty angels will keep close watch over Brother H…
    Purrs, Z-Girl and the Squeedunk Gang

  4. Awe poor kitty. Lots of Loves.<3

  5. randomfelines

    Purrs to Brother Henry. Tell him our Tim lost most of his teeth to the vet over a year ago and it made a big difference. Cant help you with the weiner dog thing…

  6. Poor Henry. I hope he is feeling better soon. My little girl is going to get her teeth cleaned next week. These things make me so nervous.

  7. lkoch52

    Poor Brother Henry! Having toothaches are no fun. Purrs, paw pats, and head butts headed to all of you, including your Guardians. I’m sure he’ll feel much better once this is all over. And tell Thomas Weiner dogs wouldn’t have a clue about how to put a curse on the High Priests of the Cult or a Knight of the Realm!

  8. Batya Harlow

    Poor Brother Henry. I’m so sorry he has to go through this. I didn’t have the heart to rate it, so no vote from me. Both Trout and Kismet have lost teeth, because they develop dental lesions. We’ll be thinking good thoughts for him, and wishing him well. Brave Henry! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Yow brother Henry iz Nylablue here…do not bee too scaredy-kat of diz dental surgery…it will be ruff fer a few dayz n den ya will be guud as new…Back in 2009 me had 12 teefiez removed all at once n it made me bettur fer a long time health wise…me not fink it bee a Weiner curse…just fingz happen in 3’z…me n Mum will purray fer ya!!! Ya can doez diz Brother Henry…y\a iz a strong kitteh!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  10. Chris, Monster, Bunk, Buggy, Calco and one kitty-loving Wiener Dog

    We’re so sorry to hear of another health issue. Brother Henry will be in our purrs! Poor Henry!

  11. Poor Brother Henry. We’re purring for him.

  12. I hate the dentist too!!! I have always considered that a seven letter bad word!!! You will feel better after though so keep that in mind. You may even get some super noms of the soft kind for awhile! Purrs all around for you from DoubleT, Cotton, Tween and me.

  13. Good luck Brother Henry. The good people will take excellent care of you. Purrs and butt heads coming your way.

  14. Shortly after I adopted my first cat, a stray, back in 1998, I learned that she needed to have several teeth extracted. This in turn extracted over $200 from my bank account. I’m not sure which of us was the more shocked. Certainly Annie recovered quickly, as I’m sure Brother Henry will do. He deserves to feel better after doing such a good job comforting the Guardians with his wicked fabric concealment skills.

  15. I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday, Brother Henry. I’m sure you’ll feel much better soon. You deserve to be pain-free after doing such a good job of comforting the Guardians with your wicked fabric-concealment skills.

  16. Aww, Brother Henry looks so cute comforting the Guardian under her scarf! Thank you for reminding me that I need to make an appointment at the human bad place that specializes in teeth and mouths.

  17. Sending lots of love & purrs to the guardians and brother henry. My buggy had some teeth removed last year for the same reason. Once he recovered he became an utter love bug, he wants cuddles all the time. Brother h may have it rough the first few days after surgery, but there should be a huge difference in him afterwards.

  18. Aw Henry! Poor fella! We’re purring and praying for you that everything goes well! And that you feel good again soon and get back to likeing food, not hissing at it!
    If it is wiener dogs… I hope someone baps them on the butt with a rolled up newspaper for bugging you guys so much!

  19. Poor Henry 😦 but you mustn’t worry about losing teeth. It doesn’t seem to be a bother to indoor kitties. My old cat had to have all her teeth out and she was happier for it as they no longer hurt. She still happily ate biscuits as well, even the triangular ones! She’d just swallow them down no bother.

  20. Hope having a few teeth out will make him feel better!

  21. We’ve ask the universe to help and protect Brother Henry and the Cult of Otis during this crisis. We know that you’re all probably still dealing with the holes left by the passing of the Leader and Mama Cat. We know that even after 4 months we still expect to be met at the door by Lizzie Dog and everyone still walks around the place she used to have her dinner even though her plate is gone. Hopefully Brother Henry will feel 100% better after his trip to the Bad Place this Wednesday and life will process without crisis…at least for a while.
    We’re sending our best thoughts and prayers west.

  22. DJFuzzyK

    Purrs and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Brother H. We’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you and the Guardians on Wed.


    Sonja, Fuzz, Bean, Emerson, Hicks and Oscar.

  23. Sending love and brave thoughts, for Henry and the Guardians. These things are always so nerve-wracking.

  24. Happy, healing thoughts and wishing you a speedy appetite-inducing recovery, Henry. And much strength and lottery winnings to the most caring Guardians imaginable.

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  26. I wouldn’t put it past the wiener dogs…. they are evil, ya know.

  27. Lindsay Gower

    Riley says you will feel like a new cat once the teeth are out! He encourages you to do as he does — never let the Guardians get a good look at which teeth are gone. “Mystery” is every cat’s middle name, right?

  28. Sandy

    I had to look that up, but it seems quite treatable after teeth are removed. I will be sending good thoughts to Brother Henry and wishes for a fast recovery. I am sure the guardians are stocking up on yummy soft food and lots of treats for Brother Henry for his recuperation. Take care, sandy

  29. I simply cannot ‘like’ this post. Bro Henry….we so feel your pain. While Savannah goes in tomorrow for her first dental with us…and at least one if not two extractions…we know how painful stomatitis can be and we also know that once managed, so many cats do just fine. If your guardians can use some green papers to help out, just tell me how to do so. Ceiling Cat’s blessings on your whole furramily

  30. Mama and I are sending good purrs your way. Hope Brother Henry is back to his old self quickly.

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